Term 3 in Review



Another term of learning and fun at Lakes Grammar has come to an end. It is important that you know that our teachers are learners along with our students. As a staff we are doing a lot of collaborative learning. For example, Junior School teachers have been practising what is known as “Lesson Study”. The teachers on each grade have together planned a lesson on comprehension. One teacher teaches the lesson while the other teachers observe. Then they review and improve the lesson. The second teacher teaches the revised lesson and so on. Teachers are learning from each other in this way and really enjoying the experience. At a recent staff meeting the teachers shared their experiences and it was clear that the lessons they planned were very engaging and provoked deep learning in their students. In the Senior School Co-ordinators are undertaking “Learning Walks”. The group drops into classes and observes the learning that is occurring. Teachers are doing peer lesson observations, working on their professional goals and sharing teaching ideas with colleagues at staff meetings. There is a lot of educational research that shows that having teachers learning together in such ways is the key to improving student achievement.


I hope you will enjoy reading the edition of Lakes Learners about the terrific learning, co-curricular activities and sporting achievements that have occurred during Term 3. If your children are in the Junior School I encourage you to read about what is happening in the Senior School so you can gain a good understanding of the great things that are happening there and from which your children will benefit in the future.


We’ve held our Awards Assemblies for both Junior and Senior Schools this week and it has been wonderful to see the wide range of achievements of our students. Some highlights have been the Tournament of Minds and the Robocup. These new teams have performed very well for their first time in such events. It is many years since our school fielded teams in these competitions. There were some excellent achievements in academic competitions run by the UNSW, with a number of students attaining Distinctions or High Distinctions. The Senior School Chess teams won their division and a couple of the team members topped their age groups. Sport has also seen a large number of students compete at AICES and CIS (ie State independent schools) levels. Many of these achievements are reported in other sections of this newsletter.


Farewell Year 12

This year’s Year 12 Graduation is a historic event for our school. This is the first time we have had a student start in Kindergarten in 2004, the year we opened, and graduate from Year 12. Sarah O’Brien has had an unbroken 13 years at Lakes Grammar. Matthew Park also started in Kindergarten that year but had a short spell away from Lakes. That was a very small Kindergarten group in our first year. We actually had to run a composite K/1 in 2004. Of course now we have three Kindergarten classes with a total of around 75 students, which testifies to our amazing growth over those 13 years.

I wish to thank Our Year 12 students for their many contributions to our school. Thank you especially to our outgoing School Captains, Montana Rumore and Fletcher Cunningham and congratulations on their early acceptance by Macquarie University. We all pray that our Year 12 students gain the results they are hoping for and that their lives will be filled with God’s blessings.


Spring Fair/Open Day – 29 October

This will be a great day again. This year we are having an Open Day along with our Spring Fair and we’ve introduced a Fun Run. “Kaleidoscope” features a lot of Senior School student work displayed in the Hall while the library will be converted into a Museum in which all the history projects from Years 7-10 will be displayed. This is a reprise of our Night at the Museum which was held recently. This is a great opportunity for our Junior School parents to get some insight into the kinds of learning your students will do in high school. We hope to have many enquirers visiting the school, along with most of our school community.



I will be traveling to China next week with a small group of independent school Principals, at the invitation of the Hangzhou Education Bureau. We are presenting at a Principals’ Forum where I will speak about our Schools Leading Learning program. We will also visit schools and meet with Chinese principals. Hangzhou is the city in which the recent G20 leaders’ meeting was held. One of the purposes of the trip is to establish relationships with schools in China with a view to mutual visits. The visit by the Korean students was a very enriching experience for all and I hope we will be able to expand our hospitality to Chinese students and that our students may also visit and stay with Chinese families in future. This will enhance our Chinese language program in the Senior School.


Congratulations to…

Robert MacDonald of Year 9 who has been awarded the Australian Scout Medallion. This is the highest award earned by Scouts, the 11-14 year old members of Scouting and is achieved by the top 5% of Scouts in Australia. The award recognises achievements across a number of areas, with leadership being a major component. Congratulations Robbie on such a major award.


Mr Michael Hannah





Term 3 has been an enjoyable and busy time in the Junior School with the students continuing to be engaged in their learning and the range of opportunities on offer, and our staff team enjoying their teaching!


We extend our congratulations to Mrs Andrea Harries on her appointment to the role of Co-ordinator of Quality Teaching and Learning and look forward to the achievements that she will make in this role for our school and for our students.


Year 5 students travelled to Bathurst and Hill End with the OC class, thoroughly enjoying the ‘gold panning’ experience and the opportunity to explore rural Australia and to learn more about the history of the Gold Rush in the 1850s.


Year 3 also enjoyed their camp in Sydney and the chance to explore our convict past, our indigenous heritage, and experienced the excitement of travelling to Cockatoo Island and up the Parramatta River by ferry.


Kindergarten to Year 2 classes enjoyed their weekly ‘Smash Tennis’ lessons with Bill Griffiths… and who knows – we may have a future Wimbledon champion within our ranks!


A range of students took up the opportunity to study the Trinity College London Speech and Drama training and qualifications or to participate in Drama Club this term with this exciting new initiative being well and truly embraced by our school community.

