Term 4 in Review



As the school year closes I wish to thank our school community for your continued support of Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School. It has been another big year, filled with learning successes and challenges. The most recent challenge has been the fire and smoke problem affecting huge areas of NSW. The current fires and poor air quality are unprecedented. We have never before had to keep students inside because of unhealthy air quality. We have never before closed the school because of a catastrophic fire warning. We were very sorry to have to cancel our Carols night. The decision had to be made on Thursday because of the amount of setting up that needs to be done. The air quality last Thursday was particularly bad and we could foresee a very uncomfortable and unhealthy situation in our hall if we filled it with people and closed all the doors. The climate is changing and everyone and every institution is having to come to grips with how we will adapt to longer, hotter and drier conditions. We have made decisions based on known risks to health, advice from the RFS and Bureau of Meteorology and what other schools are doing. We will need to review our policies and procedures with input from experts.

You are probably aware of the current hand-wringing about Australia’s slide in the PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) rankings. While the Federal Minister for Education, Dan Tehan, pulls out the usual politician’s cry of “back to basics”, he doesn’t seem to realise that PISA doesn’t assess “basic skills” but higher-order thinking, including the ability to apply knowledge to new situations. This is an area that we have been working on at Lakes. We are building up so-called basic skills (which I would prefer to call essential skills – literacy and numeracy in particular), as well as helping students to develop higher-order thinking. Visible Thinking Strategies and Building Learning Power are two of the approaches we use at Lakes to help students grow their capacity to think well and analyse problems. We are seeing progress but there is still a long way to go.

The end of a year brings some farewells. Of course a number of students are leaving as families move away for work or students take up apprenticeships or move to specialist schools. We wish all those students and their families the very best. We are also farewelling several teachers:

Junior School:

Mrs Kelly is leaving after four years teaching Kindergarten to give more time to the family business. Mrs Abrams and Mrs McLeod’s temporary contracts have concluded and we thank them for their contributions to Lakes and wish them well for their future. I expect we will see them teaching casually at Lakes anyway.

Senior School:

Mrs Bev King is retiring after seven and a half years teaching Maths with us and a long career in other schools before Lakes. Ms Newton is taking a new position at Newcastle Grammar School after six years at Lakes. Ms Newton introduced Drama electives and directed amazing musicals for us. Mrs Whitwell is moving to Thailand as her husband’s job is taking them there. Mrs Whitwell has had a wonderful impact on the school’s music programs. Mrs Stibbard will be having a baby and has resigned after seven years teaching English and History at Lakes. Mrs Stibbard has also led our Gifted and Talented students’ programs for the last two years. Mrs Trenter is going off to have a baby. Mrs Wilson’s temporary contract has concluded with Mrs Hutley returning from maternity leave. All these teachers leave with our best wishes and thanks for their contributions to our school.

We will welcome back Mrs Hutley, Mrs Briggs, Mrs Gallen & Mr Langejans.

At Christmas we mostly hear and read the stories of Jesus’ birth in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The Gospel of John goes back to before the beginning of time and leads up to God becoming a human being in Jesus. John refers to Jesus as “the Word” in John Chapter 1:

In the beginning the Word already existed.
    The Word was with God,
    and the Word was God.
He existed in the beginning with God.
God created everything through him,
    and nothing was created except through him.

14 So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son. (New Living Translation)

I pray that all our families will have a very happy Christmas in the knowledge of God’s love for us all, shown most fully through Jesus.


Michael Hannah




It was another busy and exciting term to bring a year full of great experiences memories to a conclusion.

Year 3 enjoyed their overnight camp at Lake Macquarie – their first camp – with a range of enjoyable outdoor activities including sailing. The students challenged themselves well to reach and achieve new goals and form deeper friendships within their year group and with their teachers.

A number of students achieved distinctions and high distinctions in the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition and ICAS Competitions this year. It was a pleasure to present these to the children along with the ICAS Principal’s Awards from Mr Hannah at our Term Awards Assembly on Monday. We have also enjoyed seeing the students continuing to embrace the addition of Platinum Awards to our merit and awards system with Mr Johns also being able to present a number of these at assembly as well.

