Term 1 in Review



As usual there have been many activities for our students during Term 1 this year. The range of extra-curricular activities for Senior School students in the Cognito program is again outstanding.

Our new staff and students have settled in well and good learning is taking place in our classrooms.

As  mentioned in the newsletter last week i am currently in Xi’an in China, where I will visit six schools. My trip is going really well. I have met with four school Principals and visited classrooms and I still have 2 more schools to visit before my trip finishes.

When doing enrolment interviews I still hear from the parents that the reason they have applied to Lakes is all the good things they have heard about us, often from parents who have children here. Word of mouth is the most important factor for parents making decisions about the right school for their children, so I thank those of you who spread the good news about Lakes Grammar.

I hope you enjoy reading about the first term’s learning and fun at Lakes.

Mr Michael Hannah




It has been an excellent start to 2018, welcoming both familiar and new students and families and especially to have a new group of Kindergarten children and their families joining us. Our Year 6 students were quick to meet their Kindergarten buddies as they settled in - and of course Kindergarten had been keenly waiting the opportunity to play with their Year 6 Buddies! To be able to see the students playing with their buddies has proven to be a real privilege! During the term they have really enjoyed learning together when reading, playing games and undertaking craft activities. The Year 6 Buddies have been a great aid in helping our youngest students to develop their friendship and citizenship skills.

The P & F Welcome BBQ and the P & F Disco a few weeks later were both wonderful occasions for us to get together as a school community at the beginning of the year. We are thankful for our committed and active P & F and for the way they both promote our school community and fundraise to continue to improve our resources for the students.

The Swimming Carnival was again an excellent event where students relished the opportunity to compete for their College. It was a real highlight of the day to see the wonderful College spirit and so many students ‘having a go!’ in the different races. We have a number of very talented swimmers in the Junior School and this was reflected in the number of students who went on to represent the school at HRIS and CIS levels. Well done to Ben Ruzicka, Marlon Buckland, Hannah Ruzicka, Giselle Simon, Miranda Feller, Ava McLeod, Jamie Seol and Elodie Jewell who were wonderful representatives of Lakes Grammar at the CIS Carnival recently.

The School Cross-Country Carnival was an excellent event and very well run – we were blessed with the weather and the track was in great condition considering the amount of rainfall experienced earlier in the week. (It seems to be a cross-country tradition to have a lot of rain in the lead up!). The students showed great, positive school spirit whilst competing and the atmosphere with all of our parents and families was wonderful. Our best wishes go with those progressing through to the HRIS Carnival early next term.

Mr Cantor has been working hard on developing the sport program and we look forward to Years 3 - 6 having the opportunity to experience hockey and soccer next term. We also look forward to the work that Mr Asquith will do with ‘football’ next term. Our AFL team has been training ready for the Paul Kelly Cup Gala Day in May with Mr Wenger and Mr Solomons. Our gratitude goes to Mr Cantor for his hard work in this area.

As a component of their transition program into the Senior School, Year 6 enjoyed the Mud Run – another annual tradition which presents a great opportunity for the students to continue to bond as a year group, developing the protective skills to support and encourage each other through the quality of their peer relationships, as well as for their teachers to develop their relationships with the students.

Junior School students also enjoyed participating in ‘Clean up the School Day’ – thanks Mr Summers! – which was a wonderful precursor to Clean up Australia Day on the following weekend.

Our gifted and talented and enrichment programs have continued to grow under Mrs Holland’s leadership with students participating in the Computational and Algebraic Thinking Competition, the Newcastle Writers’ Festival and the DaVinci Decathlon. Our debating teams have also started where they left off last year, with one team undefeated from three debates. It is wonderful to see these kinds of opportunities made available for so many students to extend and enrich them, as Mrs Holland further outlines in her piece.

We were privileged to have Ms Emma McBride, our Federal Member for Dobell visit the school on two occasions this term. Ms McBride gave a very inspiring speech about her personal journey from being a primary student in our local area to today representing much of the Central Coast in our Federal Parliament. Our Student Representative Councillors and Members were delighted to receive their badges from her at a special assembly.