We marked National Tree Day with the planting of some seedlings and small plants around our school site, welcomed a number of new families into our school on Junior School Taster Day who have since joined the Lakes Family, and a number of children entered artworks in the Lakes Anglican Church Artfest.


Students achieved outstanding results in the University of New South Wales English, Writing, Spelling and Science competitions, with a number of credit, distinction and high distinction grades being awarded.


We conducted our Peer Support program again, with the Junior School participating in Peer Support for 30 minutes each week. Two Peer Leaders from Year 6 each facilitated a group of about 10 younger students from across Kindergarten to Year 5, and worked together through a number of structured activities around developing social and communication skills.


Our Athletics team competed well at the HRIS Carnival with a number of students progressing through to CIS Athletics and our School winning on the day and gaining promotion to Division 1.


Dick Smith arrived in his helicopter and had us in a spin – or is that a whirlwind? He had the students enthralled when talking about details of his achievements and our Year 6 students loved working with our Senior School ‘Scientists’ and Dick Smith for National Science Week.


Our Robocup teams enjoyed great success at Regional, State and National level, underlining the enthusiasm that our students have for STEM education, whilst our debaters also competed competitively at HRIS.


We showed our altruistic side through supporting the Samaritans’ Christmas Boxes initiative and our SRC came to the fore in their promotion and organisation of this charitable work.


Our soccer, netball and rugby teams all represented our school at gala days with great competitiveness and sportsmanship. We celebrated literacy and the love of reading with our K – 6 Magician Show, K – 1 Book Week Show, International Literacy Day and the ever popular Book Character Parade. The Fathers’ Day Stall, Breakfast and the Junior School discos were in there as well!


We then had a great taste of life in another country, hosting a number of students from South Korea for a fortnight. It was a great opportunity to share about our respective countries and languages as well as to celebrate our diversity. Our students made our visitors feel so welcome and a huge thank you is extended to our host families. It was sad to farewell our guests at a Year 4 – 8 Assembly as it has been such an enriching exchange.


Year 6 participated in the Pinnacle Challenge and a range of adventures on the high ropes as their program of transition to the Senior School continues.


Kindergarten travelled to the ‘big smoke’ and had a wonderful time with the animals in the great outdoors at Taronga Zoo. 





The term continued with the Junior School participating in ‘Jump Rope for Heart’, our Chess teams competing in a range of competitions, and Year 2 travelling to Wildlife World before a great celebration and reminder of where ‘this is all going’ – the Year 12 Graduation and Formal on the final day of the term.


One of the pleasures of being part of a K – 12 school is to see young minds and hearts grow and the effort that goes into facilitating learning and the range of opportunities to our children bear full fruition into fine young men and women who are both ready and passionate to transition from our school to the wider community and be empowered to make a positive difference and change in our world.


Our children have grown in ‘heart, soul, mind and strength’ again this term and we look ahead to a fulfilling Term 4 in this wonderful place.


Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School


Junior School Library


Book Fair

Once again, a very big thank you to all those that supported our Book Fair this year. In total commissions, we received $3800 which will go towards restocking our library. For those few who are still waiting on an order, we hope they will arrive shortly. When they do, we will deliver them to the classrooms. We look forward to again hosting Book Week in 2017.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Thank you for all students and parents who helped complete the PRC for this year. In total, we had 133 students complete the challenge, which is very encouraging. Students can expect to get their PRC certificates at the end of the year or early next year at assembly, depending on when we get them from NSW Government.

We will be offering the PRC 2017 again early next year, however, you can start reading and logging your books from September 2016.  


Spring Fair Library - 2nd Hand Book Sale

This year the Lakes Grammar Senior and Junior School Libraries will be holding their 2nd hand book sale at the School’s Spring Fair next term. We will be selling both children’s and adult books.

As always we would be thankful of any donations of second hand books that we could sell at our sale or add to our Library collection. If you are cleaning out your bookshelves, please think of us. Any donations can be dropped into the Junior or Senior School Libraries. 

And as always, THANK YOU to parents who have already donated books to us throughout the year.  Our Library collection would not be as strong as it is without your ongoing support!

We hope you can drop in for a bargain at our sale on fair day. All proceeds go straight to the Junior School and Senior School Libraries.


Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian




Our Lakes Grammar Lego Club began at the beginning of Term 3. Each Friday at lunchtime children in Kindergarten to Year 2 have had an opportunity to build Lego creations. The children have been given challenges such as: build something that flies, build an animal or build something with exactly 30 pieces. There have been some very creative interpretations of the challenges. It has been wonderful to see the collaboration and co-operation between the members of the group. Lego Club will continue in the 2E classroom next term.


Mrs Emma Smith and Ms Stacey Taggart




Wow, what a busy and exciting Term we have had in Robocup. We had four teams compete at the Newcastle Regionals at Newcastle University out of over 25 Primary Dance teams. There were over 800 students at the event which was extremely well run. All the teams worked so hard to prepare for the Regionals and were excellent ambassadors for Lakes. Roborampage and The Robotastic A-team qualified for the finals and Roborampage finished 3rd.

The four teams then started preparing for the NSW State Championships at the University of NSW. The teams improved all their performances from Regionals and put in an excellent effort with more complex programming, better props and overall more impressive performances. With over 40 teams from all over NSW, all the Lakes teams performed extremely well, and Roborampage qualified in the top 8 teams for the Final. This was particularly impressive considering Roborampage was the only team in the finals with only one robot.