Our IPSHA Debating teams recently travelled to Barker College to participate in the IPSHA Gala Debating Day and we were also well represented at the IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge – also held at Barker. 

School families enjoyed our Spring Fair and Open Day despite the windy conditions on the day. The boys and girls had an amazing time on the rides and visiting the stalls and displays on the day. A number of our Junior School students performed a range of musical items wonderfully well and our gratitude is extended to all of our parents and students who volunteered their time to assist on the day, particularly with the highly popular School Tours.  We are really grateful to our Parents and Friends’ Association for all of the work that they did for Spring Fair, as well as for a range of activities throughout the year.

Our new Kindergarten students for 2020 enjoyed their first visits to the school for Orientation. They had a wonderful time reading stories, making craft, trying out the play equipment in the Kindy Courtyard and testing out the iPads!

Year 1 travelled to the Reptile Park for their excursion to learn about a range of animals, their habits and habitats.

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed their intensive swimming school and had a great time splashing about at the Mariners YMCA Centre at Tuggerah! Year 3 – 6 also enjoyed their swimming lessons, with a number of students undertaking the Bronze Star, a component of the Bronze Medallion Award and Year 6 brushing up on their ocean swimming skills at our Surf Fun Day at Toowoon Bay.

Year 6 enjoyed a number of visits to the Senior School for their transition, including Year 7 Orientation Day. They have toured the Senior School, met Mr Samways and the teaching team, visited the library and been involved in a range of Senior School lessons. Well done to the students who have received awards at state level in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition with Mrs Charker, our Senior School Science Co-ordinator.

Year 6 students enjoyed their Valedictory Chapel and Social last Tuesday. The students have set a positive example for the Junior School, applying themselves to their learning effectively. Mrs MacLarty (Director of Student Wellbeing 7 – 12) and Mr Sewell (Year 7 Advisor) are looking forward to welcoming the students into the Senior School for 2020. It was a pleasure to present the students with their Bibles and certificates and to pray for them as the Junior School joined together in worship and to wish Year 6 the best for their Secondary education, as well as celebrating the successes that they have enjoyed during their Junior School years.

We are grateful to Mrs Kelly for all of her work over the past few years at the school, leading up to her stepping back from her role at Lakes teaching Kindergarten at the end of this year with her commitments to her family farm increasing in 2020. My appreciation is also extended to Ms Abrams, who shared a Year 5 class with Mrs Holland this year, and Mrs MacLeod who shared a Year 3 class with Mr Cantor this year, for all of their efforts at Lakes. With the move from three to two Year 2 classes next year, Mr Cantor and Mrs Holland will share a Year 5 class together and therefore we unfortunately were not able to offer part time positions to Ms Abrams and Mrs MacLeod for 2020. However we hope to see Mrs Kelly and Ms Abrams back at Lakes for casual teaching from time to time during next year.

I would also like to particularly thank Mrs Stowe for her efforts as she has joined us at Lakes this year as our Co-ordinator of Quality Teaching and Learning. We are incredibly appreciative of all of the improvements that her experience and hard work have already brought about. Similarly Mr Johns has been an invaluable support once again this year both in the wellbeing area and more generally in the running of the Junior School. I am incredibly appreciative of his unfailing and dedicated efforts to achieve the best that we can for the students. Likewise we are also thankful for the work of Mrs Colthorpe (Teacher Mentor), Mrs Holland (Gifted and Talented Education) and Mr Cantor (Sport) in their respective areas as they have worked tirelessly to take these to the next level throughout 2019.

The best words to collectively describe our teachers’ commitment to the growth of our students is ‘above and beyond’. It seems that nothing is too difficult to undertake if it is of advantage to the active progress of the children. This is, of course, exactly why our teachers are a great cultural fit for Lakes, and I am well aware of the regard that they are accorded by students and our school families. We are thankful for the contribution of all of our teaching and administration staff at Lakes and are thankful for the ways in which each is a blessing in God’s plan for students at this school.

