Term 3 in Review



The end of Term 3 has rolled up quite quickly. I don’t know about you but this year seems to be going faster than usual. Perhaps I’m wishing it away in the hope that the coronavirus will go with it! In the Term 3 issue of Lakes Learners, our end of term newsletter, you will find reports of the teaching and learning and activities that our students have enjoyed.

This is the final term of school for Year 12. Their 13 years of school education conclude today, to be followed by the HSC exams which begin on 20 October. We were not permitted to hold our normal Graduation and Formal on the last day of term, as we usually do. However, we did have a Farewell Chapel service today, with just Year 12 and staff attending, in which we celebrated our Christian faith, our students and our school. I was able to present our graduates with their final school report and a school reference. We are allowed to hold a Graduation assembly in Term 4 and ours will be on 13 November. Two family members are permitted to attend this assembly. We hope to have televised messages from Bishop Peter and our School Chair, Bishop Charlie. I will give my graduation address and we will present students with their Graduation Certificate. On 16 November students will celebrate their Formal at Kooindah Waters. It has been a disrupted year for all but our Year 12 students had particular concerns. Although they have not been able to have the normal end of school activities, we have been able to give them several COVID-safe events to enjoy. The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) has been very supportive and given clear guidance for assessments and the HSC exams. We feel we have prepared our students well for these exams and will continue to support them throughout the exam period.

If you will be travelling in the holidays remember to be COVID-safe and stay away from hotspots!

I will be on study leave for the first four weeks of Term 4. Mr Ian Samways will be Acting Principal, Mr Will Wallace Acting Deputy Principal, Mrs Michelle Smith Acting Head of Senior School (in Mr Samways’ place) and Mr Ralph Johns Acting Head of Junior School (in Mr Wallace’s place).

Michael Hannah




Term 3 Reflection

What a term it has been and despite the differences that this year has brought, we have been able to persevere and provide a range of worthwhile opportunities for our students.

The term commenced with the Governor-General and Mrs Hurley officially presenting the school with our School Aid Accreditation for Empowering Young Philanthropists in an online assembly. We were delighted to receive this recognition of the wonderful efforts of our students to give back to the school and to our wider community over many years. We were also pleased to have a number of students meeting with the Governor-General and Mrs Hurley later in the term for a virtual morning tea, to discuss the range of student-led projects we have enjoyed supporting and witnessing at the school in more recent times. It is an excellent reflection of the big hearts that our students and school families have, and of the outworking of our Christian faith in service of others.

We enjoyed Parent-Teacher Interviews online using Zoom for the very first time, and by all accounts it proved to be a very successful experience. The change to the online format brought a greater amount of flexibility for many of our school families, so much so that we will consider how we could offer a blend of in person and online interviews in the future. We appreciate the flexibility and agility that everyone in our school community has shown with embracing this new way of doing things!

Some of our students in older grades continued with the Mathematics Olympiad, a series of challenges requiring the children to draw on a range of problem solving strategies and to develop their 'grit' in persevering with learning to find a solution.

We also enjoyed our Cross Country carnival on a day that was blessed with perfect weather for running and provided great joy for all involved. It was a delight to see the children enjoying running with their friends and challenging themselves through exercise.

We were able to connect with our school families through online Zoom meetings for P & F, and enjoyed an online Fathers' Day Stall and a virtual 'Coffee and Connect' event for R U OK? Day.

A local elder, Gavi Duncan, visited to teach Year 4 students about local Aboriginal History and artifacts as a component of their History unit this term, and a number of students participated in the NAIDOC Week Art competition. We also enjoyed a range of activities for National Science Week, which was organised by Mrs Stowe who did an outstanding job in building the children's love for Science.

Our virtual debaters got into full swing, with debates against Yarranlea State School, Hills Grammar, Pittwater House, Tara, Scots Albury and Macarthur Anglican, utilising our new technology in the STEM Centre to fully engage with the medium. A number of children participated in the ICAS Competitions as well as the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition and the OC class enjoyed researching famous figures from history and role playing and presenting on these during their Day of Eminence. Both Ridley and Lightfoot Colleges also enjoyed Rewards Days and our Tournament of Minds teams worked extremely hard on their virtual submissions.

Professional learning continued for our teachers with the Schools Leading Learning program in partnership with AIS NSW, as we undertook online learning to refine our units of work in Science and Technology to better leverage and utilise the range of resources we enjoy in our STEM Centre. We were also able to engage with ACARA in providing feedback for the current review into the Australian Curriculum, and were privileged to be the only independent school in NSW chosen to do so, reflecting the great calibre of our teachers.

At the end of the term, we farewell Mr Greg Asquith as he takes up his new role as Assistant Head of Preparatory School at The Scots College in Sydney in Term 4. Mr Asquith has added a lot to our school over the past eight years and has been well-liked by the students in his classes. It has been a pleasure to watch Mr Asquith continue to grow as a teacher and a leader, as he has worked hard to build his capacity through studying a Master of Education in the evenings, weekends and holidays. He is a much appreciated colleague whose willingness to volunteer for extra activities, especially soccer coaching, was excellent - as has been his sense of humour! His support of our Schools Leading Learning and School Improvement Service programs has helped us in our collective effort to build academic results for the children over the past few years as well. We wish Mr Asquith and his family the very best for their move and every success in the future.