With a top 8 performance at the State Championships under their belt, Roborampage then spent the following 3 weeks preparing for Nationals. The team programmed all four of the Junior School’s robots using touch sensors, blue tooth and synchronised movements to new music. They improved their props, while still keeping their ‘dance party’ theme, and choreographed new dance moves for themselves. The boys then competed on 17/18 September at the Nationals at the University of NSW. There were over 80 teams competing from all over Australia. Teams had travelled from as far as Tasmania, Perth and Rockhampton to compete at Sydney. The boys put in two excellent performances over the two days and conducted a knowledgeable and articulate interview with the judges. The competition was fierce and although the boys did not make it to the finals, they learnt an enormous amount and have come out of it ready to try again next year. 

All the teams are looking forward to sharing their performances with the school at the Spring Fair.


Robocup Teams for 2016:

K-9: Liam Lightfoot, Kani Lukuta, Sam Cook

Galactic Defenders: Cameron Taragel, Christopher Eadie, Jai Clark, Lochiel Stanton

The Robotistic A-Team: Abbie Young, Lachlan Murray, Jessica Gardiner

Roborampage: Benjamin McKay, William McClelland, James Preston, Dylan Inwood


Ms Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Robocup Co-ordinator





Coding Club
We’ve had another exciting term of Coding at our Junior School Coding Club. Our students have been trying more complex Scratch projects and creating their own individual Scratch projects. It has been exciting seeing their coding skills increasing. What has been really lovely to see, is how many students are helping each other problem solve and work through challenges.

Coding Club will continue next term from weeks 1-5. In Week 5 we hope to invite parents to come and see some of the great projects students have created. We have all issued a challenge to our Coders: We will be choosing 3-4 students’ original programmed games to showcase at the Spring Fair this year.

We are really looking forward to seeing what they create. See you all next term. Happy Coding!


Ms Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Coding Club Co-ordinator




AFTERNOON MESSAGES are given to students immediately after lunch. Please be aware that the school reception area is a very busy time at the end of school and it is unreasonable to expect that a message can be taken out to students who have already departed their classrooms for the day to stand in bus lines or parent pickup. If you need to get a message to your child regarding alternative travel arrangements, please contact the school reception prior to 1.30pm. Students in parent pick-up lines who are not collected on time will be held in the office until your arrival.


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS -Please be advised that during the school holidays our Main Administration at Junior School will open between 9am and 12pm on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the first week of holidays and will be closed for the remainder of the holiday period.  However, admin staff will be onsite 8.00am to 3.30pm each day except for the Friday of the first week when the Junior School admin will not be accessible.  The phones will be on answering machine (except when the school is advertised as open) but will be checked periodically.


Now that we are at the end of term I would remind parents (especially those of Year 6 or Year 10 students), that the school requires a term’s notice if you intend withdrawing your child from our school. We require such notice to assist in the planning of our classes and to offer places to new students who wish to come to our school.


Please contact our register, Racquel Jolly, before the commencement of Term 4 if you intend to leave at the end of the year. 







Term 3 has been a huge term in history classrooms across the school! All of our students from Years 7-10 were busily engaged in creating their major projects for the term which culminated with the showcasing of these projects at the 'Night at the Museum' in Week 8. The evening was again a huge success with many visitors commenting that it was the best museum yet. This is due to the fact that the quality of the projects is continually improving from year to year. The skill and creativity our students displayed through the vast array of projects is nothing short of amazing! The knowledge and skills gained during the creation of the major projects, through inquiry-based learning, is an invaluable tool in our History classrooms and I congratulate all students on their fine effort.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of our school community for embracing the History major project task each year and contributing so enthusiastically to our museum event. So many staff, students and parents went above and beyond to contribute to the creation of the projects and the museum construction, so again thank you to all who contributed in some way.


This term sees the students of Year 12 Modern, Ancient and History Extension bring the study of their respective HSC courses to a close. Our Year 12 History students have worked diligently throughout the year and we wish them all the very best as they prepare for the upcoming HSC examinations and hope that they achieve the results they desire.


Our Year 11 History students have just completed their final assessments for the preliminary course and will transition into the HSC course at the beginning of next term. We look forward to seeing those students return to school in Term 4 ready and eager to engage in their learning. We also look forward to working with those students and guiding them through their HSC studies in History.


Mrs Fiona Crawford

History Co-ordinator


This term saw us for the first time enter in the Literacy Planet online Word Mania competition. In both the Years 7 and 8 divisions we came second in the Hunter/Central Coast Region. This was a wonderful effort when there were 27 schools entered from the region. The competition entailed students logging in and building as many words as they could from random letters provided in a three minute time slot. It was wonderful to see how engaged and excited the students were in completing the activity in class!


17 students were selected to compete in the UNSW English Competition this term. This is a very hard competition and I am proud to announce that 15 of the 17 students received a merit, credit or distinction award.

NAPLAN results this year for Year 9 were very pleasing. As you are aware the government has announced from next year students need to achieve Band 8 or above in Reading and Writing NAPLAN to be eligible to receive the HSC in 2019. I am very pleased to announce that 64% of our students in Year 9 received Band 8 +, compared to 51% in the State. 94% of our students were above national average (Band 7) compared to the state which was 77%. In writing, 42% of our students received a Band 8+ compared to 35% in the state. And 74% were above national average (Band 7), compared to the state which was 61%. These are very pleasing results and the students and staff are to be congratulated.


