Term 4 in Review



We have had an action-packed Term 4 that began with the induction of our new School Captains and Prefects in the Senior School. We’ve had the Spring Fair/Open Day, HSC exams, Years 3, 4, 9 and 10 camps, our art exhibition, Year 7 2019 Orientation Day, K-6 swimming program, Senior School Yearly exams, Athletics Club, Life Education, Awards assemblies, Year 6 celebrations, Carols night and the big finales in our Speech Day ceremonies. Not to mention the myriad other smaller scale but no less important day-to-day activities and learning.

We are thrilled that our Year 12 Visual Arts student, Chloe Heuchan, had her work selected for Art Express next year. This is a great honour for Chloe and a testament to her creative mind and to the guidance given by her teacher, Mrs Anne Hobden, our Co-ordinator of Creative and Visual Arts. Chloe is the second of Mrs Hobden’s students in three years to have her work selected for Art Express.

Our Year 6 Farewell Chapel and the social that night were very enjoyable. A number of students at both events spoke glowingly and affectionately of their years in our Junior School. They expressed gratitude to all their teachers from all their years, remembering the fun times and sometimes the eccentricities of both teachers and students! The Year 6 teachers also spoke of their fondness for their students. We all pray God’s blessing on these students as they move on to high school, whether at Lakes or at other schools.

As we approach Christmas, it is timely to remind ourselves that Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School would not exist if Jesus had never existed. Our belief that Jesus brought God’s love and grace into our world, bodily in himself; that he died for us and rose again; and that he calls us to share this good news is what led to the establishment of Lakes Grammar. It is also this that drives us to provide both an excellent education and a school environment grounded in God’s love. On behalf of all of us at Lakes Grammar, I pray you have a joyful and meaningful Christmas and a safe and enjoyable holiday period. We look forward to a new year of educational and faith adventures!

Michael Hannah




It was another busy and exciting term to bring a year full of great experiences and memories to conclusion.

Year 3 enjoyed their overnight camp at Toukley – their first camp – with canoeing, the Giant Swing and many more enjoyable activities. Year 4 really enjoyed themselves at their camp at Lake Macquarie, pushing themselves to reach and achieve new goals and forming deeper friendships within their year group. The boys and girls had a fantastic time on all of the activities – the sailing was a particular highlight!

A number of students achieved distinctions and high distinctions in the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition this year whilst our IPSHA Debating teams travelled to Abbotsleigh to participate in the IPSHA Gala Debating Day. We were also well represented at the IPSHA Speakers’ Challenge – also held at Abbotsleigh. 

School families enjoyed our Spring Fair and Open Day. The boys and girls had an amazing time on the rides and visiting the stalls and displays on the day. A number of our Junior School students performed a range of musical items wonderfully well and our gratitude is extended to all of our parents and students who volunteered their time to assist on the day, particularly with the highly popular School Tours. 

Our new Kindergarten students for 2019 enjoyed their first visits to the school for Orientation. They had a wonderful time reading stories, making craft, trying out the play equipment in the Kindy Courtyard and testing out the iPads!

Year 1 travelled to the Hunter Valley Zoo for their excursion. They learned about a range of animals – and the white lion was a huge hit with everyone!

Kindergarten, Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed their intensive swimming school and had a great time splashing about at the Mariners YMCA Centre at Tuggerah! Year 3 – 6 also enjoyed their swimming lessons, with a number of students undertaking the Bronze Star, a component of the Bronze Medallion Award and Year 6 brushing up on their ocean swimming skills at our Surf Fun Day.

Year 6 enjoyed a number of visits to the Senior School for their transition, including Year 7 Orientation Day. They have enjoyed touring the Senior School, meeting the teaching team, visiting the library and partaking in a range of Senior School lessons. Well done to the students who have received awards at state and National level in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition with Mrs Charker, our Senior School Science Co-ordinator.

We have also been closely following the ongoing building of our new STEM Centre in the Junior School which has just been completed, ready for opening in 2019. The new Junior School STEM Centre at Lakes Grammar will promote a culture of excellence in the STEM field. 

