Term 1 2017 in Review



Last Wednesday in the senior school for just a few minutes, we were blessed with a magnificant rainbow that could be seen over the cola and canteen. The freshness of the day, with the sun peeping through culminated in what I can only describe as just one of those magical moments of life.

In this week’s newsletter we are celebrating the finish of the first term of 2017. It has been a fantastic 10 weeks that is culminated with awards assemblies, Grandparents’ Day and Easter celebrations.

I hope that this term has been a rewarding one for you and your family and that the Easter break will be a time of refreshment, as well as a time to pause and remember that Easter is not just about hot-cross buns and eggs, but also about one of the most significant events in the Christian calendar where we remember the death of Jesus and celebrate His resurection

Mr Ian Samways

Acting Principal





It has been an excellent start to the 2017 school year in the Junior School. At the beginning of term it was great to see familiar faces back for the year in their ‘new’ grade, to welcome new students and families and particularly to have a new group of Kindergarten children and their families joining the Lakes Grammar community. We are blessed at Lakes Grammar to have a learning environment where the size of our school enables each child to be valued and included. Our class sizes provide each teacher and our school families the opportunity to work closely together.

Our teaching team have continued to work closely with AIS NSW mentors under the excellent leadership of Mrs Harries in continuing to work in Professional Learning Communities, particularly in terms of the collaboration between teachers on each grade. We have been working closely with the writing component of the literacy continuum to carefully analyse and chart student progress and to implement evidence-based learning strategies to enable the students to move onto the next skill level specific to their individual needs. Students who require additional support in literacy have shown amazing benefit from the introduction of the Multilit suite of Literacy Support programs and we have been able to structure Numeracy Support to achieve a greater reach in Years 4 – 6.

Year 6 were quick to meet their Kindergarten buddies as they settled in (and Kindergarten had of course been eagerly anticipating meeting their Year 6 buddy all holidays!). Seeing the students with their buddies has proven to be a very special time! During the term they have really enjoyed getting together to share in activities like reading, playing games and craft activities. The Year 6 Buddies have provided great assistance with the learning of friendship and citizenship skills.

The Swimming Carnival was again an excellent event where students relished the opportunity to compete for their College. We have a number of very talented swimmers in the Junior School and this was reflected in the number of students who went on to represent the school at HRIS and CIS levels.

As a component of their transition program into the Senior School, Year 6 enjoyed the Mud Run – it presented a great opportunity for them to continue to bond as a year group, developing the protective skills to support and encourage each other through the quality of their peer relationships, as well as for their teachers to develop their relationships with the students.

We were able to conduct a number of ‘twilight tours’ for prospective families looking at Kindergarten for their child in 2018. Whilst there is a pleasing level of interest, we do still have a few places available at this stage so you are welcome to ‘spread the word’ about the benefits of a Lakes Grammar education for these little ones.

Our enrichment programs are well underway under the leadership of Mrs Holland, our Gifted and Talented Education Facilitator (K – 6). As Mrs Holland describes in her piece, students have really enjoyed and benefitted from participating in Maths Challenge Camp, Newcastle Writers’ Festival and computational thinking challenges this term.

We had the pleasure of electing and inducting new class representatives and councillors into our Student Representative Council for 2017. The students are working well with their peers and coming up with some amazing ideas to improve our school even more under Mrs Sharpe’s leadership.

Year 2 enjoyed their excursion to Warnies, whilst our co-curricular program is back in full swing with many of the students enjoying drama, band, strings, peripatetic music lessons, chess and debating over the course of the term.

The School Cross Country Carnival was an excellent event – the weather was mild and the track was in great condition considering the amount of rainfall experienced earlier in the week. The students showed great spirit and sportsmanship in the manner in which they competed. Congratulations to all involved – it was a pleasure to see such strong support for the occasion from all of our parents and families – and all the best to those progressing through to HRIS early in Term 2.

To bring the term to a wonderful conclusion, grandparents and special friends were invited to join our Kindergarten to Year 2 students for part of a day at school. This was a great opportunity for the children to share their learning and classroom experiences with someone close to them whom they may not get to see on a regular basis. The students really enjoyed the Junior School Easter Chapel , Grandparents’ Day Concert and Morning Tea with their grandparents. The weather was fantastic and it was great to see so many guests from across NSW joining us at Lakes Grammar.

Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School




Junior School Library

OLIVER V5 - New Library System

Our new library system ORBIT is now up and running. Check out the link below!

Also, check out the JS Library BLOG:

Premier Reading Challenge (PRC) 2017

Registration for the 2017 PRC is now open and we currently have 176 registered so far. Registration will close Monday,1 May if your child wishes to participate.

Students who do complete the 2017 PRC early (we have 3 so far), will each receive a certificate and photo for our JS Library Achievement wall.

We hope to receive the actual certificates by the end of the year from the NSW Premier’s Office.

Coming up in Term 2:

Wednesday 3 May – WW1 – In Living History Presentation for Years 5 and 6 – JS Library

Wednesday 24 May – National Simultaneous Storytime – JS Library

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


On Wednesday 29 March, Alexandra and I planted 10 native Australian plants in the staff carpark garden. I did this for a community service for my Ulimiliko Card and I also wanted to help the environment. I had a friend in the Council who donated the plants including: 3 Wattle, 3 Tea Trees and 4 Banksia.  It was fun too!

Written by Jaydee Lourens in the OC Class


What’s been happening in G & T this term? We have had a very exciting start to 2017 with many opportunities for students at Lakes Grammar to further develop and extend themselves in a variety of areas. All students in Kindergarten to Year 6 have participated in a general screening process. Students in Years 2-6 have completed a General Ability Test that has provided all staff with information regarding our students in areas that they are excelling. Both teachers and parents have completed Student Nomination forms to provide further information on our students who require extension.  Thank you to all parents and staff who completed Student Nomination forms. It has been a valuable process to see what our students are doing to challenge and extend themselves in a range of areas in the school environment and beyond. This information has assisted in the formation of extension groups, provide support to these students in their classroom and provide additional opportunities to extend our students.

Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Competition

In our world today the understanding and development of skills in relation to Information and Communication Technology is vital. To expose our students to the development of these skills we had 76 students in Years 3-6 participate in the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Competition, along with six Year 2 students who had a go at the Years 3-4 challenge who all did very well. We had a practice with the types of tasks that the students would be asked to complete prior to the competition. The students all enjoyed working in collaboration with their peers to complete the competition. We received 27 Distinctions, 28 Credits and 22 Merits. A wonderful achievement for all students who participated.

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition – Australian University

We also had a group of Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition run by the Australian University in Canberra. The CAT competition is a one-hour problem-solving competition that seeks to identify computer programming potential—something which students might not normally have an opportunity to demonstrate. We are currently waiting on the students results. 

University of NSW ICAS Competitions

We have had many students sign up to participate in the University of NSW ICAS competitions for 2017. These competitions will take place in Term 2 and 3. Thank you to parents who have enrolled their child to participate in these competitions.

Term 2

Extension Groups

In Term 2, we will be doing some Mathematics Extension Groups, who will also participate in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, and some Writing groups who will also have an opportunity to enter their works in a variety of competitions.

The da Vinci Decathlon 2017

We will also have a group of eight Year 5 students and eight Year 6 students participate in the da Vinci Decathlon on the Monday, 1 May. The da Vinci Decathlon, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate young minds across 10 disciplines:  Engineering, Mathematics and Chess, Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, Science, English, Philosophy, Creative Producers, Cartography and General Knowledge.

In past years, we have been participating in the decathlon at Knox Grammar School in Sydney, but this year there will be a Hunter Regional da Vinci Decathlon, held at Bishop Tyrrell College.

Programs and Competitions in 2017

These programmes and Competitions are just the beginning of many varied opportunities that will be offered in 2017. Our aim is to ensure that we are challenging and stimulating our students in a way that corresponds to their learning needs, therefore, ingraining in them the drive and passion to continue to strive for excellence in all learning areas.

Information regarding upcoming programs, competitions and courses will be communicated throughout the year.

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator K-6


Lakes Grammar’s inspiring young writers had the privilege of meeting with some of Australia’s most renowned Children’s authors on Wednesday, 29 March and Thursday, 30 March. Budding writers from Years 1-3 met with Louise Park and Michael Wagner and students with a passion for writing in Years 4-6 met with Jacqueline Harvey and John Flanagan.