On the same note, we welcome Miss Melinda Kyle in Term 4 as she takes 3A for that time. Miss Kyle is well known to our school families for the work she has been doing at Lakes Grammar over the years and she has worked hard to ensure a smooth transition for the students with Mr Asquith.

Athletics Carnival

We were delighted to be able to hold an Athletics Carnival for the children last week, albeit in a modified format with the current restrictions. Our Year 2 - 6 students travelled to Warnervale Oval in separate year groups and time slots to enjoy some running races and discus. We were very blessed with the weather and the day ran really smoothly. It was a delight to see the children out in the fresh air and sunshine, enjoying the activities, encouraging each other in a really positive way, and making the most of their God-given talents. All of the children participated in the day in a really enthusiastic and supportive spirit, and we are very thankful to our staff team and the support we received from Sports in Schools Australia in coming together and working so co-operatively to make the day a real highlight for the students. There were some very fast races run with close finishes (although I may have been a fair way behind some of our Year 4 girls and Miss Butcher in one of the races!) and some excellent discus throws. Our thanks to Mr Cantor and Mrs Shepherd for all of their work in having the day run so smoothly and enjoyably.

We will also continue to undertake events including shot put, long jump and turbo javelin in our PE lessons early next term. Mr Cantor will be able to present ribbons and announce Age Champions early in Term 4. For Kindergarten and Year 1, we are planning to hold the annual Athletics Fun Afternoon early next term. We will also incorporate some other fun events into our PE lessons on that day for older grades as part of the Sports in Schools program.


A reminder for Year 5 and 6 families that the requirements for Ulimiliko Awards have been adjusted to reflect the changes that this year has brought. For 2020, students now need only complete two Community Service events rather than three, and can participate in a sport for Physical Activity for the length of the available season rather than a whole term. Likewise the Cultural Activities have also been modified. Please refer to the letter that was emailed home to families earlier in the week for full details.

A reminder that completed Ulimiliko Cards are due to me by Term 4, Week 3 (Friday 30 October). 


Book Character Parade

We are planning a Book Character Parade for Friday 23 October (the second week of Term 4). Whilst we are awaiting possible changes to the government guidelines for schools for Term 4, it is likely that at this stage the students will parade in three separate, smaller groups (K - 2, Year 3 - 4 and Year 5 - 6) and the format will possibly involve students watching from their classroom or with a safe distance between classes.

Nonetheless, the children will really enjoy getting dressed up as their favourite book character for the day, as will the teachers!

On that day, our Junior School Canteen will offer the regular fruit break and recess menu. The lunch menu will be slightly modified and we will offer some special meal deal options only.

Term Awards Assembly, Pride in Excellence, Athletics Club

We presented the awards for Term Awards Assembly, Pride in Excellence and Athletics Club from the recent season in class on Friday, 18 September. Mr Crumbley was able to present the Athletics Club awards and trophies to students on the same day. The photos will be included in our Term Awards Assembly video and a special Athletics Club video that Mr Crumbley will create. A link to the videos will be emailed home by class teachers for Awards Assembly prize winners and by Mr Crumbley to Athletics Club families respectively.

Jump Rope for Heart and Abigail Brown Fundraiser

Jump Rope for Heart is a physical activity and fundraising program that has been run by the Heart Foundation for over 36 years. It’s a great way for your child to keep fit and learn new skills, but it also helps raise funds for vital heart research and education programs.

Since Jump Rope for Heart started in 1983, schools like ours have raised more than $104 million for the Heart Foundation’s lifesaving work.

This year, Lakes Grammar will be supporting Jump Rope for Heart in a number of ways.

Firstly, in Week 1 of Term 4, Abigail Brown in Year 6 will be selling 3D printed heart-related items and doing a raffle to raise more funds for the Heart Foundation. Abigail has kindly done this for the past two years, previously selling loombands and laser-cut keyrings, and it is wonderful that she is able to support the Heart Foundation for one more time before she progresses into Senior School.

Additionally, our SRC, led by Miss Bennet, will help to promote the Jump Rope for Heart initiative in each classroom to encourage all of our students to be involved. You can register your child online, to support them in fundraising for skipping, so they can receive the full benefits of the program and participate in online fundraising by following the link to get started.

Students will be skipping during some scheduled PE lessons next term. During this time you can share their online fundraising page with family and friends to help raise money for this great cause.

We will hold our school Jump Off Day early next term to mark the end of the program. This is also an opportunity for everyone to come together to skip and show off their newly learned skills.

Thank you for supporting the Jump Rope for Heart program!

Service Initiative

Montana McGarrity in Year 4 has researched that socks are a highly requested item by homeless charities and those living on the street. Socks can get dirty very quickly and for those unfortunate enough to be in this situation, access to laundry facilities can be difficult.