Mrs Livette, Miss Bennet and Ms Abrams worked with Ms McBride to conduct a mock parliament at school with our Year 6 students as part of their study of democracy in the lead up to our visit to Canberra next term. The students particularly enjoyed debating and voting on the ‘no homework bill’, with many students crossing the floor and Katie Cook, in particular, giving a wonderful speech. Ms McBride was accompanied by Ann Stanley MP, the Member for Werriwa, and both parliamentarians commented on the calibre and good manners of all of Year 6. Noah Simon, Jaydee Lourens, Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage and Ava Burgess were privileged to join both ladies for morning tea afterwards and gave some wonderful thoughts into suggestions for our local area and their ambitions for the future.

Year 3 enjoyed their excursion to the Laycock Street Theatre last week to watch the play ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ as a part of their English learning this term. Kindergarten had an equally wonderful time on their very first excursion in ‘big school’ – on a trip to Oakvale Farm to see all of the animals. Our thanks to the many parents who were able to come along and join us for this excursion.

We enjoyed hosting a number of Korean families earlier in the term who were warmly welcomed by Year 5 and 6 into their classrooms. This proved to be an invaluable experience in being able to share between the Australian and Korean cultures and we are thankful to our many host families who were able to make this experience possible.

A number of students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have had their work on display in the HRIS Travelling Art Show in the Junior School Library over the past month. The artworks on display are magnificent and the students have done brilliantly! The artworks will make their way around a number of the other HRIS schools to be displayed there over the remainder of the year.

We were able to conduct a number of ‘twilight tours’ for prospective families looking at Kindergarten for their child in 2019. We have another tour coming up on Thursday, 3 May at 6.30pm in the Junior School Library. At this stage we still have a few places available for Kindergarten next year and you are welcome to ‘spread the word’ about the benefits of a Lakes Grammar education to families that may like to join us on the evening. 

A Year 7 2019 Parent Information Night will be held early next term on Monday 7 May from 6:30pm – 7:30pm in the School Hall. This session will provide an opportunity to hear from Mr Michael Hannah, Mr Ian Samways (Deputy Principal) and Mrs Michelle Smith (Director of Teaching and Learning) and tour the Senior campus to visit our main faculties and interactive areas.

Mrs Harries has provided wonderful leadership to our teaching team as we have worked in partnership with the AISNSW School Improvement Service to continue to improve the learning and pedagogy in each classroom. We have had a continued focus on English, Mathematics and best practice in both teaching and assessment. Some of the fruits of these endeavours on the part of both staff and students are evidenced through the growth in our results which Mr Hannah outlined last year. Mrs Harries has been asked to present at an AIS Conference in June on our school improvement journey which is a wonderful testament to her ongoing and tireless efforts.

Year 3 – 6 students were recently able to put their skills of scientific investigation to the test in a visiting Forensic Science show, solving a thrilling who dunnit!

Mrs Harries has been ably supported by Mrs Colthorpe, our Teacher Mentor, who has been invaluable in leading demonstration lessons and observations in the area of writing, in leading our staff in analysing student progress and results in the forward planning of teaching, and in growing our staff mentoring program for new and early career teachers.

Mr Johns has continued to improve our student wellbeing programs through the refinement of our College Cup and PBL systems and through the introduction of our College Reward Days which will take place throughout the year. Mr Johns has also shown great leadership in researching ways that our student wellbeing programs and the Building Learning Power framework can be more closely aligned, and has been invaluable with many key administrative matters behind the scenes.

Our grandparents and special friends really enjoyed Grandparents’ day with a lovely concert, a generous morning tea and beautiful weather. This was a great opportunity for the children to share their learning and classroom experiences with someone close to them whom they may not get to see on a regular basis.