A huge thank you is also extended to our school families for the privilege of working with the children and partnering with you in their education. We are thankful for your passion and support for the children and the school and grateful for the way in which we enjoy working together to achieve the best that we can for the children. I do sincerely wish you the very best and all of God’s blessings for the Christmas and New Year time and pray that it proves to be a special time for you.

It has been another successful year at Lakes Grammar and we are thankful for the manner in which the children have been interested and engaged right up until Speech Day with so many opportunities for learning, growing and celebrating all that we have achieved this year as well as the wonderful message of salvation that we have in celebrating the birth of Jesus this Christmas.

The birth of Jesus reminds us of God’s love for us:

In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him.  1 John 4: 9

Will Wallace

Head of Junior School



Most Inventive Awards

  • Kindergarten – Lotus Vugrinec
  • Year 1 – Ethan Dickinson
  • Year 2 – Lachlan Lear
  • Year 3 – Callum Lightfoot
  • Year 4 – Corey Englebrecht
  • Year 5 – Ella Lear
  • Year 6 – Jerome Dagang

Most Insightful Awards

  • Kindergarten – Kobey Jones
  • Year 1 – Tess Miller
  • Year 2 – Tahlia Wenger
  • Year 3 – Keshav Panicker
  • Year 4 – Donald May
  • Year 5 – Joshua Barrie
  • Year 6 – Daniel Palibino

ICAS - University of NSW Competitions

Distinctions (top 10% of all participants), High Distinctions (top 1% of all participants) and the Principal’s Awards for the top student in each subject


Year 2 –

  • Declan Jones – Distinction in Spelling Bee and Mathematics
  • Alice Stat – Distinction in English
  • Ashley Webb – Distinction in English, Spelling Bee and Science and a High Distinction in Mathematics

Year 3 –

  • Jack Asquith – Distinction in English
  • Kaella Doyle-Michaels – Distinction in English
  • Raquel Carter – Distinction in Writing and Digital Technologies
  • Callum Lightfoot – Distinction in Writing, Mathematics and Science
  • Noah Taylor – Distinction in Science
  • Ethan Curry – High Distinction and a Principal’s Award in Digital Technologies
  • Ava Dickinson – Distinction in English and Mathematics, a High Distinction and a Principal’s Award in Spelling Bee

Year 4 –

  • Cohen Baldwin – Distinction in Writing
  • Carter Thomas – Distinction in Spelling Bee and Mathematics
  • Isla Yager – Distinction in Spelling Bee
  • Abigail Whelan – Distinction in Spelling Bee, English and Writing
  • Christopher Webb – Distinction in Writing
  • Claire Hennessy – Distinction in English, and a Principal’s Award in English
  • Corey Englebrecht – Distinction in English and Writing, a High Distinction in Mathematics and Spelling Bee and a Principal’s Award in Mathematics

Year 5 –

  • Rhys Fogarty – Distinction in English
  • Hannah Ruzicka – Distinction in Writing
  • Abigail Brown – Distinction in English, Science and Mathematics and a High Distinction in Digital Technologies
  • Makayla Beasley – Distinction in English and Writing and a Principal’s Award in Writing
  • Lexi Mulholland – Distinction in English and a High Distinction and a Principal’s Award in Science

Year 6 –

  • Douglas Ruzicka – High Distinction in Mathematics


Newcastle Permanent

Distinctions - Top 15 %

  • Ella Beasley
  • Ella Burgess
  • Mitchell Curry
  • Jerome Dagang
  • Ravi Francke
  • Owen Gudaitis
  • Ashley Inwood
  • Lawson Lao
  • Josselyn McGarry
  • Josef Aad
  • Max Adams
  • Abigail Brown
  • Payton Forrest
  • Briella Moore
  • Hannah Ruzicka


High Distinctions - Top 1.5%

  • Sophie Langford
  • Douglas Ruzicka


Australian Mathematics Competition (Year 3 and 4)

Distinctions (top 20%)

  • April Murphy – Year 3
  • Corey Englebrecht – Year 4


Australasian Math Olympiad (Year 5 and 6)