Montana will be running a Sock Drop to help those in need and to assist members of the community wishing to donate new pairs of socks for the homeless. A contactless delivery point will be available the front verandah of the Junior School.

Building Learning Power

We are continuing to work on our Building Learning Power program in classrooms. The diagram below shows the four areas of our ‘Building Learning Power’ program (Reach Out, Look Within, Think Clearly and Believe in Ourselves) which link in with our school motto ‘With Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’.

A number of learning actions which are associated with each area are listed around the outside of the circle.

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behavior for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day to day life of the school.

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Term 4

Week 1: Persevere when learning gets hard

Week 2: Empathy


Stars of the Week

Demonstrating our Lakes Grammar Habit of making links with prior learning.

Miles P, Arthur G, Douglas B, Nathan J, Mikayla B, Oliver C, Elise C, Nicholas M, Cooper N, Indi W, Zara F, Raquel C, Ivy L, Jake L, Keira R, Ava M.

Demonstrating our Lakes Grammar Habit of wearing our hat to play outside.

Jayden M, Sophia M, Jaxon B, Emerson H, Wiremu G, Louis S, Hayden E, Mac M, Max S, Flynn C, James M, Tanner H, Jack W, Tobias T, Isaac R, Edward S.

Will Wallace

Head of Junior School


As you are aware, Bookweek 2020 has been moved to Term 4 Week 2. As such, we are still endeavouring to have a modified Scholastic Bookfair and Book Parade.

Please stay tuned in Week 1 as we are waiting to see if there will be any changes to current restrictions during the school holidays which may affect our event/s.   


Thank you to parents and students for supporting our library again through these challenging times. We look forward to another exciting Term 4

Danny Summers

JS Teacher Librarian


The students of Lakes Grammar have had a successful year with our results in the University of NSW ICAS Competitions. We have received many Merits, Credits, Distinctions and High Distinctions.

ICAS Digital Technologies:

Principal Award: Abigail Brown (Year 6)

Merit: Brianna Roberts (Year 5)

Credit: Ashely Webb (Year 3), Nicholas Beasley, Raquel Carter, Jake Lees, April Murphy, Sara Olivieri, Benjamin Ruzicka (Year 4), Corey Englebrecht, Kane McLeod (Year 5), Rhys Fogarty, Lexi Mulholland, Hannah Ruzicka, Ganesh Seekuri, Cohan Voisey (Year 6)

Distinction: Tahlia Wenger (Year 3), Ethan Curry, Callum Lightfoot (Year 4) Christopher Webb (Year 5), Abigail Brown (Year 6)

ICAS Science:

Principal Award: Beau Jones (Year 6)

Merit: Raquel Carter (Year 4)

Credit: Ethan Dickinson (Year 2), Jensen Baldwin, Brianna Maidens, Samantha Marshall, Tahlia Wenger (Year 3), Jake Lees, Benjamin Ruzicka, Vaishnavi Seekuri (Year 4), Cohen Baldwin, Corey Englebrecht, Kane McLeod, Christopher Webb (Year 5), Rhys Fogarty, Hannah Ruzicka (Year 6)

Distinction: Tess Miller, Ryan Mulholland (Year 2), Ashley Webb (Year 3), Callum Lightfoot (Year 4), Claire Hennessy, Thomas Pearson (Year 5), Abigail Brown, Lexi Mulholland, Ayan Sarkar (Year 6)

High Distinction: Ethan Curry (Year 4), Beau Jones (Year 6)

ICAS English:

Principal Award: Eve Hennessy (Year 2)

Merit: Cheyanne Ringrose (Year 2), Ethan Curry, Keshav Panicker (Year 3), Cohen Baldwin (Year 5), Mark Borodin (Year 6)

Credit: Ethan Dickinson (Year 2), Brianna Maiden, Alice Stat, Tahlia Wenger (Year 3), Raquel Carter, Ava Dickinson, Kaella Doyle-Michaels, Callum Lightfoot, April Murphy (Year 4), Corey Englebrecht, Kane McLeod, Brianna Roberts, Christopher Webb, Isla Yager (Year 5), Dana Gonzalez, Hannah Ruzicka, Ganesh Seekuri (Year 6)

Distinction: Tess Miller, Ryan Mulholland (Year 2), Declan Jones, Ashley Webb (Year 3), Benjamin Ruzicka (Year 4), Claire Hennessy (Year 5), Abigail Brown, Rhys Fogarty, Beau Jones, Lexi Mulholland (Year 6)

High Distinction: Eve Hennessy (Year 2)

ICAS Spelling Bee:

Principal Award: Ava Dickinson (Year 4)

Merit: Ethan Curry (Year 4), Brianna Roberts (Year 5), Tahlia Allen, Makayla Beasley, Hannah Ruzicka (Year 6)

Credit: Tess Miller, Ryan Mulholland, Cheyanne Ringrose (Year 2), Jensen Baldwin, Lachlan Collins, Declan Jones, Brianna Maidens, Samantha Marshall (Year 3), Raquel Carter, Kaella Doyle-Michaels, April Murphy, Sara Olivieri, Benjamin Ruzicka, Georgina Sleeman (Year 4), Cohen Baldwin, Marianne Dagang (Year 5), Lexi Mulholland, Ayan Sarkar (Year 6)