Peter Oates, our Junior School Chaplain, has continued to grow the spiritual life of the school through his Chapel messages around the Power of the Cross and with a wonderful Easter Service with Rev’d Tim Waghorn from Lakes Anglican. Both Pete and Annette Shorten have grown our Boys and Girls CRU groups which meet one lunchtime each week to learn more about the Bible. Pete has also faithfully lead our Junior School Leaders in praying for the school, the children, our school families and our staff each Monday morning. Pete has also introduced some Christian Ministry leadership positions for students this year which have been a blessing in enhancing this component of our school life.

I was recently very privileged to be invited to a reception with our Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove, and Lady Cosgrove at Admiralty House. The reception was in honour of an organization called School Aid, Australia’s first ‘crowd funding’ website for school aged children to support a range of causes. It was inspiring to see primary school aged children receiving recognition for significant charity work and to reflect on the fact that we have many children at Lakes who are involved in similar initiatives – recent work some of our students have done for Operation Smile (Ellena and Josselyn McGarry, Ella and Ava Burgess and Rihana Gosselin) and the Fred Hollows Foundation (Ella Williams, Sage Kenny and Ashley Inwood) come to mind.

To bring the term to a wonderful conclusion, our Senior School and Junior School students celebrated Harmony Day together. Our School Counsellors, Ms Taggart and Ms French organised the day wonderfully as it enabled us to stop to consider all people and the notion that all people belong. This was well led by our Senior School Mental Health Advocacy Program students and the Junior School children loved their visit to classrooms in the Junior School for part of the day.

A reminder of the ANZAC Day March held by the Doyalson RSL Sub-Branch which falls during the school holidays this year on Wednesday, 25 April. Participation is something of a tradition within the school and it is heartening to see the large attendance by Lakes Grammar students and their families growing further from year-to-year.

If you plan to attend, please ensure that your child wears the Lakes Grammar winter uniform and blazer. We shall meet near the Raw Challenge Course (on the Pacific Hwy) to form up by 8.00am ready for the march to begin.

Junior School students please meet me on arrival so that I can record each child’s name on the roll in order for their involvement in the march to be reflected on their School Report. Following the march, children should stand with their parents for the service at the Cenotaph at the Doyalson RSL Club (or inside the club itself if the weather is inclement), commencing at 9.00am.

My thanks go to each and every one of our amazing staff team for their efforts this term. It is a privilege to work with such a capable, passionate and professional team who consistently give of their best for the students and love what we do. We are blessed with wonderful students who are lively and passionate about their learning, deeply caring and have a wonderful zest for life. I wish you the best for the upcoming holidays and look forward to welcoming you back in Term 2.


Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School




What’s been happening in Gifted and Talented Education this term? We have had an exciting start to 2018 with many opportunities for students at Lakes Grammar to develop their potential and extend themselves in a variety of areas.

Gifted and Talented Screening K-6
Again in 2018, students in Kindergarten to Year 6 have participated in a general screening process. Students in years 2-6 have
completed a General Ability Test that has provided all staff with information regarding our students in areas that they are excelling.
Both teachers and parents have completed Student Nomination forms to provide further information on our students who require
extension.  Thank you to all parents and staff who completed Student Nomination forms. It has been a valuable process to see what
our students are doing to challenge and extend themselves in a range of areas in the school environment and beyond. This
information has assisted in the formation of extension groups, provide support to these students in their classroom and provide
additional opportunities to extend our students.

Computational and Algorithmic Thinking Competition – Australian University

We have had a group of students in Years 5 and 6 participate in the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) Competition run by the Australian University in Canberra. The CAT competition is a one-hour problem-solving competition that seeks to identify computer programing potential. We are currently waiting on the students results.

Newcastle Literary Writers Festival 2018

Lakes Grammar’s inspiring young writers had the privilege of meeting with some of Australia’s most renowned Children’s authors on Friday, 6 April. Budding writers from Years 1-4 met with Leigh Hobbs, the author of the popular characters Old Tom, Horrible Harriet and Mr Chicken. The students also met with Kate and Jol Temple, authors of Room on our Rock and Parrot Carrot, who taught the students about visual literacy and word play.