This term has been a term of creativity and reflection. In Year 7 students were engaged in watching the film Coraline, apart from scaring the wits out of many, the students learnt the elements of animation horror and how film makers use film techniques to both engage and scare us! It was so wonderful to see Year 7 writing such detailed analysis of why or why not Coraline is a good representation of animation horror!


In Year 8 this term, students completed their Major Poetry Project. I think you will agree from the photos below, the students have done a wonderful job exploring our world and the people who reside in it through poetry. The creativity and thoughtfulness of our students always excites me! The works are currently on display in the library and will be on display at the Spring Fair, so please take some time to come and view them. 


In Year 9 students have been studying Romeo and Juliet, their assessment tasks this term were to create a diorama for a chosen scene in the play in a new context. I think you will agree by the pictures below, the creativity and abstract thinking of our students is astounding. These too will be on display on the Spring Fair Day.

Many Year 9 students have nominated themselves to be part of the English Honours Program. This week I have read a selection of their poetry anthologies which explored different concepts and forms. It is wonderful to see students electing to extend themselves in English. Congratulations to these students. Their achievements will be recognised at Speech Day at the end of Term 4. Thank you to Mrs Manners who runs the program for the students.


In Year 10 students have explored the context of 19th Century America through studying the text ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. In their major assessment task this term they were expected to present a speech about what they have learnt about the context through engaging with ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. It is important that students engage with classical texts, and Harper Lee always makes students question issues of our past. It is also very important that students stand up in front of a large group of people and present. Presentation skills is a key skill enterprises are looking for when employing people.


In Year 11 students explored poetry by Ted Hughes and the film Amazing Grace, through the lens of conflicting perspectives. It has been a challenging term for Year 11, with the term finishing with their Yearly Examinations. Marks and feedback will be returned early next term as we launch into Year 12. Can I encourage all parents to please purchase the texts that are needed over the holiday for Year 12 and for you also to encourage your child to start reading!

Finally, we say goodbye to our beautiful Year 12 students. From myself, Miss Newton, Miss Roche, Mrs Crawford and Mrs Manners we wish them all the best in the future and encourage them to continue to indulge themselves in a little reading now and then and keep chasing the rainbows! It has been a great pleasure teaching them all. We wish them all the best for the upcoming final HSC Examinations.


Mrs Michelle Smith

English Co-ordinator


This has been a busy term for Year 12. They received their copy of this year’s UAC University guide. UAC applications commenced and all of Year 12 hoping to gain University entry need to apply. All University hopefuls are reminded to apply for the Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) through UAC at no charge. The closing date for the SRS scheme is the Friday, 30 September and this is also the best date to have completed your UAC application. After this date the application costs increases from $41 to $166.

University Open Days and Early Entry Schemes have just about finished so keep an eye on the Calendar on

Students should keep an eye on the Lakes Grammar Careers Facebook page and the above mentioned internet page for apprenticeships, jobs and possible Gap Year activities.

Good Luck to all our Year 12 graduates - keep working.


Mrs Cathy James

Careers Adviser



This term the Senior School Library has been host to a range of displays and exhibitions of students’ work. Namely, clocks from Year 9 Design & Technology, Bauhaus clocks from Year 7 Technology, lights and lamps from Year 9 Design & Technology, poetry projects from Year 8 English, Shakespeare dioramas from Year 9 English, and most notably, A Night at the Museum, by all Year 7-10 History classes. If you didn’t see this fabulous and spectacular exhibition in September, it will be back in the library for Open Day - Spring Fair on Saturday, 29 October.

This term also there was a display of the Children’s Book Council Award books that were on the Highly Commended and Winners lists. There were also lunch time activities surrounding this year’s theme of “Australia: Story Country”.

A number of resources have been added to both the fiction and non-fiction collections and student borrowing has remained constant, with many English classes coming in for reading and borrowing fortnightly.

From Monday – Thursday at lunch time, students are able to borrow a pack of UNO cards, or a game of chess and this has been a very popular lunch time activity. Friday is a Game-free zone, where students can come in to read or work quietly.

There were quite a few participants in the Year 7-9 section of the Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2016, and there will be some students receiving a Gold Certificate (4 years of participation), Platinum Certificate (7 years of participation) or PRC medal (participation every year from Years 3 - 9) this year. Their names will feature in one of next term’s newsletters.


Mrs Anne-Marie Nicholls

Senior School Teacher Librarian


Whew – what a term! Term 3 is a really busy time for Technology & Applied Studies classes. Year 7 students have now completed the second of their three units in Technology and have just started their final unit. These units are in Textiles, Digital Technology and Practical Technology. Year 8 are working through their final units with either Food or Practical Technology. Year 9 D&T students have just completed their lighting projects. The design inspiration for their projects was the Vivid Light Festival in Sydney. Year 10 D&T are finishing their Skateboard projects with an environmental awareness focus. The way that students have been able to incorporate this into their very professionally finished boards is wonderful. Examples include imagery associated with issues such as bleaching of coral reefs, protection of sharks through to animal cruelty via the Racing Industry.