Distinction: Ashley Webb (Year 3), Ava Dickinson, Keshav Panicker (Year 4), Corey Englebrecht, Christopher Webb, Isla Yager (Year 5), Beau Jones (Year 6)

ICAS Mathematics:

Principal Award: Corey Englebrecht (Year 5)

Merit: Marcus Wells, Tahlia Wenger (Year 3), Makayla Beasley (Year 6)

Credit: Tess Miller (Year 2), Jensen Baldwin, Lachlan Collins, Declan Jones, Samantha Marshall (Year 3), Raquel Carter, Ethan Curry, Ava Dickinson, Callum Lightfoot, April Murphy (Year 4), Cohen Baldwin, Claire Hennessy, Kane McLeod, Christopher Webb (Year 5), Rhys Fogarty, Lexi Mulholland, Ganesh Seekuri, Cohan Voisey (Year 6)

Distinction: Ethan Dickinson, Ryan Mulholland (Year 2), Ashley Webb (Year 3), Jake Lees, Benjamin Ruzicka (Year 4), Fletcher Pigot-Irving (Year 5), Abigail Brown, Beau Jones, Ayan Sarkar (Year 6)

High Distinction: Eve Hennessy (Year 2), Corey Englebrecht (Year 5)

ICAS Writing: Not offered in 2020 due to Covid-19

National History Challenge

Congratulations to Donald May of 5/6L who participated in the National History Challenge this year. Donald researched and wrote an essay on ‘Contesting the History of the Battle of Crete’. Donald was inspired to write about this topic as his grandfather fought in the battle of Crete.

Amanda Holland

High Potential and Gifted Education Co-ord K-6



Year 12

Congratulations to all the Year 12 students in your final week of schooling for Term Three. It has been a difficult year, but you have all worked extremely hard, and we are proud of your achievements. I hope that you have enjoyed your final week of formal schooling, and wish you well in your studies, and in the upcoming HSC exams. We also look forward to seeing you once again for our formal graduation ceremony after the HSC, and later at the Year 12 Formal.

I also want to congratulate Jack Bishop, Charlotte Knox-Martin, Cameron Wong, Aditya Sarkar and Thomas Donaghy-Lewis who have received early entry offers for university. Other offers are still being considered in the coming months, however, it is encouraging to hear about these offers for the students who are being recognised for their achievements while at our school.

Year 11

As Year 12 depart, we also see our Year 11 students moving into their final year of schooling. They have now completed their Year 11 examinations, and at the commencement of next term, they formally enter into Year 12. At this time we like to recognise our Senior students by presenting them with their Year 12 badges and the ceremony will be held on Monday, 19 October. At the same time we will formally announce the names of those in the prefect body and also our new school leaders. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we won’t be able to have parents on site, however, I do hope that we will be able to stream the event to you. More details on this will be supplied next term.

Year 11 – Change of Subject

If Year 11 students wish to change subjects for Year 12 they should be submitting applications now so that we can process them for the start of the new term. Change of subject forms can be found in the Senior School reception.

Teaching and learning

In the last few newsletters we have been writing about different faculty areas within our school, and the activities in which they have been engaging. I would encourage you to have a look at these pieces, and reflect on the amazing work that our staff and your children have recently been working on.

I wish you all a restful break, and look forward to seeing you all ready for Term 4!


Ian Samways

Deputy Principal


Year 12

This week we have said goodbye to Year 12 and from a teaching and learning perspective we are very proud of the resilient attitude our Year 12 students have demonstrated. This year has been challenging for all of us, but it has been particularly challenging for our Year 12 students. They have continued to show up and to work, as the world as we know it, completely changed around them. Although they may have had the right to be disappointed because of the cancellation of many of the traditional Year 12 events, they have stayed positive and have shown up every day to learn! I have lost count of how many times our Year 12 students with a sniffle have been COVID tested so they could quickly return to school, a sign of their dedication and commitment.

Over the past two weeks we have seen all our Year 12 Major Works completed and submitted for marking. This has included Extension 2 English, Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Design and Technology. We congratulate all of our students but we particularly congratulate Mrs Crawford, Mrs Braun, Mr Gallen, Mrs Hobden and Mr Hampson who have worked tirelessly and many long hours with our students here at school to make up for lost time caused by the COVID lockdown. To add to the pressures this year, Mr Hampson and Mrs Hobden are also responsible for marking the major works in Design and Technology and Visual Arts respectively. We wish our students all the best in the marking process.

It is important also to acknowledge all our Year 12 teachers; it has certainly been a challenging six months. Neither the students nor their teachers have had time to stop, we have had to continue to move forward so our students are prepared for the HSC! We are so lucky here at Lakes to have such dedicated and caring staff.