Louise Park, author of the Harriet Clare, Zac Powers Test Drives, Zac Powers Spy Recruit, Bella Dancerella, Boy vs. Beast and Star Girl, gave the students some amazing tips on how to create a world for their writing, and how to develop interesting characters. Park had the students visualising their created worlds and travelling through portals. Students were challenged to answer the question: ‘What would happen if…?’ to put themselves in a new situation and brainstorm scenarios that could occur in these new and exciting situations.

Michael Wagner had the children all laughing, especially the boys, talking about his books, So Wrong, The Undys, Why I love Footy, Pig Dude and the Max Rumble series. Michael encouraged the students keep journals for ideas and interesting names for characters. He helped them to think about developing their ideas for books from memories, noticing the world and random thoughts.

Jacqueline Harvey, author of the famous Alice Miranda series led the students through the ingredients for good stories including: good characters, mystery, comedy, evil baddies, family, friends, pets and trouble!

John Flanagan author of the popular Rangers Apprentice and Brotherband series was a hit with the students in Years 4 to 6 talking about his journey as a writer and inspired them to dream big and not give up. John’s enthusiastic and engaging personality had all students enthralled and excited about writing. He encouraged them to plan their stories and decide on a beginning, middle and ending so that they have a clear direction where they are heading with their stories.

We are looking forward to doing some writing now incorporating the great tips that we have learnt from these amazing authors!

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator K-6


Diluk Adikarm, Noah Flower, Noah Simon, Kai Garvey and Liam Lightfoot from Year 5 and 6 attended an Interschool Chess Competition on Thursday, 23 March at St Bernard’s Catholic Primary School.  Eight schools from NSW entered the competition with a number of teams. In the Primary Division our five players played seven rounds and faced both wins and losses with determination and support for one another. Of the eight schools, our Lakes Grammar team won the competition, scoring the highest combined total of the day. This means we will go on to compete in the Semi-Finals (dates for the semi-final will be announced in the coming month).

Chess club will continue to run Tuesday mornings of Term 2.


Ms Renee Dwyer

Junior School Teacher



What an enthusiastic group of Junior School Coders we have had this term!

Both our K-2 and 3-6 Coding Clubs were full this term and all students had a successful and enjoyable time learning about and practicing their programming and coding skills. K-2 Coding Club used the Scratch Junior program on iPads as an introduction to coding and all students thoroughly enjoyed their lunch time coding each Monday. The 3-6 Coding students used Scratch to program more complex coding, using some set projects and creating their own original projects. I look forward to a new group of students enjoying Coding in Term 2. 

Thursday afternoons have been the time for our Years 5-6 students to prepare for our Robotics selection trials in Term 2. The students have been working hard preparing creative programming ideas. I look forward to the Selection trials in Week 3 and seeing what they have created. Two teams, of 4 students each, will be chosen to represent Lakes Grammar at the Junior Robocup Competition. 


Ms Cynthia Jobe-Parker 

Coding Club and Robotics Coordinator



Teacher Professional Development
This term has again been a very busy term in relation to the teaching and learning here at Lakes in the Senior School. We are into the second year of being part of the ‘Schools Leading Learning Project’ which again sees us continue to focus on developing students Higher Order Thinking skills and making students thinking visible. We are especially this year focusing on building students reading and writing skills in Stage 4, which entails developing their ability to use Cognitive Strategies to improve their reading skills. Staff have spent considerable time collecting data on students and then using this data to drive our programming.

The focus from next term will also be on the implementation of the new Stage 6 syllabus for Science, History, English and Maths. Overall we have 16 courses to reprogram and learn about in the coming three terms for implementation in Year 11, 2018. An enormous job for staff ahead!

Students Thinking About Their Thinking

This term during assembly I have spoken to students about Metacognition, which is the process of getting students to think about their thinking and how their brain functions. This entails encouraging students to think about the way they approach their learning and the tools they are using to complete tasks. This is not just about them thinking about the content but how they apply thinking strategies to best complete a task. John Hattie (Educational Researcher) believes that teaching students to think about their thinking can have a very high effect size on extending students learning beyond what is normally expected from attending school for a year.