Students will enjoy a range of learning activities that will provide them with cutting edge skills, promoting a holistic approach to the integrated learning of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics through open-ended questioning, problem solving and inquiry-based learning experiences. 

The children will enjoy frequent lessons in the STEM Centre, undertaking practical Science experiments (like growing sunflowers, enjoying the Marble Run Challenge and exploring transformations between solids, liquids and gases), using robotics equipment, learning and applying coding skills, exploring engineering concepts and benefitting from integrated enrichment in Mathematics.

Year 6 students enjoyed their Valedictory Chapel and Social. The students have set a positive example for the Junior School, applying themselves to their learning effectively. Mrs MacLarty (Director of Student Wellbeing 7 – 12) and Mrs Baxter (Year 7 Advisor) were able to welcome the students into the Senior School for 2019. It was a pleasure to present the students with their certificates and to pray for them as the Junior School joined together in worship and to wish Year 6 the best for their secondary education, as well as celebrating the successes that they have enjoyed during their Junior School years.

I would also like to again thank Mrs Harries for all of her work over so many years to the school, leading up to her retirement at the end of last term. We are incredibly appreciative of all of the improvements that her efforts have brought about and wish her the best for this next stage of her life. Our gratitude also goes to Miss Butcher who filled in so smoothly for Miss Lutze whilst she was on sick leave earlier in the term, and to Miss Correy who took Christian Studies and a range of other lessons this term following Mrs Harries’ retirement.

I It has been another successful year at Lakes Grammar and we are thankful for the manner in which the children have been interested and engaged right up until Speech Day with so many opportunities for learning, growing and celebrating all that we have achieved this year as well as the wonderful message of salvation that we have in celebrating the birth of Jesus this Christmas.

Luke 2: 10 – 11  But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.  Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.

It is with continued thanksgiving that I pen the final Junior School newsletter contribution for 2018. It has been a true privilege and blessing to be involved with such a fine Junior School and its wonderful students, parents and teachers over the course of this year once again. I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to each and every one of our school families for your support and encouragement towards the children in their education and the staff who care for and nurture them. I’m incredibly thankful for the deep gratitude that many families have shown towards our teaching and admin teams this week for our efforts with your children this year and greatly value the opportunity to work and learn together with the children and all of our school families in partnership. We look forward to welcoming you back in the New Year!

Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Certificates for this year’s PRC have been handed out this week during class time. Congratulations all those students who received an award. We are still awaiting the Gold and Platinum awards though and these will be awarded next year. Notes for the 2019 PRC will go out early February next year.

Long Service Leave

I will be taking Long Service Leave in February 2019 and have been replaced for that time. I will be back in early March and look forward to another great year educating the students!

Thank you

Thank you to all staff, parents and students for supporting our library this year. It has been another exciting and wonderful year in the JS Library. We wish everyone a safe, enjoyable and Holy Christmas and look forward to seeing you next year! 

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


We have had an exciting Term 4 with many extension opportunities occurring across the Junior School.

Future Problem-Solving Groups

In Years 1 to 4 we have had some Future Problem-Solving groups taking place where the students have been learning a problem-solving process for solving future problems related to community and global issues. The students initially enjoyed learning the process in relation to a fictional story, then they began to apply their skills to problems in their world such as a messy room. We then moved onto problems facing many areas of Australia including Bushfires to global issues such as the impact that Global Warming is having on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The students have all loved being able to discuss these issues, identify the problems and the underlying problem, then developing solutions and formulating an Action Plan.

Science Fair Investigations

This term the Year 5 and 6 Opportunity Class has been working on a Scientific Investigation to develop their understanding of the science investigation process. They have all chosen an investigation question to research and develop a procedure of investigation. The students all presented their findings at a mini Science Fair. 

Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition 2018

We have had some amazing results in the Newcastle Permanent Mathematics Competition for students in Year 5 and 6. We have had seven Year 6 students and three Year 5 students listed in the top 132 places out of 18,847 students across the region.


Year 5:

Ella Burgess, Owen Gudaitis, Josselyn McGarry, Mitchell Pernecker, Daniel Foreman Levi Francke, Morgan Jones, Daniel Palibino, Hayley Ostergaard, Mackenzie Harmer, Thomas Lamphee, Douglas Matri, Taj Buckland, Tahlia Shorten, Ella Williams.