The students had a wonderful day learning top tips from these amazing authors about the Writing Process.

Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

This term we have had a small group of students from Years 3-6 participate in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA). The MCYA Challenge Stage has taken place over four weeks at the end of Term 1. Students received a problem book containing four problems (Years 5 to 7 – Primary level). The problems were very challenging and required time and persistence, but are based on Mathematical concepts which should be known at that level. The students worked collaboratively in small groups to solve the problems and present written solutions.

University of NSW ICAS Competitions

We have had many students sign up to participate in the University of NSW ICAS competitions for 2017. These competitions will take place in Term 2 and 3. Thank you to parents who have enrolled their child to participate in these competitions.

The da Vinci Decathlon 2018

We will also have a group of eight year 5 students and eight year 6 students participating in the da Vinci Decathlon this week on Thursday, 12 April. The da Vinci Decathlon, inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), is an academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate young minds across 10 disciplines:  engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, philosophy, creative producers, cartography and general knowledge.

Programs and Competitions in 2018

These Programs and Competitions are just the beginning of many varied opportunities that will be offered in 2018. Our aim is to ensure that we are challenging and stimulating our students in a way that corresponds to their learning needs, therefore, ingraining in them the drive and passion to continue to strive for excellence in all learning areas.

Information regarding upcoming programs, competitions and courses will be communicated throughout the year.

Mrs Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator K-6


As the term comes to a close I would like to congratulate all the students who have participated in Coding and Robotics this term. All of you have shown perseverance and determination in your coding and the results have been excellent. Next term Coding Clubs will be opened up to those students who are on the waiting lists. Robotics will start to gear up for the Regional and State Robocup competitions, in which we will be competing in the ‘On stage’ competition and the ‘Rescue’ competition.

3D Game Training

We are excited to offer students the opportunity to participate in 3D gaming again this year. 3D game training is an exciting opportunity for students in grades 3-6 to learn how to create 3D games using the Unity platform. These sessions are run by professional 3D programmers with years of experience in programing and education.

If you would like your child to be one of 30 students to join, they will be introduced to a range of concepts such as coding artificial intelligence and controlling characters, cars and planes. Learn how to write code to create spawnpoints, detect collisions, control animations, add keyboard or joystick controls and other skills needed to create their own ultimate game.

Name: Weekly Unity Coding & Game Development

Venue: Lakes Grammar Junior School

Start Date: Every Thursday commencing 10/5/2018 - 7:45am to 8:45am

Cost: $150 ( 5 lessons @ $30 per lesson )

Ms Jobe-Parker

Robotics and Coding Club Coordinator





Wednesday was Harmony Day, where the MHAP team from the Senior School organised activities across both campuses of our school. These, mainly Year 10 and 11 students showed great leadership qualities and are congratulated for the initiative and commitment that they displayed on the day. 

On Wednesday I was also impressed with two Senior groups who are currently planning some future activities. Our Year 11 History students are organising preparing to run our school Anzac Day Service this year, and their enthusiasm toward this event and its organisation is outstanding. Another group, the Stemiinsts and GI Joes, who are part of our STEM club, are wanting to build a plastic recycling plant! While this is in the very early stage of planning, these students are going to gain the practical knowledge from raising funds, to planning and then building the required machinery.

In the background, of course, are our staff and the many volunteers who assist in the school and I would particularly like to acknowledge and thank them for their tireless efforts to help keep Lakes Grammar the vibrant place that it is.

Mr Ian Samways

Deputy Principal


This term has been another great term in Lakes classrooms. This term has seen the launch of our specialist STEM classes in Year 8 and STEM classes at lunch: The STEMINISTS and GI JOES. These classes are seeing students develop key 21st Century skills but most importantly the students are engaged in their learning and having a great time! I spoke to Year 8 this week and these are the words they shared with me to describe their STEM experience.