Learning Support

The new intensive reading program, Macqlit, which is being offered to students in Year 7 or 8 who are struggling with reading, is having a wonderful impact on our students who are in this program. I big thank you needs to be extended to Ms Stacey Hughes and Mrs Karyn Thomson who spend hours working with these students and their parents to help them improve their skills. It is very exciting to see how much they are improving from being a part of this program.

Gifted and Talented Student and High Achiever Student Tracking

It is very exciting that we now have a Gifted and Talented Student Mentor available to GATS students here in the Senior School. Mrs Phoebe Stibbard has spent many hours collecting information from parents to learn about the Gifted and Talented Students and is now meeting with the students throughout the year, this is a wonderful service to GATS students which we are now offering.

Part of this program is also the tracking of our High Achievers here in the Senior School. It is wonderful to see how many students we have in this program. Although we would love to have the resources to meet individually with all these students, at the moment this is not possible. However, these students will be tracked through Phoebe, myself and KLA coordinators looking at data collected and supporting those who might be flagged as needing it along the way.


Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning





Students have been very engaged in their learning in History throughout Term 1 and have by now completed their first assessment task. It is encouraging to see the high level of commitment students have been applying to their studies and the earnest desire to achieve good results shown by many. We hope that all students will continue with this positive mindset throughout the remainder of the year.

This year, one of the school’s goals is to develop the reading comprehension skills of our students, in line with the new Naplan minimum requirements for attaining a HSC. This focus is being targeted in History through a particular emphasis on reading historical sources for meaning and constructing source analysis responses evaluating the usefulness and reliability of given sources. These skills will be assessed in a number of formative assessments in Years 7-12 throughout the year, so students are encouraged to carefully consider the feedback they receive for each task so that they can address weaknesses and build on their strengths in future tasks.

The National History Challenge has been offered by the History Faculty as part of the school’s Cognito program this year. I encourage students with a particular interest in History to consider entering the challenge. The theme for 2017 projects is Making a Better World? Students should contact myself via email for more information on how to register for the competition.

This week Year 7 attended a site study excursion that saw them engage in sensory bush walks through various sites of cultural significance, led by Aboriginal elders in Woy Woy. The day was enjoyed by all and provided an opportunity for students to see first-hand some of the sacred sites of indigenous culture in the local area. A huge thank you must be extended to Mrs Hart for organising the excursion and to the other staff who accompanied her and the students on the day.

Mrs Fiona Crawford

History Co-ordinator


Well we, like all our other faculties, have had a busy term introducing our topics and encouraging students with their tasks both design and theory orientated. Our year seven students have had a great time exploring Technology in the areas of Textiles, Robotics, Animation and Wood and Plastics Technologies. They have learnt about new tools, techniques, experimented with techniques and have started their projects with great enthusiasm! We love to see their eyes light up when they have mastered a technique or concept, enabling them to move deeper into their understanding of design. Students are discovering about sensors (see picture below), how textiles are part of their world, and how to use measurement to create a useful object.

Year 8 have been learning about interior design concepts and are using their flair for design to create idea boards and link their ideas through to their final product which they will produce next term. The other half of year eight have been busy in our kitchen producing some delicious picnic or BBQ style food. They have been learning how to adapt recipes to suit people with allergies and intolerances and learning about the equipment and good nutrition. It is hoped that they will be able to transfer these skills in food selection and preparation to their lives to help them make good choices. Hopefully, you might see them cooking your dinner at home soon!

Mrs Alison Maclarty

TAS Co-ordinator



Term One is over and so much has been achieved. Year 7 have now completed their first term in Science and from the work we have seen and the comments from the classes it appears they are enjoying themselves, with all having mastered the correct use of the Bunsen Burner and in receipt of their Bunsen Burner licenses.

Year 8 have been looking at the requirements of both plants and animals for living healthy. All classes from Years 7 – 9 have finished their Half Yearly Examinations and now will finish of this terms modules of work ready to commence a new module next term. As such I would like to remind everyone from Years 7 – 10 that a new workbook is required for the start of Term Two.

The Year 9 students participating in The Block Challenge last week, did not disappoint in the areas of application, design and construction, with individual teams working extremely efficiently to construct the most environmentally friendly building. Well done to all, on your amazing efforts. A number of design and construction teams actually managed to score maximum points!