Year 5 – Highest score in their Team

  • Ayan Sarkar, who also received an Outstanding Effort and Improvement Award (trophy and certificate)
  • Josef Aad in the Year 5 OC (trophy)


In Year 6 -

3 students received a badge for being in the top 25% of the Olympiad

  • Jake Freeman
  • Douglas Ruzicka
  • Mitchell Curry


Highest scorer in each team for year 6 :

Year 6- Jake Freeman

OC - Douglas Ruzicka

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Education Facilitator



Thank you

Thank you to all students, parents and staff who have supported us in the JS Library this year. It has been a wonderful year of learning and discovering, although ‘THE FLOOD’ at the beginning of the year made it a little more challenging than usual.

We look forward to another amazing 2020 and I pray that you have a wonderful and holy Christmas season and New Year.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian




Textbooks 2020

Textbook lists are now available through ‘Box of Books’. Please note that orders need to be made before Christmas so that the supplier can get your child’s texts in time for the start of school. Texts are now delivered directly to your home.


Stationery Lists 2020

Stationery requirements are the same as last year and an updated list will soon be available on the school’s website.


Technology 2020

Just a reminder that all students require a laptop or tablet for their classes, especially as texts can be uploaded and viewed from this equipment. Separate information has been sent regarding this, including some deals that can be obtained through some retailers. Please also note that mobile phones are not suitable technology devices for these purposes.


Awards Assembly

This year has been incredibly successful for our students who have participated in a wide range of activities. At our recent Term 4 Awards Assembly we recognised participation in the Ausgrid Science and Engineering Challenge run by the University of Newcastle; our Art Club; the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards; our Cognito Reading Challenge; the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge Platinum in recognition for 7 years participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge; the University of Newcastle’s Children’s University; the Chinese Language Teachers Association Student Achievement Award; Senior Grade Division Winners at the Annual Central Coast Chess Gala Day; and UNSW Global ICAS Awards in English, Science, Mathematics and Digital Technologies.


At the same assembly we were also blessed with a fine performance from our Elective Music Students. As you can see there are a great number of activities run each term and I encourage all our students to get involved with the life of our school. Of course, this was just Term 4 awards, there will be further awards at our Speech Day when we will also recognise particular academic, sporting and cultural activities of our students.


Christmas Wishes

Finally, I hope that everyone in our school community will have a safe, happy and joyous Christmas, and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Ian Samways

Deputy Principal


This term has again been a busy term. The term has seen our 2019 HSC students come and go and we wish them all the best as HSC results and tertiary offers are released next week. It is also encouraging to hear that many of our students have already been offered positions at Macquarie University and University of New England through their early entry schemes.

Our 2020 HSC Year 12 students have hit the ground running and have now all completed their first assessment task for their Year 12 studies, across the majority of their subjects – it always amazes me how quickly one groups moves on and we as teachers commence the preparation again with the following year 12 students!

This term has seen the beginning of our new STEM relationship with the University of Sydney commence. Mrs Charker, Mr Sewell and Mrs Pallot wrote a submission in Term 3 to the University   requesting to be part of the University’s STEM partnership for schools. We were lucky enough to be selected and these three teachers plus Mr Zenteno, Mr Kang and Mr Berry have already attended a three-day residential school at the University. We look forward to building this relationship with the University and as a result our STEM initiatives and developing further our STEM teaching and learning programs.

During Week 6 we welcomed our 2020 Year 7 students to the school for Orientation Day. It was an exciting day with students participating in Music, Technology, Art and Food Technology classes. At the beginning of the day these students also got to spend some time in their college groups with future Peer Support leaders. A highlight for so many of the students for the day was getting to know some of the Senior students! Behind the scenes myself and a team of staff have been working hard to learn as much we can about our incoming Year 7 students so they can have the best start possible in 2020.

Last week the Galileo class presented their projects, which they have been working on throughout the year to myself and Mrs Stibbard. This class is a group of selected students from Years 7-10 who meet once a fortnight to work in a guided inquiry learning setting. It was wonderful to see the diverse range of ideas and projects that were presented. From Brooke Shorten’s humorous biography, to Blair Evans and Alex Voigt’s original thought-provoking poem with accompanying, original music to set the mood and tone of the poem to Charlotte Dobson’s handmade clothing - the creative and critical thinking skills displayed by these 25 students was exciting and inspiring!