One of the great events in the school is the Year 9 Block Challenge and again what a great spectacle it was. Students in Year 9 worked all day to design a school house that was environmentally friendly and had to meet many specifications! At the end of the day the students’ houses had to withstand a sounds, heat, water and specifications test! A big congratulations to Adiba Ahmed, Edan Shorten and Trinity Phoenix who won the People’s Choice Award.

This term has also seen the start of our Galileo Class for our Gifted and Talented students and Café Philosophique. Each fortnight our G&T students meet together to work on their solutions to a real world problem, students are designing and making solutions which will be presented to parents and the school community in Term 4. Café Philosophique is where our High Achiever students meet each week to discuss problems posed to them by teacher across the schools. A few quotes from our Galileo thinkers:

  • “I love it because it is allowing me to do to my hobby at school and to apply mathematical thinking to help me develop solutions.” - Alex Voigt (Year 8)
  • “We think it is the best because it allows us to explore our interest in-depth and be more creative with them.” – Cameron McPhan and Jackson Blackshaw (Year 8)

Alex Voigt and Isaac Robinson Designing their solutions in Galileo Class

This term our Debating teams have been performing very well. A highlight this term for the debating teams was their recent visit to the State Parliament where our students got to attend question time and have afternoon tea with the Hon. Courtney Houssos, MLC and David Harris, Member for Wyong in the lower house of NSW Parliament.

This term also saw a number of our Year 7 and 8 students enrol in the Children’s University Program, which is super exciting. Our first on campus visit to the University of Newcastle is in the process of being organised for next term and school visits from university lecturers in across key learning areas.

Being born with dyslexia can make life and schooling very challenging and frustrating for students. This term Ms Gorham (Education Assistance Team Coordinator) has worked hard to introduce assistive technologies in the classroom, through OneNote, to help our dyslexic students reach their full potential. The overwhelming positive reaction from our dyslexic students has reminded us all why we teach, to change lives and to help every child, reach their full potential in life.

The diverse opportunities for our students again seen on offer this term and tireless work by staff proves that here at Lakes, we are especially good at helping every child succeed! 


Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning 


Term 1!  Over already with so many activities taking place, the pace was phenomenal, as were the efforts from quite a number of students. Year 7 were introduced to real ‘in the field’ scientific analysis as they tested water quality at a number of catchment sites around the Wyong area to determine whether the water was fit enough to drink. Using a variety of scientific techniques and equipment they had not previously encountered, they collected data on air and water temperature, pressure, acidity, and turbidity among the biotic and abiotic characteristics tested. Glad to say, that while there are still reservations about whether it is completely safe to drink water from Wyong Creek at the Old Dairy, most water samples rated very well. Congratulations to all the students who immersed themselves in the field trip, applying their recently gained skills and knowledge, to completing the analysis required.

Year 8 have been delving into how to stay healthy by maintaining vital systems in their bodies while also undertaking an exciting new STEM program. This has involved close collaboration with the TAS faculty as students first gained the necessary skills for working effectively in a collaborative environment. Skills such as teamwork, resilience, problem solving, data collection and analysis and effective goal setting were all explored and developed before the students then commenced their major project for Semester 1 – Paddock to Plate. This project involves designing and constructing vertical gardens to grow plants that can then be used in producing a food product. The students are gaining quite a depth of knowledge and range of horticulture skills in order to complete this challenge and are eagerly looking forward to seeing the gardens grow and eating the delicacies created.

Year 9 undertook the ‘School Block Challenge’. This task again proved challenging yet very rewarding for all. The challenge requires in-depth environmental awareness as students design and construct a ‘School Block’ using a limited range of materials and keeping their costs within strict financial and environmental budgets. The introduction of new technology this year with the use of 3D pens and 3D printing for part of the construction provided an additional challenge which the students eagerly undertook. On the day, a peer review of the buildings constructed was conducted via the ‘People’s Choice’ Award. Congratulations to our winners this year – Adiba Ahmed, Edan Shorten and Trinity Phoenix! The rest of the results will be known after the holidays as it is quite a task to mark all of the research and planning that is involved in completing this activity.