Some of our Year 12 students have applied for and have already received an offer of early entry to University. Congratulations to the following students:

Jack Bishop: Bachelor of Science – Macquarie University

Charlotte Knox-Martin: Bachelor of Law – Australian Catholic University

Cameron Wong: Bachelor of Cyber Security – Macquarie University

Aditya Sarkar: Bachelor of Software Design – Australian National University

Thomas Donaghy-Lewis: Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Psychology – Wollongong University

Week 1, Term 4 – Year 12 Study Lessons

To further support our Year 12 students, we have timetabled revision classes for them for Week 1, Term 4. This week is the week before their exams commence, although not compulsory we encourage our Year 12 students to engage with these study sessions. Each teacher will provide their class with a timetable, below is an example done by Mrs Hobden for Visual Arts.

Year 11

Over the past two weeks Year 11 have been in Exams and we congratulate them on completing this milestone again under very difficult circumstances. We look forward to welcoming them as our Year 12 2021 in a few weeks’ time!

Deep Learning

Over the past weeks we have continued to focus on deep learning in our classrooms, having our students apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt. I have had the privilege of visiting classes this term and have seen our students engaged in a variety of activities. If you haven’t yet checked out the video on our Facebook, which captures a few of the activities taking place in our everyday classroom, I encourage you to take time to view it.

Next term our deep learning experiences will leap into a new space! Staff have been working hard to design deep learning focus days for our year groups across our different subjects. The deep learning focus days will include:

  • Year 7: The Festival of the Arts
  • Year 8 STEM: Sustainable Farm Field Day
  • Year 9: Summer Sprint (The faculties of PDHPE and History have combined to create a Medieval Olympics)
  • Year 9: War on Waste
  • Year 9 Commerce: A Day in Commerce
  • Year 10: Lakes Tropfest (Short Film making and presentations)


Faculty Focus

This time we are focusing on History and English….again I am sure you will find it amazing what our students are finding themselves doing in our classrooms here at Lakes!


History ‘Night at the Museum’ – This time it is Virtual!

Wow! I think this word is appropriate when I look through the links included below which showcase the work our students have produced in History. Unfortunately, this year our annual History ‘Night at the Museum’ has not been possible (like many things), however, the History Staff have worked tirelessly with their students and have pivoted to make sure both our students and community will not miss out on seeing the splendid work our students in History have again produced. I personally started this concept 10 years ago when I was Head of History and to watch where Mrs Crawford has taken it since becoming Head of History is fantastic! Each year she and her staff make it that little bit better! Please take some time to read Mrs Crawford’s report and time to peruse the virtual museums through the links provided – you will not be disappointed! Congratulations to all the students and especially to the following staff: Mrs Rocks, Mr Hart, Miss Goodwin, Mrs Sequeira, Mrs Manners and Miss Zouroudis – just amazing and the epitome of deep and inquiry based learning!


Year 7

In Year 7 this term the students have explored the film Coraline and the horror genre. In this unit students have explored the elements used by producers to create a horror film. Their major task was to imagine they were a film producer and create a horror plot and design a horror set for their film using Minecraft Education and then present this to their class. During their presentations they had to justify the production elements they have used and how these elements will create meaning for the audience.  Here are few snapshots from the creation of Johnny McCartney and Lawson Lao.

Please click this link to watch

Year 8

The unit in Year 8 this term focused on visual literacy and comprehending sequential art narratives. Students cultivated an understanding and appreciation of multimodal literacy including linguistic, visual, gestural and spatial aspects. An exploration of graphic novels led to a detailed study of Nathan Jurevicius’ ‘Scarygirl’. For their major project, students had to create a multimodal pitch to a gaming company which presents an adventure video game design which was based on a Graphic Novel of their choice.  Here Jessie Leon is presenting her pitch for how to turn Romeo and Julie into a video game!

Year 9

Have you ever wondered how authors write in verse? This term Year 9 English have explored this craftsmanship through the works of Steve Herrick, with a focus on his novel By The River. This text explores the challenges of growing up in a remote country town through the eyes of the character of Harry. For their main piece of work this term the students have traced a theme through the novel and appropriated this theme into a piece of their own imaginative writing.

I am sure you will agree Chloe Collins has created a response which stops us all and makes us reflect on the importance of friendships in our lives. Well done Chloe!

A place for friends  

“Please make sure you’ve written these notes, you will be assessed on this topic in your exam later in the year.” The teacher blurted out upon the class, receiving a response of pained groans. 

Lily jolted. Across the board was a sprawl of crammed handwriting, parts of it smudged together incoherently. Hastily she whipped out her phone, just another set notes she’ll have to copy down later. She lined up the shot, even the smallest slice of information could be essential.  

“Hey Lily”, have you seen Oliver?” The teacher shot towards her.  

Lily thought for a second, she knew exactly where he was but that wasn’t for everyone to know. She’d go and see him after.  

“Sorry Miss, I haven’t seen him since lunch, I’m sure he’ll show up,” Lily smiled, charming the teacher with her pearly whites as she returned to her seat.  