Last week we held our Term Four Awards Ceremony. Students were awarded for their participation and achievements in Cognito extra-curricular programs, ICAS achievement awards and sporting achievements. The Cognito participation awards are as important as the achievement awards because here at Lakes our whole values are underpinned by the belief that every child can achieve and grow through becoming involved and ‘having a go’! The participation awards acknowledge those students who involved themselves in the wider school community. Students were awarded for their participation in the:

  • Ausgrid Science and Engineering Challenge run by the University of Newcastle (Our team of students were awarded first place on the day)
  • Cognito Art Club
  • Dorothea MacKellar Poetry Competition
  • Cognito Reading Challenge
  • Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • Lakes Chess Teams
  • Galileo Project

Achievement Certificates were awarded to students for their achievements in:

  • Premier’s Reading Challenge long standing involvement awards
  • Children’s University (A Special Mention to Charlotte Dobson who received a National Silver Certificate for completing 160 hours of activities)
  • The Chinese Language Teachers Association Student Achievement Award
  • Senior Grade Division Winners at the Annual Central Coast Chess Gala Day

It was encouraging to see so many students across Digital Technologies, English, Mathematics and Science receive Merit, Credit and Distinctions in the ICAS Assessments, which are run by the University of New South Wales and are very difficult.

A Special Mention to the following students who received the Principal’s Award and/or outstanding results, placing them in the top 5% of Australian Participants:


Year 8: Chloe Collins, Brooke Shorten and Baden Walmsley

Year 10: Eloise Cliff

Principal’s Award for Eloise Cliff whose result placed her in the top 1% of Year 10 Australian participants.



Year 7: Callum Walmsley

Year 9: Blair Evans

Principal’s Award for Callum Walmsley whose result placed him in the top 4% of Year 7 Australian participants.

Other awards included the HOT Award (Higher Order Thinking) and the new Learning Resilience and Lakes Values Awards. The Higher Order Thinking Awards are awarded to students who have demonstrated critical, problem solving or creative/abstract thinking skills in class, homework tasks or in assessments. This award acknowledges those students who strive to think beyond what is expected and outside the box.

Congratulations to the following students:






























































Knox Martin









The Learning Resilience Award is a new award which acknowledges those students who actively concentrate on building their learning power through persevering, noticing detail, asking for feedback and managing distractions.

Congratulations to the following students:







































The new Lakes Values Award is awarded to students who demonstrate characteristics which link to our school motto, with ‘Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’. A special congratulations to:

Misha Lancett

Zain Robards

Tayla Purves

Finally, as Director of Teaching and Learning I would like to wish Mrs Beverley King all the best in retirement and Mrs Stibbard, Miss Newton and Mrs Whitwell, who are also leaving us, all the best in their future endeavours. I thank them all for their dedication, hard-work and commitment to their teaching and for the contributions they have made, to make our school the thriving place it is today! Also, a big thank you to Mrs Meg Trenter, Mrs Lucy Williams - Caller and Mrs Tarryn Wilson whose temporary contacts end this Term. 

Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning



“ The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,

not on fighting the old but building the new’. –Socrates


The end of the year sees some changes for 2020. At the end of term, we will sadly farewell Mrs Phoebe Stibbard and Miss Louisa Newton. Mrs Stibbard will become a mum early in the year and is leaving to pursue further tertiary studies in History and to be a mum! She has been a valued member of the English and History Faculty for many years and has been instrumental in setting up our GATS/High Achievers Mentor Program and has helped many debating teams to victory. We thank Mrs Stibbard for changing so many students’ lives for the better through all she has done!

Miss Newton has moved to Newcastle and has accepted an English teaching position at Newcastle Grammar. She too has been a valued member of both the English/History and CAPA faculties. She has been instrumental in developing and building Drama as a subject and in creating such fabulous Senior School Productions. We thank her for all she has done to create such a thriving Drama life for our students here at Lakes and we wish her all the best in her new endeavours.