Year 10 have spent the term delving into the Chemical World and while, much to their disappointment, we have not blown anything up they have explored a wide range of chemical reactions. Their scientific literacy has been extended and challenged as they attempt to write chemical formulas, and reaction equations using the Periodic Table as their dictionary. Congratulations to all as the first ROSA assessment task has just been submitted and results for this will be available next term.

Year 11 has been extremely interesting as we introduce new curriculum across all Science courses. Students are working well to meet the increased rigor of these courses. The completely new course - Investigating Science is proving a very useful course indeed with students consolidating and applying a lot of the working scientifically skills previously learnt to increase their depth as scientific thinkers and practitioners.

Year 12 have now completed half of their HSC course work and are currently sitting their Half Yearly Examinations. We wish them well and look forward to encouraging results reflecting perseverance and sound study regimes.

A lot has happened this term and Term 2 is shaping up to be just as full of scientific experiences for students. Year 7 will undertake their first Student Research Project as they explore the world of Crystal Growing in conjunction with the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, Year 8 continue their work on STEM while also becoming project managers on a mining site and participating in a Science and Technology Day, Year 9 will increase their eco awareness as they check out Awabakal Field Centre and Year 10 will examine the world of flight as they construct and analyse the flight of rockets.

There are also a number of enrichment activities through the COGNITO program so look through the booklet and see if there is anything you want to get involved in.


The response to the STEM group, STEMANISTS and GI Joe’s has been inspiring. Approximately 20 students are currently developing plans for the funding and construction of a plastics recycling plant here at school. The group will continue developing these plans and hopefully commence construction late Term 2. To complete this they will be seeking support from the wider Lakes community so please keep an eye open for your opportunity to assist them in this enterprising venture.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s experience in Science please contact their class teacher or myself at

Enjoy the holiday break.

Ms Jenny Charker

Science Coordinator


Congratulations to Eden Smith in Year 8 who recently recorded an original composition, East of Love. This will come as no surprise to the Lakes Grammar community who have long known of Eden’s vocal ability, and we are lucky to have Eden as a member of our Secondary Vocal Ensemble.

Check out her song on

Congratulations also to our ever-growing Secondary Vocal Ensemble who performed the Mary, Mary timeless hit ‘Shackles’ with great success recently at the Easter Chapel service, ably accompanied by the Jazz Ensemble (and Mr Gallen on sax). Some of our Year 7 and 8 members will be heading to the HRIS Cultural Festival at Hunter Valley Grammar in August to perform in a combined school ensemble.

Vocal Ensemble rehearses on a Monday lunchtime in B7 and we are always keen to welcome new members – no audition necessary! We will be starting new repertoire next term, so it’s a great time to join.

Mrs Lisa Whitwell

Senior School Music Teacher


This term our Year 10 Commerce class examined how bills become law in Parliament. This study was part of our unit ‘Law and Society’ which helped us see the journey of how laws were made and then enforced.

Last week we were fortunate enough to have our local MP for Dobell Emma McBride visit our class to run a Mock Parliament. Emma began by introducing herself and her role. We were interested to hear of her background as a Pharmacist and how this led to her
career in politics. She told us how she was driven to make a difference at a larger level than the hospital she worked for.

We were each given roles, costumes and props for our Mock Parliament and a script to debate ‘The No Homework Bill’. Emma explained the process and shared stories from real parliamentary debates. While there were great arguments from each side, the opposition opposed the bill and were successful at preventing the bill to pass.  

Afterwards we discussed future plans for having an active youth parliament running in the Wyong/Hunter Region.

We thoroughly enjoyed Emma’s visit and are keen to one day watch our politicians in action at Parliament house.

