Artexpress selection for Peggie Pantsos

Congratulations to Peggie Pantsos, who’s HSC artwork has been selected for the prestigious Artexpress exhibition. Artexpress is an annual exhibition program featuring exemplary bodies of work from the New South Wales Higher School Certificate Visual Arts examination. The Lakes Grammar, Art Department is always very proud of the talented and committed students who choose to study Visual Arts for the HSC. Peggie is a wonderful example to young learners, demonstrating the qualities of creativity, ingenuity and tenacity in her journey to achieve excellence.


The Artexpress exhibition features outstanding HSC Bodies of Work form metropolitan and regional schools across NSW galleries. Peggie’s photography and video has been selected from 9,004 students who submitted Bodies of Works for the HSC Visual Arts Examination, 500 students were nominated for Artexpress. From these nominations 228 bodies of work were selected to create nine exhibitions, representing schools from across NSW. Peggie’s work will be exhibited at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, in Sydney, 26th January – 23rd April, 2017.


Artist Statement, Illusione Verniciatio

My body of work is an attempt to challenge the audience’s customary modes of visual perception and notions associated with the permanence of art. I wanted to create a visual illusion by replacing the traditional use of a canvas in painting by applying paint directly onto living models. My technique exaggerates the physical surfaces of the body leaving only unpainted eyes to reveal that the images are not traditional paintings. In doing so, 3D objects are collapsed into 2D elements, appearing as living and moving portraiture, captured by photography and video. However, once completed the paint is washed away, leaving behind only photographic and digital remains to preserve the painted moment.


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