The class sat eagerly waiting, all but a few having packed up their belongings. Only a few more minutes and then they could run into the sweet break between classes before having to return back to another dull lesson. The shrill ringing of bells rang out over the room and the students raced from their chairs. Innocent scraps of paper were sent free as the mass of people escaped the room. Lily looked back at her teacher’s exasperated expression and let out a laugh under her breath. She let the crowd take her from the room and push her into the hallway. With a glance over her shoulder, she set off briskly down the corridor, her footsteps drowned out by the conversations of the other people.  

The hallways began to empty as classes resumed, Lily strode past the windows betraying nothing of her true intent. She let a look of confidence wash over her, brisk steps, a cool expression covering her face. Carefully planned to ensure no one would question her as she walked. The last dregs of people were filtering into the rooms, not giving a second glance to the girl striding along. She rounded a corner, ahead the dull walls were cut by stark yellow tape. A dingy sign warned not to pass, that it was unsafe beyond this point. Lily ignored it. This corridor had been closed off for years, the school too cheap to repair the damage from the accident. She lifted the tape upwards and pushed through, ensuring the tape could return to its original position.  

 A subtle dripping echoed over the pasty yellow tiles. Shattered pieces of glass sat in piles, swept up at the edges of the room. A gaping hole was ripped into the side wall where once a window stood. A sickly white sheet of plastic had been stretched over it in an attempt to close it from the outside world in conjunction with loose boards of wood clinging on for life. The lights had blinked out long ago, the only light in the hallway was provided feebly by the sun.  

“Ollie? You still here?” Her voice bounced off of the walls in an eager echo. 

Lily continued her path down the hallway, she pushed aside a plank of wood, worn smooth from years of use, behind lay a small cleared space. Musty blankets lay across the floor, a cluster of cushions leaned against the floor trying to bring a homely feel to the area. A small homemade lamp was plugged into the one remaining working power point, probably left here by an old student in previous years.  

“Ollie come on, get out of this dump.”  


From within the shadows appeared a figure, the sun highlighting its face. Ollie. His auburn hair fired up in the shafts of light. Crystal tears dripped along his pale cheeks, his eyes puffy and red. He whipped his arm up, swiping across his cheeks, hiding the tears from the light.  

“Do you want to talk about it? Lily queried; a gentle smile spread across her face.  

“Not really,” Ollie replied.  

Lily grabbed Ollie’s hand in firm confidence, politely dragging him down to the pillows on the floor. She set down a small backpack, the zipper screaming in resistance as she pulled it open. From within she pulled a stout pink lunch box, covered in floral designs, inside was an opaque plastic bag hiding in its contents. She ripped apart the seal, pulling out a collection of carrot sticks.  

“Okay, I know these aren’t your favourite, but I can’t help it. I ate all the rest of my food at lunch,” Lily held out her hand, “But either way you’re going to eat some of these, you don’t get a choice.”  

Ollie smirked, the glee a reprieve from his distraught expression. “Okay, mum.” His eyes rolled playfully back into his head.  

Lily’s laugh glittered into the empty hallway, joined in harmony with the awakening melodic laughter spewing from Ollie. Ollie lifted a carrot stick to his mouth, crunching harshly on the orange exterior. He drew up his hand and wiped away the last remnants of the tears upon his face.  

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it, Ollie?”  

Ollie hesitated before pulling Lily into a comfortable hug. 

“Maybe another time. For now, let’s just stay here for a bit.”  

Lily elevated her eyes to meet his in firm eye contact. She dipped her head in an agreeing nod, then lowered her head to Ollie’s shoulder.  

They stayed like that for a time, sitting in the comfortable silence shared between friends. The echoes of metallic school bells a mere whisper to their ears, the chatter of the student body sounds upon the wind. The limited sunlight had begun to dim, and the welcome warmth it brought with it escaped to another place. The friends rose from their positions, the carrot sticks long since devoured.  

“So, what’d I miss in History?” Ollie asked.  

“Don’t worry, it’s in the past.” Lily replied with a glint in her eye.  

Together they left the destroyed corridor and made their way across the school and out into the world. Hand in hand, as friends do.  

Lily and Ollie walked together to the small carpark adjacent to the school. But a few cars were left, likely belonging to the teachers too distracted to complete their work at home. In the very centre was a silver two-door car, glinting in the dusk light. The friends made their way over, Lily unlocking the doors. Ollie made a motion to keep walking beyond the car, only to be swiftly stopped by Lily.  

“Ollie, do you really think I’m going to make you walk home? Get in,” She gestured towards the passenger seat.  

Ollie’s face let out a thankful smile, and clambered into the car, swiftly fastening his seatbelt.  

“Thanks, Lily.” 

“You know I always have your back, even when it seems like the rest of the school doesn’t.”  

The friends smiled at each other, pushing aside the memories of the cruelties Ollie has had to endure, to think about the closeness they have with each other.  

Year 10

Year 10 have engaged in an in-depth study of the gothic genre.  For their major projects, students presented a portfolio of work they had collected over the term and delivered it to the class in a multimodal presentation. One of the key components of their multimodal presentation was for them to personally reflect on what they have learned to appreciate about the Gothic genre, as well as their successes and challenges experienced across their completion of their portfolio. This process is part of us improving the learning power of our students and building the reflective capabilities in them. It gives me great pleasure to share Jack Blackshaw’s sophisticated reflection with you.

Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning


This term students in Year 7-10 History have engaged in inquiry-based learning as part of their major History project assessment task for Term 3.

This culminated in the creation of various historical artefacts in Years 7-9 and commemorative websites in Year 10. As we could not host our annual Night at the Museum to showcase the student projects due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are very proud to present as an alternative our ‘Virtual Museum’.

As always, our students have produced some amazing projects that deserve to be shared with our school community. Please click on the links below to view the projects of each year group. We hope you enjoy viewing them!

Year 7 – Ancient Egypt Artefacts

Year 8 – The Vikings Artefacts

Year 9 – Australians at War WW1 Time Capsules

Year 10 – Holocaust Commemorative Websites

A huge thank you is extended to Kani Lukuta of Year 9 for producing the artefact videos and to Ms Goodwin for compiling the Year 10 collective website. The time and effort you put into showcasing the student works is very much appreciated!

Congratulations to the following students who received the History Project awards for 2020:

Year 7 Artefact Award – Daniel Palibino & Ella Williams

Year 8 Artefact Award – Tahlia Moore & Luke Ostergaard

Year 9 Time Capsule Award – Sam Cook & Ella Palmer

Year 10 Website Award – Dylan Inwood & Ashley Pernecker

Fiona Crawford

History Co-ordinator


Term 3 has come to a close with its usual mix of emotions and very busy times with the last days of Year 12 sharing this space with us at Lakes Grammar. Our students in all years have worked towards their goals and shared some time together working on social and emotional skills. Our mental health day this term was organised by students and other students established the first ever after-school club. What a fantastic term of student-led initiatives!

Tutor Sessions – this term Matt and I have worked together to provide a cohesive pastoral program. Matt has continued to provide engaging Chapels – virtually of course. Each Chapel has then been followed by an activity in tutor session time which helps to put the message of Chapel into practice. This is a great way for our students to challenge themselves to develop as a person and develop new, hopefully life-long skills and habits.

RUOK Day/MHAP challenge – This year our Year 9 and 10 MHAP (Mental Health Advocacy Program) Team decided to set a challenge for our students. They wanted students to deliver the message for this year which was ‘There’s More to Say After Are You OK?’ Several videos and posters were developed and our students’ creativity was evident. They showed a maturity and concern for others’ wellbeing. The MHAP Team also ran a BBQ and managed to raise a bit over $250 which is being donated to the RUOK? organisation so they can continue their important programs towards raising awareness and providing resources and assistance for people in the hope of preventing suicide. Students were encouraged to wear yellow accessories, purchase a sausage sandwich and ask how their friends are doing.

Dungeons and Dragons Club – Some Year 9 students who have had an interest in Dungeons and Dragons and have volunteered their time to provide the experience for other students. The interest level was high and so the Dungeons and Dragons Club was born! Each Thursday afternoon, 26 students meet in small teams spread out around several rooms to play a game which involves a sort of ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ creative fictional world. Characters are developed and storylines designed.

Every student is completely engaged for the hour and a half after-school club. The creativity in the storytelling by the Dungeon Master of each team is impressive and the other students are really enjoying learning how to play. A big mention to the following Year 9 students for spending their time developing the stories and running the games in their own time: Kani Lukuta, Chris Eadie, Cameron Taragel, Roshan Francke.

Year 12 final days – The past week has been a whirlwind for Year 12. They have been busy finishing the last of their coursework, meeting together each morning and being encouraged and cajoled along by their enthusiastic and dedicated Year Adviser, Rick Hampson.

A wall of photos has been gradually added to for the past two weeks in the office, full of memories from Kindergarten through to this year. Wednesday saw their last day of lessons and we celebrated this with them with a movie night at the school.

They had a great time eating hotdogs and popcorn and lots of snacks. They played some games, Had lots of laughs and got to sit under the stars to watch a movie on a big screen.

Thursday had them putting together a time capsule. Mr Hampson thought as this had been such an unusual and hopefully, one-off year of Year 12 disruption due to Covid-19, it would be very interesting to bury a time-capsule. The students have been challenged with digging it up some time further into the future, then contacting everyone on the list and getting together to open it up and relive some memories. What a great idea! The day then continued with an in-school scavenger hunt which has resulted in some fun photos which we will reveal to them later. Lastly they had a picnic lunch with some teachers past and present. What a great way to finish the day!

The last event on the calendar for this term was the Farewell Chapel run by Matt and live streamed to the rest of the school and Year 12 families. This was finished with a Guard of Honour (Covid-safe style) to see our beautiful Year 12 students out of the school grounds as our students for the last time. Such a bittersweet time for the students and staff after such a long time together. We look forward to their Graduation and Formal when they have finished their HSC exams next term. Study well and stay safe Year 12!

Alison Maclarty

Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing


Congratulations to the 2020 HSC, Visual Arts class for submitting their final Body of Works.