Charlotte Knox (Year 10 Student)


On Tuesday, 10 April a team of Year 9 students travelled to Bishop Tyrrell to compete in the Da Vinci decathlon. The 2018 Hunter Region Da Vinci decathlon focused on the theme of memories with the students working collaboratively to complete challenges in a range of areas across 10 disciplines: engineering, mathematics and chess, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, ideation, creative producers, cartography and general knowledge.

Our students worked well and achieved the following results: 2nd Place in General Knowledge, 2nd Place in Art and Poetry and 3rd Place in English.

Well done to the following students; Trinity Phoenix, Elizabeth Pullen, Zali Philips, Joel Sewell, Amelia Barone, Paige Hutcherson, Madeline James and Keely Bogle for the skills they demonstrated in perseverance, team work and problem solving.

Ms Rachel Mackillop

Senior School Teacher



2018 began with a flurry and has been a long but good term.  Early on we had the Blessing of the Backpacks at Lakes Anglican and in the few short weeks they had been at school our youngest students had learnt a couple of songs to share with us….so cute.  Different this year though was the Year 7-10 Family Chapel service being held in March.  Reverend Tim was away and we had many of our students there to lead the worship.  A special mention to Alex Voigt on his exquisite guitar work as a part of the sermon.

In the Junior School two new roles have been created on the student leadership team.  Siobhan and Kennan have been appointed as Christian Ministry Leaders to work alongside Pete in chapels and at the Monday morning student leader prayer gathering.  All of our Junior School leaders have been committed to praying for our school each week together.  The bedazzled letterbox that receives prayer requests each week moves about the Junior School to allow students to submit their prayer requests in a safe way.

Also in Junior School the Girls Cru group has been looking at meerkats as an example of what a follower of Jesus looks like.  A big thanks to Annette, Emma, Alex, Vicky and Tracey for their fantastic leadership for our Year 5 and 6 girls.  Boys Cru have been following along the chapel program and learning about the power of the cross.  Pete has been ably assisted by Nathan C and James when they are able to make it.  These two groups continue to allow space and time for our Year 5 and 6 students to explore faith issues at a deeper level.

In our Senior School a new initiative has been started by two of our Year 9 students, Edan and Callum.  They are co-ordinating and running a Cru group for Year 7 students each Monday lunchtime.  A number of the students involved in our Cru groups at school also attend 628Crew at Lakes Anglican on the first Sunday of every month.  Senior Cru has only had the one fruitful gathering where we chatted with Tom from Crusaders who sadly for us is moving on to other things.  Tom has been a wonderful friend to our school community across the years and we will miss his once a term visits.

Apart from chapels, both Pete and I have enjoyed the lively conversations we have in the classroom with our Christian Studies lessons.  This term we have especially been focused on the Easter story and that has combined well with our chapel themes.  I have also managed to run the Year 12 retreat which we as a school hope will set our Year 12s up to thrive in their final year with us.  I was also privileged to attend the Year 7 camp where I saw many students conquer fears and bond with their peers.  Throw in some sport supervision, football team coaching, canteen, playground duties and a wedding and you’ll see that Term 1 has had plenty for Pete and I to smile about.  May you all have a very safe and happy holiday break with your family.

Bless ya,





School Holidays Admin Office Hours:

The Administration office will be open 9am to 12pm the first week and closed the second week of the school holidays.

Please note Monday, 30 April the Administration Office will only be open from 1.30pm to 4.00pm.

School resumes Tuesday, 1 May.



HRIS Cross Country
HRIS Cross Country will be held at Avondale College on Friday, 4 May. The school team has been selected and students have been handed out permission notes. The team is displayed on the school sports notice board. Please ensure that you return your note before the end of term. We wish all competitors best of luck.

AICES & NSWCIS Swimming Championships
Four of our students were selected to represent HRIS at the AICES Swimming Championships. These students included Benjamin
McKechnie, Cameron Stanfield, Tiah Vale and Aimee-Jane Strawbridge. All of these students swam very well in their races and Tiah
Vale finished 3rd in the 50m back stroke and has since gone onto compete at the NSW CIS Swimming Championships, finishing 6th.
Well done to all these students and especially Tiah on this wonderful achievement.