Year 10 are completing their first module of work on The Chemical World and have really shown some higher order thinking skills – writing chemical formula and balancing chemical equations. They submitted their first assignment for their ROSA this week and all of their teachers were impressed with the questions being asked as they were attempting to complete the task as it reflected a real interest in the study of Science and possible careers that may stem from further Science study.

Year 11 Biology and Senior Science students enjoyed fine weather to complete the collection of first-hand data on their field study trip to the Wetlands. It is now up to them to process and analyse this data to complete their first assessment task for these courses. Year 11 Physics have just completed their first assessment task and are coming to realise the huge commitment required to perform well in Stage 6 science courses. Chemistry students are completing their first assessment this week as well. It is wonderful to see their dedication performing well, that these students are already showing.

Year 12 are completing their Half Yearly Examinations and all seem to be coping well with the demands this places on them. I am sure there will be some promising results distributed at the start of next term. I hope they take the opportunity offered by the break to recoup and review their study notes to fill in any ‘gaps’ they may have found in their preparation as a result of sitting these exams.

I hope you were able to tune into ‘Stargazing’ with Brian Cox on the ABC last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. If not get onto the iView app and have a look. Really worth tuning into.

Don’t forget this holidays there is the Questacon Invention Convention open to all – booking required so if interested get on the website and join in. Information was given out at school and there are still some flyers around, just ask a Science teacher.

Wishing you all a relaxing and yummy Easter.

Jenny Charker

Science Co-ordinator



A number of Year 11 students are attending a service trip to Vietnam in the September holidays this year. The students will be involved in helping build a school and donate funds to underprivileged children. In order to raise funds, the students are selling raffle tickets with many prizes on offer.

Prizes include:

  1. Woolworth hamper
  2. Master foods hamper
  3. $50 Westfield voucher
  4. $40 JB Hi-Fi voucher
  5. $30 JB Hi-Fi voucher
  6. 2 x Events movie vouchers

Tickets are $1 for 1 tickets or $2 for 3 tickets.

If you would like to purchase raffle tickets please contact Sherielyn Hutley via email

Your support would be greatly appreciated.



A big thank you to all the students who have currently signed up to the Year 7-9 2017 Premier’s Reading Challenge. It’s not too late to sign up, come to the library for a registration form – you can even do this next term. Send through a scanned copy of the permission/registration to my email: The Challenge includes all books read from the 1st September last year, so you can list any books read in 4th Term last year, and also any books read over the Christmas/January break, right up to the present.

National family reading month link:


Mrs Anne-Marie Nicholls

Senior School Library



Chaplain’s Chat
Term 1 of 2017 has seen much excitement for this little chaplain.  Our relationship with Lakes Anglican has been strengthened with the blessing of the backpacks service for our Kindy students back in February and in March our Years 3 to 6 students sang up a storm.  These were two of the best attended services I have seen in my whole time here at Lakes Grammar.  I know that the parish of Lakes Anglican feel incredibly blessed when we visit with them.  Let me encourage you to check them out on any given Sunday as I may well see you there.

A new initiative in the Junior School has begun and been ably facilitated by Mrs Annette Shorten.  Each Monday morning a group of Year 6 students is gathering around a plate of pikelets and praying for our school community.  They have also obtained a letterbox that will sit outside Pete’s office where students, staff and even parents can put in prayer requests for them to pray about.  Make sure next term if you are in Junior School you check out the bedazzled letterbox. 

Across the school our Cru groups have been meeting.  Junior School we are seeing up to 90 students just from Years 5 and 6 for lunch time groups. The students are loving the bible teaching, games and friendships that are formed during these lunchtimes.  Senior School we have combined our Boys Cru and Girls Cru for Thursday lunches, they buzz with different activities around the school. Bible scavenger hunts, games and serious talks about faith and life are just some of what we get up to.

Chapels have been moving towards telling the Easter story in both campuses of the school and it is wonderful to see our young people wrestling with some pretty big ideas.  We hope and pray that ultimately they will understand that Jesus death and resurrection speak to them of God’s immeasurable love for them. Our last day of school will see two chapel services, one for Junior School and one for the Senior School that culminate in living a resurrection type life.  I pray that your family may experience something of the joy of new life in your Easter period and that you will sense God’s rich love for you as well.  From Pete and I, may you have a happy and holy Easter.