They have created an excellent array of refined pieces, presenting paintings, drawings, sculptures videos, illustrations and digital photography. This talented group of artists have persevered to complete the course at a high level, superbly supporting each other through a year of challenges.

Anne Hobden

CAPA Coordinator 



NAIDOC Week celebrations are held across Australia each July to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC is celebrated not only in Indigenous communities, but by Australians from all walks of life. 

At Lakes Grammar this year, NAIDOC Week has looked very different. A group of Year 8 students created beautiful artworks to be submitted in the 2020 NAIDOC week art competition which celebrates the theme Always Was, Always Will Be.


Next term, we look forward to a ceremony to receive NGARA AECG Message stick from MacKillop Catholic College. Each year, the message stick starts at Kanwal Public School. It will travel to all of the schools in the Ngara AECG as it makes its way to Wyong High School for the Ngara Assembly of Excellence in Term 4. Here, it will be handed back to the Ngara AECG representatives for safe keeping until the next year, when they hand it back to Kanwal to start another journey.

The message we pass on is around celebration, always moving forward and working together. The two animals on the front, the kangaroo and the emu, are representative of Australia and also that both these animals never backward step and always move forward. The dance icons and musical notes represent celebration and the concentric circles represent the community working together as one.

Kristy Gorham

Senior School Teacher



Well folks, that’s a wrap.  Year 12 have finished with as much of a bang as is Covidly possible. 

My hat is off to their year adviser Mr Hampson who has been an eveready battery of enthusiasm for them in what has been a horrendously difficult year.  This week has seen them wearing some most unusual outfits and engaging in some good-natured shenanigans.  They were all encouraged to thank their teachers personally and make the most of this final official week of their schooling with us.  At the time of writing this, they will be having one last chapel on Friday morning which will be streamed to the Senior School and the Year 12’s families.  It will be their first in person chapel since March…so here is hoping it is a fitting tribute to this wonderful group of young people.  It has been my honour to walk with them across the years and for some since their first day of Kindy.  I’m going to miss them.

On another personal note, I would like to say farewell to Mr A who has had his last days with us here at Lakes Grammar.  I have enjoyed our conversations over the years which are often littered with funny witticisms and conversations about the English Premier League.  Whilst Mr A and I were able to agree on Jesus being who he says he is, agree on randomly dancing and singing unexpectedly, agree on fancy dress as a valid option and agree on many other things we still remain in disagreement over which EPL team to follow.  Sadly Mr A wouldn’t see the light and transition across to the mightiest team Liverpool from the very ordinary Arsenal.  Just remember Mr A, You’ll Never Walk Alone wherever you go in this world…all the best for you and your family on the new adventure.

As we go to the school holidays I pray that you will have safe intra-state travel with your family.  Nothing like closed borders and a global pandemic to kerb our plans.  Or if you stay put, that you will find refreshment.  It has been another really difficult term and all of our students are extremely weary.  I pray that God’s peace and restoration may be with us all.  And when we return in Term 4, it will only be 10 weeks and 4 days until Christmas Day!  I wonder if we will be allowed to sing by then.  Hummed Christmas Carols just seem weird.  Stay safe everyone!

Bless ya,





Office hours Term 3 holidays

During the School Holidays, the School will be closed to all parents and visitors, reflecting current COVID-19 restrictions.  

During Week 1 the office will be attended and calls will be answered between 9am and 12pm.  Outside of these hours, phone messages will be checked periodically and a staff member will return your call.

During Week 2 the office will be unattended, however phone messages will be checked periodically so please leave a message and a staff member will return your call.

Access to the school in the Holidays

During the holidays the entrance to the Senior School will be closed. 

Council need to finish of the curbs and drainage. All access to the school will be via the Junior School gates. 


We will be running two online chess tournaments in the upcoming school holidays on Wednesday, 30 September.  There will be two divisions for players with different levels of experience. 

Here are the details you will need for your child to take part:

Date: Wednesday 30th September
Time: 9:30am-1:30pm (Beginner/Rookie) or 2:00pm-6:00pm (Intermediate/Advanced)
Location: (new players will be sent a username/password)
Format: 6-round Swiss tournament where pairings are based on current score, and no one is knocked out of the competition.
Prizes: $1000 worth of chess equipment will be awarded to top scorers in each division.
Entry Fee: $12 if you already have an active Chess Squad membership, or $22 if not, which includes a 1-month subscription to Chess Squad.
To Enter: Login to and follow the links on the top banner.

If you don't have an active membership, use one of the following links:

Sydney Academy of Chess
(02) 9745 1170




Lakes Grammar Athletics Carnival

A great day was had at the annual Lakes Grammar Athletics Carnival. God blessed us with beautiful weather and it was so enjoyable to see students running and throwing with such enthusiasm!

Although different this year with no parents or fellow spectators, all students gave their best to make it a very successful day. Check out the photos attached…

3-6 Term 4 Sport

Sports for Term 4 have now gone live for next term. Please see Mr Cantor if there are any questions.

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, white / coloured joggers (no flouro colours), school sport shorts and socks. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well during the hotter months. 

Mr James Cantor

K-6 Sports Co-ordinator