Bill Turner Cup & Trophy

Both our boys and girls teams had convincing wins in the first round of the Bill Turner Cup/Trophy competitions and will play Round 2 matches early next term.

School Sporting Teams

- Rugby trials and training is being conducted on Tuesday afternoons with qualified coaches from Warnervale Rugby Club from 3:15pm -4:15pm. All student interested in playing rugby for the school should be attending training at this time.

- Boys basketball training has commenced with 15’s training happening on Monday lunch times and Opens training on Thursday lunch times. Open Boys team will play in the HRIS Secondary Basketball Gala Day on Tuesday, 26 June and 15’s will play on Wednesday, 15 August.

- Netball trials and training is being conducted on Friday lunch times with Jah Taiapo our school netball club coach conducting these sessions. All girls interested in playing for our school teams should be attending training. Teams will play in the HRIS Secondary Netball gala day on Tuesday, 22 May and Schools Netball Cup on Friday, 1 June.

- Open Boys Football team will commence training next term and will compete in the HRIS Gala Day on the Monday, 14 May.


School Team Trials:

Oz tag and Rugby League Trials will be held early next term.

HRIS Team Trials:

Open Girls Netball – Tuesday, 1 May

Rugby – Tuesday, 1 May

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in HRIS Sporting Teams:

- Charlotte Dobson – 15 girls Hockey

- Aimee Butcher – Open Girls Football

- Han Green Junior Girls Football

- Jack Riches – Open Boys Touch Football

- Olivia Glanville – Open Girls Touch Football

- Zac Gillett Junior Boys Touch Football

This is a wonderful achievement for these students as they are up against some very strong competition for selection from all the 16 HRIS Schools. Well done and best of luck in the next level of competition.

Other Upcoming Dates

  • Tuesday, 1 May – HRIS Open Netball Trials
  • Tuesday, 1 May – HRIS Rugby Trials
  • Friday, 4 May – HRIS Cross Country Championships
  • Monday, 14 May – HRIS Open Boys Football Gala Day
  • Wednesday, 16 May – CIS 18 boys Rugby League Trials
  • Tuesday, 22 May – HRIS Secondary Netball Gala Day
  • Wednesday, 23 May – CIS Rugby League Trials
  • Wednesday, 24 May – AICES Touch Football Gala day and Trials
  • Wednesday, 30 May – School Secondary Athletics Championships
  • Friday, 1 June – Schools Netball Cup
  • Tuesday, 5 June – AICES Cross Country
  • Thursday, 14 June – CIS Cross Country
  • Tuesday, 19 June – HRIS 15s Football Gala Day
  • Tuesday, 26 June – HRIS Open Basketball Gala Day

 Congratulations to Eden Shorten. Awarded a Donnica Clarke Foundation Sporting Scholarship for gymnastics for 2018.

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-ordinator


Equestrian News


Congratulations go out to our students who competed at Sydney Royal this year, Alyvia Slade was 3rd in her rider class and Ellie Rudder 3rd in her Novice Pony.

The schools are starting to update their calendars and I will continue to add events in the newsletter as they become available.

Most importantly though, is our own Lakes Grammar event in August! Please if you think you can assist in any way, sponsorship, administration, volunteering on the day, please contact me at

Upcoming events:


Oxley College Equestrian Day – Sunday, 6 May 2018 - Bong Bong Racecourse, Bowral Entries open on Nominate TBA

Central Coast Grammar School Dressage & Combined Training Day – Saturday, 12 May - Entries close 1 May 2018 via Nominate

Hunter Valley Grammar School Equestrian Championships – Saturday, 26 May - Entries close 12 May 2018 via Nominate

North West Equestrian Expo Inc - Coonabarabran Showground – Friday, 1 June to Tuesday, 5th June 2018 - Entries open Thursday, March 15 and close Friday, 13 April via Nominate.

Ms Jobe-Parker

Equestrian Coordinator