Year 6:

Holly Longland, Rihana Gosselin, Scarlett Kurki, William Edwards, Blake Smith, Suzannah Brydon, Tyson Mcleod, Charlette Toohey, Ava Burgess, Thomas Ellen, Brendan Park, Liam Hogue, Ellena McGarry.


Year 5:

Mitchell Curry, Jerome Dagang, Jake Richards, Amelia Collins, Jake Freeman, Lawson Lao, Vaughn Peachey, Stephanie Anderson, Quinn Flower, Ashley Inwood, Bridget Hill, Alyce Hokin.

Year 6:

Alyssa Durham, Tahlia Moore, Matthew Corcoran, Alyvia Slade, Jaydee Lourens, Anugraha Babu, James Cook, Callum Walmsley, Sivani Yellamaraju, Aidan McIntyre, Gianni Williams, Rohith Srinivas, Tahlia Royle.

High Distinction:

Year 5:

Douglas Ruzicka, Sage Kenny, Sophie Langford.

Year 6:

Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Luke Ostergaard, Noah Simon, Finlay Pigot-Irving, Boyd Rumbel, Harrison Cross, Nathan Wilson.

ICAS Mathematics 2018

The students of Lakes Grammar have had a successful year with our results in the University of NSW ICAS Mathematics Competition. We have received many Merits, Credits, Distinctions and High Distinctions.

Merit: Brayden Croucher (Yr 3), Cleo McNeill, Arini Yellamaraju (Yr 4), Jaydee Lourens, Sivani Yellamaraju (Yr 6)

Credit: Ava Dickinson, Callum Lightfoot, Judy Lin, Sritha Yellamaraju (Yr 2), Abhishek Babu, Cohen Baldwin, Fletcher Pigot-Irving, Zak Prica-Chamberlain, Dafne Shevket, Abigail Whelan (Yr 3), Josef Aad, Laiba Malik, Ava McLeod, Lexi Mulholland (Yr 4), Mitchell Curry, Jake Richards (Yr 5), Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Alyssa Durham, Holly Longland, Yalkin Shevket, Callum Walmsley, Nathan Wilson (Yr 6)


Distinction: April Murphy, Benjamin Ruzicka (Yr 2), Christopher Webb (Yr 3), Abigail Brown, Ayan Sarkar (Yr 4), Douglas Ruzicka (Yr 5), Finlay Pigot-Irving, Boyd Rumbel (Yr 6)

High Distinction: Ethan Curry (Yr 2), Corey Englebrecht (Yr 3), Noah Simon (Yr 6)

Amanda Holland

Gifted and Talented Facilitator


Computers are everywhere, changing every industry on the planet.

That’s why the Junior School Students at Lakes are joined in on the largest learning event in history.

The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week 3-9 December.

More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code. Our Hour of Code is making a statement that Lakes Grammar is ready to teach these foundational 21st century skills.

The students have created their own apps or games they can show their parents, and can print Hour of Code certificates to show their achievements. And it’s fun!  With interactive, hands-on activities, students will learn computational thinking skills in an approachable way.

The Hour of Code, organised by the non-profit and over 100 others, is a global movement that believes the students of today are ready to learn critical skills for 21st century success.

If you would like more information, or would like to support your child’s learning at home go to:

Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Junior School Teacher



There is no better way to start a newsletter item than by announcing an outstanding achievement of one of our students. Year 12 student, Chloe Heuchan’s Visual Arts Body of Work has been selected for the 2019 ArtExpress Exhibition. This is where students’ works are selected from the multiple schools across the state to appear in an exhibition which showcases the best of the HSC works. We congratulate Chloe but also Mrs Anne Hobden, Co-ordinator of CAPA, who consistently works long and hard with her students to create unique art pieces. Congratulations Mrs Hobden!

This term has certainly been another eventful and packed term in the Senior School.  We started the term with the induction of our 2019 School Captains and Prefects.  Congratulations to the following students. Next to their names appears the leadership portfolio the students are in charge of throughout 2019.