The recently completed ‘Masterchef’ challenge by Year 10 Food and Technology was simply amazing, with some fantastic dishes presented to the judging panel. Year 11 D&T have just completed their Two Term Design Minor Projects and now start planning for their HSC Major Projects. The Year 12 Design students recently completed their Major Projects and HSC Markers visited the school last week to appraise these projects. The effort that goes into these projects by students is extraordinary, both in practical completion and with the accompanying 80 page portfolios.


Keeping up with Tech.

The TAS faculty at Lakes is continually keeping itself at the forefront of Technology Education. We are very much about preparing our students for their futures. Examples of this, in recent years, has included incorporating Laser Cutting Technology, latest Computer Aided Drawing software and Vacuum Forming. The processes of Modern Design and Manufacture are very different now to, even, only 20 years ago. In line with this, the faculty recently purchased a second 3D Printer and TAS staff have done training in operating a 3D printer and how to incorporate 3D Printing into learning in the classroom. I am very confident this is going to have a dramatic impact on how students realise their design ideas in classes.

Coding and STEM

You may have read (or seen on TV, etc.) that governments, and many educators, are advocating the need for Coding to be taught in schools and of the push for integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). These are seen as important skills for students to develop for their futures.  The NSW Board of Studies is currently developing STEM units for possible introduction into schools. Lakes Grammar is privileged to be part of this development with Mr Kang currently trialling a Game Coding unit with his Year 7 Digital Technologies class. The class has certainly taken to (and is enjoying) the challenge of this unit. Representatives from the Board of Studies will visit the school next term and consult with Mr Kang, in reviewing this unit, before further development and possibly making it available to schools across the state. Some of our students’ work will also form exemplars for the development of support materials for this unit by the Board of Studies. It is a great thing to have staff and students at the forefront in the development of Technology Education.


Not all learning happens in the classroom and there have been recent excursions to build on the learning that is happening in various TAS subjects. Year 9 Food Technology classes visited Vaucluse House in Sydney and looked at Historical Food Preservation, Preparation Techniques and an heirloom vegetable garden. Year 10 Food Technology also went to Sydney, visiting Centrepoint and seeing the commercial cooking process right from the preparation area in the base of the tower right up to the presentation at the tables in the revolving tower restaurant (as well as sampling some fine Australian cuisine, including crocodile for the brave ones). Year 12 Engineering Studies have just, this week, visited Fighterworld at Williamtown to deepen understanding of the historical technologies associated with their unit on aeronautical engineering. At the one venue they get to see military aircraft and engineering from fabric covered biplanes with radial engines through to F111 swept wing fighters powered by turbojets.


Mr Brant Maslen

Technology & Applied Studies Coordinator


Vocational Education
Each year approximately a quarter of our Year 11 students undertake a vocational education course either through TAFE or the Lakes Trade Training Centre. These courses contribute to their HSC. I am sure that many would be unaware of this aspect of studying for the HSC at Lakes. As well as adding a breadth to subject offerings it means students get to do at least one subject that sees them get specific training pertinent to their intended future career pathway.

Year 10 students wanting to do a vocational education course as part of their Year 11 studies next year are currently completing their applications. If any parent/caregiver (from any year group) would like more information about these study options, please feel free to contact me.


Mr Brant Maslen

Vocational Education Coordinator


Chess in the senior school has quietly and steadily been going from strength to strength. Earlier this term our Junior Team competed in the quarter finals of the Metropolitan Chess Competition after winning, for the second year running, the Central Coast Division of this competition. Unfortunately, the team of Anupama Adikarimudiyanselage, Joel Sewell, Jaden Garvey, James Saw and Josh Locchi were knocked out in the quarter finals but certainly gave a good account of themselves with every game going down to the wire.


Additionally these boys, along with our Intermediate team captain (Robbie MacDonald), represented the school at the Central Coast Chess Championships – see report from Mr Crumbley (Junior School Chess Coordinator) in this newsletter. Amongst the results were:


  1. Adikarimudiyanselage – 1st place in 13 yrs. Division
  2. Locchi – 1st place in 14 yrs. Division and 4th overall in Secondary (out of 120 players!)


Mr Brant. Maslen

Senior School Chess Coordinator


There have been a number of significant activities around student wellbeing and raising awareness of issues recently. Many of these were student led and it is remarkable the maturity that students have in approaching these activities. I often feel that the knowledge base that students have, as a result of the ‘information age’ is underestimated. Also underestimated is the fact that many really do want to actively, maturely and positively engage in discussion around issues that affect them, those around them and their futures. Some of the activities that have occurred include:


Jersey Day

Students wore sporting apparel (‘team jerseys’) on September 2 in support of Jersey Day. This is a national campaign raising awareness of organ donation. Kaitlin DeShannon (Yr9) championed the school’s involvement in this event, speaking to the whole school about the tragic death of her best friend last year (a very ‘sporty’ boy) but how the decision to donate his organs meant 6 lives were saved, including that of an infant.  For more information on Jersey Day  Click here



24 Year 10 & 11 students in our Mental Health Awareness Team led student activities for groups of students from Years 7 to 10 and were simply outstanding in doing so. RUOK Day (Sept. 8) is well known and has the very important message of looking out for your mates and the mental health of those around you. The activities were great. One that particularly impressed me was the team’s take on an old game that parents would recall – ‘Stuck in the Mud’. Instead of the traditional method of getting someone out who is stuck in the mud, in this version students had to go up to the person stuck in the mud and say ‘RUOK’ and then after a high five they were out of the mud.