Two years ago we welcomed Mr James Hart as a temporary English and History teacher. It is exciting to announce that from 2020 Mr Hart will re-join us but in a full-time/permanent capacity. Mrs Erin Sequeira will return and will take on the role of GATS Mentor. Mrs Amy Zouroudis will continue to replace Mrs Tamara Gallagher and Mrs Sharlene Manners, who are both on maternity leave.

Mrs Serena Hart will be taking maternity leave from halfway through Term 1 until early 2021, this will see us welcome back Mrs Lucy Williams-Caller who will be replacing Mrs Hart whilst she is on maternity leave.

It is exciting to announce that Mrs Katrina Braun has been appointed as our new Drama/English teacher. Mrs Braun comes to us from Erina High where she has been for the past 14 years. She brings with her a wealth of HSC teaching experience in Drama and English and we welcome her.

Miss Amelia Goodwin will also join us from 2020 as an English/History teacher. Miss Goodwin is a past Lakes student! It is a real testament to the school and the teaching staff when students look to return to the school to teach! She is a recent graduate and has recently taught English and History in a school in Chile. We welcome her and look forward to working with her in the future.

Finally, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you from all the English and History staff!

Michelle Smith

English Coordinator


Mrs Baker took a group of 15 Art Club students to Nora Head for a day on Wednesday, 27 November.

They were joined by our Principal Mr Hannah, an enthusiastic artist in his own right. They did Plein Air painting and art making.  Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities, coupled with the creation of transportable paint tubes and the box easel.

The day started at a fantastic outlook of Nora Head lighthouse where the students were given the chance to make sketches and take photographs. After a recess break to fuel them, the students then made the short walk to the rock flats where they were treated to a painting demonstration by Mr Hannah before working on their own paintings in response to their surroundings. After lunch, the students had some more time to finish off artworks and take photographs before heading back to school. A fantastic day was had by all and the students enjoyed painting and drawing out in the open.

Sally Baker

Senior School Teacher



2019 is proving to be a year of drama and with the smoke billowing in the atmosphere as school ends we sense that not all the drama has been told.  This year we have seen continued strong attendance at our Junior School Cru groups.  I am deeply grateful for my beloved wife Annette and her leadership of Girls Cru over the last 6 years, what a legend.  She has drawn together an amazing team of teachers; Mrs Wickert, Mrs Smith, Mrs House and Mrs Jobe-Parker who all share a love of God and for our students.  Annette is hanging up her boots and the very capable Harriet Connor will be taking the Girls Cru leadership in 2020. 

Pete has again been leading our Boys Cru in the junior school with games and Bible studies that build and equip the young men in Years 5 and 6.  In our senior school we have had the privilege of regular visits from Crusaders with our students from Years 7-10.  Similar to Pete, we run games and a Bible study or life lesson each week and it is wonderful to see our older students mentoring our younger ones.

Behind the scenes Pete has also been involved in the Junior School speeches and voting for student leaders, the Kindergarten information night and working away with our senior primary students in class on the Christmas story for Christian studies.  We have also seen the fruit of Pete’s labour with the very moving Year 6 Valedictory chapel, the K-6 Christmas chapels (solution found despite the smoke haze) and involvement in Kindergarten information night and orientation days.  It has been a real joy for Pete to hang out each Tuesday morning with our Play Cru families as well.

One of the things missing from our Term 4 were our “Carols by Glowstick” which of course were cancelled because of the horrendous air quality issues on the day.  I wish though to say a special thankyou to Fepsi, Mrs Whitwell and Mr Gallen for their amazing preparation of the students for carols.  We have amazing music teachers who do so much more than we can even imagine.  Simply brilliant.  Sadly too, at carols I was going to introduce you to our new minister, Jody Zammit who was excited to attend.  Perhaps you’ll get to meet her at speech day or next year at one of our Family Chapel services at Lakes Anglican.