Bless ya,






Important Messages

School Holidays Admin Office Hours: During these school holidays the Admin office will be open from 9am to 12pm the first week and closed the second week.  (except public holidays when it will be closed)

Coming Events

Mothers’ Day stall K -6

Friday, 5 May

All gifts $5.00.  Online ordering available via or cash on the day. Online ordering closes on Thursday, 4 May at 5pm.

Mothers’ Day breakfast

Friday, 12 May

Junior School COLA

Online ordering available via flexischools or in person at the Canteen. Orders close Wednesday, 10 May at 9am.

Anzac Day Service

Lakes Grammar Students are to meet for Anzac Day March:

Doyalson-Wyee RSL

Pacific Highway (near the Raw Challenge)

Tuesday, 25 April at 8am for the March at 8.30am

Winter uniform

With the transition to winter uniform fast approaching, Alinta Apparel wish to advise families they will be open on Monday, 24 April from 10:00 – 12:00pm even though this is a pupil free day.




Lakes Grammar Cross Country Carnival – Tuesday 28 March
Our annual Cross Country Carnival was held in the Senior School. It was a successful day and all competitors gave their all! Congratulations to Lightfoot College who won points score for the day. The Lakes Grammar team competing at HRIS Cross Country at Avondale next term is now up on the Junior School Sports Noticeboard. Thankyou Mr Cantor and Mr Beecroft for setting up the course.

Congratulations to the following Individual Age Champions on the day:

Boys Kinder – Adrian Amorin

Girls Kinder – Ashley Webb

Boys yr 1 – Jack Wieland

Girls yr 1 – Mia Kehoe

Boys 8 yrs and Under – Jayden Drury

Girls 8 yrs and Under – Addison Kowaliw

Boys 9 yrs – Caleb Dunstan

Girls 9 yrs – Ava Marie Carlson

Boys 10 yrs – Jake Freeman

Girls 10 yrs – Ella Burgess

Boys 11 yrs – Darcy Loxton

Girls 11 yrs – Ava Burgess

Boys 12 yrs – Dylan Coyte

Girls 12 yrs – Charlotte Tarleton


Boys – Caleb Dunstan

Girls – Charlotte Tarleton

CIS Swimming Carnival – Thursday 23 March

We recently had 11 Lakes Grammar compete for HRIS at the recent CIS Swimming Carnival in Sydney. Congratulations to all those students who made it to this high level.

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, joggers (no fluro colours), school sport shorts and socks. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well, especially on hot days, which we have experienced lately. 

HRIS / CIS Representation (5/6 only)

Once again, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the Junior School Sports noticeboard with upcoming events. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information:

Please note, if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as Cross Country, Swimming, etc.), then they can purchase a polo HRIS shirt from the school. They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details.


Coming Up in Term 2:

Tuesday 4 May – HRIS Cross Country Carnival – Avondale College

Monday 15 May – CIS Hockey

Wednesday 17 May – CIS Rugby League

Thursday 15 June – CIS Cross Country Carnival – Eastern Creek


Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator


AICES Swimming Championships

Were be held at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre on Thursday,30 March.

The following students have been selected in the HRIS Swimming Team and represented Lakes Grammar honourably.

Olivia Glanville - Female - Age: 16

#60 Girls 16 50 Breast Finals 41.11 - place 4th

#75 Girls 16 50 Free Finals 30.68 - place 5th


Daniel Seol - Male - Age: 13

#53 Boys 13 50 Breast Finals 38.62 place 1st

Daniel will go onto compete at the NSW CIS Championships.


5 Stanfield, Cameron M - Male - Age: 13

#3 Boys 13 50 Fly Finals 35.26 – place 9th

#24 Boys 13 50 Back Finals 39.76 - place13th

Congratulations to all of these students.

School Cross Country

The weather finally let up a little bit, which allowed us to complete our School Cross Country Championships. All students enjoyed themselves and ran well.

Age Champions are listed below and will be awarded at our Awards Assembly. Full results have been published on our School Sports Board.