‘Cheap Thrills’ Production

Year 9 & 10 got to see this excellent one-man theatre presentation in the Hall on September 9. The performance tackles the consequences of Risk Taking and Substance Abuse. The message really reinforcing the learning that is happening, particularly, in PDHPE classes. The quality of the presentation, and engagement of students, could be seen in the post-presentation Q & A session between the actor and the students that went for 20 minutes! For more information on this production  Click here

Year 12 – Celebrating Safely

On September 15 Senior Constable Kim Smith, who is the Tuggerah Lakes Command’s Police School Liaison Officer spoke with all of our Year 12. The end of schooling sees students enter a period of celebration and release. Obviously, we would also like to see students do this safely and responsibly. The school is very proud of our Year 12 students and this talk was organised so that our Year 12s were well informed and with the best possible understanding to make good choices with their end-of-school celebrations.



Dungeons & Dragons

This is simply a phenomenon! Organised and run by one of our Year 10 students (Brendan Smith) this end of term activity is fully booked within minutes of the signup sheet being put out. I don’t know how to describe it because I don’t understand it – I watch without a clue what is going on but every player is absorbed and the positive that every student gets out of it is a joy to see. Brendan recently tried running it ‘by the book’ but within half an hour was given clear instructions that all players wanted it run the ‘Brendan way’! The positive impact for learning, including social learning, of simple play can never be underestimated … at any age.


Mr Brant Maslen

Director of Student Wellbeing


We celebrate the achievements of our students with both in-school and out-of-school activities. When this happens on assembly we also focus on the commitment that has led to these achievements. The range and level of achievements by our students is simply amazing. Some of the achievements include:


Montana Rumore pre-selected in Law to Macquarie University (Global Leadership Program).


Fletcher Cunningham pre-selected in Social Studies at Macquarie University (Global Leadership Program) and National U/18 double Surf Ski Champion.


Taylor Scott pre-selected for teaching at Notre Dame Uni.


William Brittain asked to trial for NSW Martial Arts team.


Edan Shorten recently placed at National Gymnastics Championships.


Evangeline Chivers 3 year straight first place in sewing at Royal Easter Show


Robert MacDonald receiving the highest scouting award in NSW


Logan Salvador achieving his full Aircraft Pilots licence


Grant Robertson Captain of Australia A Junior Indoor Cricket team 


Nick Bignall competing in Canada in Athletics placing in Discus at multiple international events.


Holli Phillips National Trampolining Champion


Ellen Small 3rd at State Equestrian Championships


Claudia Feurschke 3rd in Eventing at NSW Pony Club Championships


Ben Minness selected in the NSW Rugby junior development squad


Joshua Green (Yr12) – NSW junior spearfishing champion consecutively for 3 years


Mitchell Timmis (Yr7) – 2nd at the National Archery championships (soon to compete at the World Championships)


Oscar Trenear was accepted into the Max Potential scholarship program. This young leaders

mentoring program is run by Future Achievement Australia and culminated in a graduation ceremony and expo on 11 August at Wyong Leagues Club. Oscar was presented with a graduation certificate in acknowledgement of his efforts over several months. His community project on display at the expo was titled "Remember Forever" and was about bringing war veterans' stories to life through connecting with the youth of today.


Theodore Brown received a certificate of distinction in the Junior Division (Year 7 and 8) of the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians. This series of challenge questions was run by the Australian Mathematics Trust during term 2

What’s more – I’m sure there are some shy students whose achievements I haven’t even been made aware of! To have so many high achievers in a senior school of not even 500 gives a clear indication of the quality of our student population. These students act as wonderful role models for all students across the school and demonstrate what can be achieved when a person puts their ‘Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’ into something for which they have a passion.


Mr Brant Maslen

Director of Student Wellbeing


AFTERNOON MESSAGES are given to students immediately after lunch. Please be aware that the school reception area is a very busy time at the end of school and it is unreasonable to expect that a message can be taken out to students who have already departed their classrooms for the day to stand in bus lines or parent pickup. If you need to get a message to your child regarding alternative travel arrangements, please contact the school reception prior to 1.30pm.Students in parent pick-up lines who are not collected on time will be held in the office until your arrival


SCHOOL HOLIDAYS -Please be advised that during the school holidays our Main Administration at Junior School will open between 9am and 12pm on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the first week of holidays and will be closed for the remainder of the holiday period.  However, admin staff will be onsite 8.00am to 3.30pm each day except for the Friday of the first week when the Junior School admin will not be accessible.  The phones will be on answering machine (except when the school is advertised as open) but will be checked periodically.


Now that we are at the end of term I would remind parents (especially those of Year 6 or Year 10 students), that the school requires a term’s notice if you intend withdrawing your child from our school. We require such notice to assist in the planning of our classes and to offer places to new students who wish to come to our school.

Please contact our register, Racquel Jolly, before the commencement of Term 4 if you intend to leave at the end of the year. 