Of course this term has seen both Pete and I leading chapels at school mostly focused on the Christmas story in the Bible.  It was fascinating to see that the 3-6 students knew more of the story than the 7-12 as proven by the Christmas quiz.  Zooper Doopers were a worthy prize.  And, finally, thank you so much to all those who gave so generously to our Samaritan’s Christmas appeal….you have changed some Central Coast families’ lives this Christmas.  It is our privilege as chaplains, to walk with you, witness your generosity and share God’s love with our Lakes Grammar family. 

We both hope and pray that you have a safe and holy Christmas, where you may experience God with us.

Bless ya,





Uniform Shop January Opening Hours

Last shop day for 2019 is Wednesday, 11 December 8.00am to 10.00am.

January Hours


Thursday, 16 January          9.00am to 1.00pm

Wednesday, 22 January      9.00am to 1.00pm

Friday, 24 January               9.00am to 1.00pm

Back to normal hours from Wednesday, 29 January 8.00am to 10.00am

Office Hours in the Holidays

  • The Main Office at the Junior School will be closed Friday, 13 December.

  • Monday, 16 December to Thursday, 19 December the office will be open 9am to 12pm only.

  • Thursday, 19 December the office will be closed from 12pm until it reopens on Monday, 20 January at 9am. 

  • Monday, 20 January until Friday, 24 January the office will be open 9am to 12pm.

  • The office will be closed for the public holiday on Monday, 27 January.

  • Tuesday, 28 January the office will resume normal hours from 8am to 4pm.



As we enter the holidays, we would hope that our students and their families could find time to enjoy this period of rest and relaxation. We know for many families, however, that holidays can create added stress. Students and their families may find it beneficial to speak to someone over the holidays and there are lots of great services available including:

Kids Helpline:                                                                           eHeadspace:

Free Helpline and Online Chat 24/7                                           Free Helpline and Online Chat                                            

Phone: 1800 55 1800                                                                 Phone: 1800 650 890

Headspace:                                                                              Mental Health Line:

In person counselling                                                                 Phone: 1800 011 511                                                   

Lake Haven: 02 4394 9100                                                         


There are many simple ways to look after ourselves during the holidays including taking fun breaks, going outside, exercising and eating well.

We look forward to seeing you all next term and wish you all a safe and happy holiday.

Amanda Wishart and Stacey Taggart

School Psychologists


Assembly of Excellence

Representatives from Lakes Grammar attended the Assembly of Excellence at Wyong High School on Friday, 6 December.

Students who participated in the Dhinewan Mentoring Program with Jonathan Wright during Term 2 formed a larger dance group that performed as a part of an opening ceremony for the occasion. Dances included ‘The Darkinjung Welcome Dance’, ‘The Brolga Dance and ‘The War Cry’. Daniel F spoke confidently when welcoming guests and introducing the first dance.

Well done to our dancers Lennox B, Nate B, Max S, Bentley F, Ayva B, Riharna F, Isabella M, Isaac L, Ngalan A, Payton F, Douglas M and Daniel F.


Students from both our Senior School and Junior School received Awards of Excellence for achievements in the fields of academic, sporting, leadership, application to their studies and involvement in cultural acitivies.

Congratulations to the following students who received an award: Lennox B, Ngalan A, Riharna F, Payton F, Cooper H, Tjanarra A, Jett H, Jeremy B, Stephanie L and Paddy H.

Rebecca Wallace and Kristy Gorham




Sport Choices 2020 – Term 1

Notes have been sent home regarding Sport choices for Term 1 2020. Please keep this note handy when they go live next year.

A reminder to also return swimming carnival notes by the due date that went out earlier this term as well.


5/6 Girls Soccer

Our Lakes Grammar 5/6 Girls played their hearts out against Avondale School two weeks ago. Although they lost 2-0, all the girls played with great encouragement, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. We look forward to winning the shield back in 2020!

Thank you

Congratulations to all Junior School Students for their sporting achievements in 2019. We look forward to continuing our success in 2020! A big thanks to Mr Summers and Mrs Shepherd for all their support and assistance with Sport this year. Also, thanks to all the staff who helped with coaching and running Sport at Lakes Grammar in 2019.

Mr James Cantor

K-6 Sports Co-ordinator