Age group champions:

12 yrs boys – Oliver Fallon

12 yrs girls – Charlotte Peach

13 yrs boys – Ozzie Adams

13 yrs girls – Ashley Pernecker

14 yrs boys – Jeremy Beale

14 yrs girls – Portia Schultz

15 yrs boys – Ben Duncan

15 yrs girls – Charlotte Akhurst

16 yrs boys – Liam Duncan

16 yrs girls – Olivia Glanville

17 yrs boys – Benjamin Harrison

17 yrs girls – Georgia Schofield

18 yrs boys – Lachlan Green

18 yrs girls – Hannah Roth

Open Champions

Boys – Liam Duncan

Girls - Ashley Pernecker


College Champions

1st   Lightfoot

2nd  Cranmer

3rd  Tyrrell

4th  Ridley

Students selected to compete in the HRIS Championships on Thursday, 4 May:

12 yrs girls – Charlotte Peach, Emma Florimo, Emma Macdonald, Kiarna Elliott, Tegan Lynch

12 yrs boys – Oliver Fallon, Benjamin McKay, David Lewis, Harley Chislett, Aidan Scott

13 yrs girls – Ashley Pernecker, Elizabeth Thomas, Eliza Carruthers, Kianna Bright, Nyah Small

13 yrs boys – Ozzie Adams, Oliver Appo, Daniel Seol, Zain Robards, Alexander Bell

14 yrs girls – Portia Schultz, Amelia Barone, Anna Tokareva, Briley Walls, Keeleigh Dodds

14 yrs boys – Jeremy Beale, Zac Clifford, Oscar Bendeich, Fox Smith, Joshua Hattam

15 yrs girls – Charlotte Akhurst, Indianna Auddino, Samantha Livingstone, Jezebel Navusolo, Claudia   Martin

15 yrs boys – Ben Duncan, Joshua Fordham, Liam Riley-Griffiths, Izaac Hucker, Corey Sanday

16 yrs girls – Olivia Glanville, Ebboni Bright, Jessica Dukes, Tayla Everson, Lara Holst

16 yrs boys – Liam Duncan, Benjamin McKechnie, Jack Riches, Samuel McKechnie, Paddy Harrison

17 yrs girls – Georgia Schofield, Jacinta Clark, Camryn Kendall, Holli Phillips, Alexa Talbot

17 yrs boys – Benjamin Harrison, Cooper Hills, Trystan Auddino, Bryce Glanville, Luke Bacon

18 yrs girls – Hannah Roth, Caitlin Hak, Tiah Vale, Emily Riches, Courtney Cooper

18 yrs boys – Lachlan Green, Mitchell Livingstone, Bailey Allen, Oliver Shedden, Hayden Cody

Bill Turner Trophy/Cup

Our boys and girls U/15’s football teams are competing in the Bill Turner Cup/Trophy and both teams won their first games in convincing fashion against Tuggerah Lakes Secondary College Berkeley Vale. Boys won 7-2 and girls won a massive 11–0.

Both team will now play Narara Valley High School early next term.

School Netball

Teams have been selected and will compete next term in the Central Coast Schools Netball Cup, HRIS Netball Gala Day and the AICES Netball Cup.

HRIS Touch Football Trials

  • Jack Riches
  • Sam Kentwell
  • Olivia Glanville

The above students have been successful in being selected to represent HRIS in the AICES Touch Football Championships next term.

Congratulations and best of luck.

Central Coast Schools Surfing Championships

We had an Open Boys team and an Open Girls team compete in these championships for the first time. Lachlan Green, Benjamin Champley, Olivia Glanville and Charlotte Akhurst surfed extremely well all day in challenging conditions. The boys were eliminated in their Semi-Final and the girls made it all the way to the Final finishing 4th overall.

Other Sports News

We know of two of our students who competed at the Australian Athletics Championships. Bethany Kranendonk placed 9th in the under U/18’s women's long jump and she has been invited to attend the Queensland Athletics Jumps Camp at the end of April in Brisbane where she'll mix with the best jumping athletes and coaches in Australia.

Jackson Barnes finished 2nd in the U/14’s boys High Jump! an awesome result!

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-Ordinator


Equestrian Team News

Unfortunately Aberdeen Interschool Horse Sports was postponed last month, due to all the rain we’ve been having. The final week in April will be busy with Aberdeen, Singleton and Scone Interschool events all in the same week. If you have not sent in your entries in please do so asap.

Mrs Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Equestrian Co-ordinator