Matt’s Mutterings
This year marks 25 years since I sat the HSC as a graduate of the 1991 cohort.  Our year group recently had a reunion which unfortunately I could not make, but reminisced about as I looked at the photos on Facebook.  I have distinctive memories of many of the people, but not all.  Our year group was over 150 students in Year 12.  As our own Year 12’s graduate and sit the HSC exams it stirs my own memories about some of those feelings and perhaps what some of our own students feel.


I can remember being remarkably arrogant as a 17 year old boy that the HSC was going to be a done deal.  I was going to do well because I was smart and thought that I would easily get into uni.  The reality was quite different as the exams progressed.  There were questions I could not answer and as the exams went on the uncertainty of my future grew.  I can remember distinctly feelings of anxiety, what ifs and trepidation about 1992 but also relief when it was all over.  And it did end and there was life after the HSC.  It was hard to see at the time, but I never realised how much I would miss life at school with friends and teachers who genuinely cared for us.


So as our Year 12’s graduate I pray that they may take mental photographs (digital of course) of their time at Lakes Grammar.  I hope that they will know that wherever they go in this world, that they are loved.  We, as a staff, love our Year 12’s.  I also want them to never forget that no matter how dark a night they might endure that the love of Jesus Christ can always find them, he is less than a heartbeat or a breath away.  God has a purpose and a plan for our Year 12’s, all of us in fact, and he will be relentless in his pursuit of our hearts.  So thank you Year 12 for the privilege it has been to be your chaplain…you have blessed me more than any words can capture and in ways that you may never know.  My door is always open to you as your story continues beyond our gates.  (Hint: I love baptising babies and conducting weddings).  I love you all J


Bless ya





Developing Our Students’ Future Working Skill and Learning to Be Resilient Learners
Over the past 18 months, the Foundation for Young Australians has produced a series of reports to understand the economic and social conditions affecting young people today and into the future – and to chart a course for how we best prepare young people to drive economic and social progress in decades to come. The report contains the enterprise, transferable skills that our students of today will need for the workforce in years to come. These include: problem solving; creativity; critical thinking; communications; digital literacy; financial literacy and presentation skills. 


Here at Lakes, we are focusing on building our students’ capacity to develop these essential skills.  As staff we have also been focusing on helping students to build their learning resilience and to have a go, and to turn a mistake into a learning experience or advantage. I have shared with students and staff the beautiful book ‘Beautiful Oops’ by Barney Saltzberg, it celebrates mistakes and encourages students to see mistakes as an opportunity. I encourage you to view the book by clicking here  and share with your children!


During assemblies this term I have spoken to the students about ‘epic failures’ by famous people and how these people went on to become exceptionally successful in the area for which they were originally sacked from. For example, Michael Jordan was cut from the high school basketball team and Oprah Winfrey was sacked for her poor journalism skills. Therefore, it is important that we encourage our students to stay resilient in their learning and pursue their dreams. It was wonderful to present so many white awards for students last week, who have demonstrated resilience in their learning throughout the term and are so successfully building their learning power.


Celebrating Creativity


Last week in the Senior School assembly we celebrated the creativity our students have demonstrated this term. It was so exciting to be able to put together a PowerPoint presentation for the students, which demonstrated to all the students the creativity happening within our school.


Please follow the link below to view the PowerPoint Presentation, I hope you too enjoy viewing the creativity of our students – we certainly did. Click here to download the Presentation before trying to view. Enjoy!





Again this term we have had many students involved in Cognito activities. It is wonderful to see so many students getting involved in activities offered. Students were again rewarded for their achievements and participation at the End of Term Awards Ceremony.


Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning


On Thursday, 15 September representatives from the Lakes Grammar - An Anglican School Chess Club competed at the 22nd Annual Central Coast Primary and Secondary Chess Competitions at Wyong High School.


Those in attendance included:

Senior School: Joshua Locchi, Jaden Garvey, Joel Sewell, Anaupama Adikarimudyanselage, James Saw and Robert MacDonald.

Junior School: Isaac Robinson, Ashley Pernecker, Noah Flower, Jackson Roffey, Noah Simon, Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Kai Garvey and Jake Richards.

Many schools participated and the competition was fierce, seeing our players facing off expatriates from our club, regular rivals and new faces.


Our students were commended by parents and competitors alike for their great manners, offers of help and how sharp their uniforms looked.


The students battled fatigue, distraction, frustration and the occasional lost opponent to perform well. A number of students came bounding to Mr Crumbley after a game with a grin from ear to ear to describe how even though they had lost they had really enjoyed the game. Others made friends from other schools and enjoyed rematching these new friends and playing games outside between official matches.


One Senior School player described with frustration how his opponent had been mucking around and had been distracting. After discussing this in more detail it turned out that both boys started out mucking around but after a few moves our player tried to make the game more sensible but his opponent did not settle. It was a good chance to go over why we play sensibly from the beginning of a match and that the rules of engagement (playing without distraction or assistance) need to be upheld from the start of the game. Our Senior School student took responsibility for the game and described how in the future he would play by the rules from the beginning of each game.


All of this was a wonderful experience for the students who attended. All had a great day and to add a cherry on top a number of students gained recognition for their total scores including:

Ashley Pernecker: Age Champion & 5th overall primary student.

Noah Flower: 3rd overall primary student.

Joshua Locchi: Age Champion & in the top 5 overall high school division.

Anaupama Adikarimudyanselage: Age Champion.

What a pleasure it was to take these students on this excursion and it brings me great joy to see how mature and responsible our students are from both the junior and senior campuses.

I am looking forward to the HRIS Chess competition next term.


Mr Nathan Crumbley

Chess Co-ordinator



If a student is interested in playing chess the chess club is an exciting place to hone your chess skills, whether you are beginner or expert. Chess has numerous cognitive benefits such as increasing concentration, patience and perseverance, as well as developing strong analytical and logical abilities.

If you are interested in joining the chess club, we would love for you to join us. We currently meet in Mr Crumbley’s room on 8:00am Tuesdays. Hope to see you then.


Mr Andrew Giblin

Chess Coach






Athletics Championships 
The 2016 NSW CIS Athletics Championships were held on Wednesday, 14 September at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. Lakes Grammar sent the following students to compete in various track and field events. Ava-Marie Carlson, Finlay Stewart, Ashley Pernecker, Zain Robards, Dylan Coyte, Oliver Appo, Sebastian Araneta and Zac Gillett (who was a fantastic late addition to the team).


All students represented Lakes Grammar and HRIS in an outstanding manner, by not only displaying their skills and talents, but also, the highest level of sportsmanship and respect for their fellow competitors.


A special mention to Ashley Pernecker who received a gold medal for coming 1st in the 800m final and Dylan Coyte who received a silver medal for coming 2nd in the 200m final. We look forward to hearing how they progress at PSSA in October. Another student who should be acknowledged is Oliver Walsh, who unfortunately missed out on competing in the 11-13 Years Boys 4x100m Relay due to unforeseeable circumstances. Oliver played an important role in getting the relay team to CIS. Congratulations to all students for their outstanding achievements in reaching CIS and I trust you had an enjoyable time as you gained more experience in your athletic career.


Yours in Positive Sportsmanship,


Mr James Cantor and Mr Danny Summers


Athletics Club  

Athletics Club is now taking enrolments for the season starting next term. There has been a buzz of excitement in the school as students have been running up to me in the playground with beaming smiles saying ‘I’m in Athletics Club.’ The kids are excited and I think have been spurred on by seeing so many of the Lakes Grammar students competing in local HRIS, CIS and state level athletics events.

Our Athletics Club leads well into the school’s athletics season giving students the chance to compete against their personal bests and strive for individual improvement. Students love the afternoon events and get a lot of joy from competing with family and friends looking on. Students enjoy the practice, encouragement and spending time with friends midweek. Plus a sausage sizzle is an easy dinner.

Parents have a vital role in our club and without the willingness of individuals to put their hand up for positions as age managers, time keepers and starters, our club would not exist. Their expertise and years of experience have fostered a club culture that is second to none.

A number of parents have completed the short courses advertised this year. For the web address for these free online classes please see the enrolment form. These parents now have official qualifications in their chosen events. These courses take a lot of the mystery out of events as they clearly state the different roles of parents, judges, officials and competitors. Completing these online courses means that you can confidently jump in and help measure or retrieve items, or even better take a lead role and manage a group.

Now is the time to enrol in Athletics club for next term, we look forward to seeing you there.


Mr Nathan Crumbley

Athletics Club Co-ordinator


This term has had some excellent achievements from Lakes students competing at Interschool Equestrian Events.

This week Ellie Rudder will be representing Lakes and NSW at the EA Interschool National Championships in Sydney. Ellie has been selected to be on the NSW Team after placing overall 4th at the EA NSW Interschool Championships. We wish her all the best this week.

Claudia Fuerschke placed top 10 at the NSW State EA Interschools Event in Eventing (8th overall). Two weeks ago, she was awarded Overall Secondary Showjumping Champion at Hunter Valley Grammar School Interschool Championships. Well done Claudia.

Ellen Small represented at the EA State Interschools in June this year as well, in both Combined Training and Showjumping. She did well in the Showjumping too. Ellen and her Horse Bradgate Park Maestro came third in the State in the 80cm Secondary Showjumping Division out of a huge field. This follows on after Ellen’s excellent results at Coonabarabran Horse Expo earlier this year, where she won the D-grade One Day Event.

One of our younger riders has recently competed at Arndell Anglican Interschools Event. Oliver Bartley went well at Arndell in a strong age group. He was 3rd in his handler class and won hands, 4th in best position, pleasure and best exhibit. He won the pairs with a friend he knows that goes to another local school. In the sporting he was 3rd in the bending.

Ellie Rudder also competed at Arndell where she won Champion Primary Open Show Hunter with Farleigh Calypso. She was also first in her Best Presented Rider and Mount for the 3rd year in a row.


Mrs Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Equestrian Co-ordinator


AFL Indigenous Program

Over the past four weeks AFL NSW/ACT have been facilitating an after school clinic for the Indigenous Junior School Students. AFL Auskick is the perfect introduction to the game of Australian Football it is based on a weekly coaching program, which focuses on teaching the skills of AFL through appropriately modified activities and rules. The emphasis is on providing a fun and safe learning environment for both children and adults involved in AFL. The students had a fantastic time and were presented with an AFL Ball for completing the clinic.

Thanks to all the students who participated in the program.

Yours in positive sportsmanship,


Mr James Cantor