Captains :                            Elyse Hayhurst

                                            Jordan Stevens

Vice Captains  & SRC:         Julia Araneta

                                            Oliver Shedden


Lakes Life                           Bree Crosswell-Levy

                                           Shivesh Paramunsee

                                           Harry Blake



Wellbeing                            Jack Riches

                                            Kaitlyn DeShannon

                                            Aimee-Jane Strawbridge



Social Justice                     Olivia Clarkson

                                            Ally Kilpatrick

                                            Sarah Hattam



Student Achievement         Robbie MacDonald

                                           Gautham Srinivas

Kaleidoscope at Spring Fair was a great celebration of the work our students have created throughout the year. It was great to see such a diverse range of student work across all the subjects. Both staff and students are to be congratulated for the great display of all the wonderful learning that occurs here in the Senior School at Lakes.

The Visions Art Exhibition was again a fabulous display of the creativity of so many of our students. It was wonderful to see the diverse range of artist work that our students are producing. Congratulations to all the students who had work on display but a special congratulations to Edan Shorten who won the Acquisitive Prize on the night. Her work has been purchased by the school and is now hanging in Mr Hannah’s office.

On Monday, 5 November a group of our Year 7 and 8 students travelled to the University of Newcastle to receive their awards for participating in the Children’s University program. This is a program run by the University to encourage students to get out and learn from the community and people around them. This program will run again next year for our Year 7 students, I encourage students to get involved in 2019!

Students in Year 9 and 10 attended camp this term, there were some great stories told when they returned. Year 10 had a ball running around Sydney chasing infamous clues on the Urban Challenge and Year 9 loved their camp, with many students pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and trying new things. Thank you to all the teachers who were involved in the organisation but a special thank you to the Year Adviser Mrs Hart and Mr Hampson and Mrs MacLarty, without their dedication these type of experiences would not run for our students.

This term our students have had many wonderful experiences outside of school. This term students across the years have been to, for example: Taronga Zoo, Luna Park, The Globe Pop-Up Theatre in Centennial Park, Raw Challenge, PDHPE and Geography Incursions and Barangaroo Sydney.

On Thursday, 6 December we held our Term 4 Awards Assenbly. It was again exciting to see the range of activities our students are involved in. This term we introduced the ‘HOT Award’, an award that recognises students Higher Order Thinking skills, whether it is in solving problems, thinking critically or demonstrating exceptional creativity. Congratulations to the following students who received the first ‘HOT Awards’ in the Senior School.

Naomi Palibino, Alexander Voigt, Jackson Blackshaw, Zali Phillips, Kasey Young, Isaac Robinson,

Kaitlyn DeShannon, Jack Riches, Dylan Inwood, Neateale Bayley- Hobden, Justin Liang,

Chloe Collins, Hannah-Lee Harris, Tanner Hardesty, Wyatt Williams, Harrison Bust, Elyse Hayhurst,

Allyson Kilpatrick, Bree Crosswell-Levy, Bronte Kiddle, Deanna Barnes, Cameron Wong,

Elizabeth Pullen.

Our Indigenous students participated in the iBelieve program which is run by the Wollotuka Institute – University of Newcastle. The program is culturally designed to empower Year 7 and 8 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to make educated choices about their future aspirations and pathways. Congratulations to the students who have enthusiastically participated in this program and thank you to Mrs Rocks, who has been the key organiser of this.

Finally, the Senior School has had two new additions to our staff family. Mr Stephen Kang and his wife Kylie-Anne welcomed a new baby boy to their family on the 27/11/18, ‘Michael Alexander Kang’.  Mr Stuart Campbell and his wife Phillipa also welcomed a new baby boy to their family, Ezekiel Ross Campbell on the 6/12/18.  Congratulations too to Mrs Emma Briggs, Mrs Sher Hutley and Mrs Sylvie Gallen who will all welcome new babies in the new year – more additions to the Senior School Staff Family!

On behalf of the Senior School Staff I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year. May we also take some time to reflect this Christmas “For Unto you is born this day in the City of David a saviour which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11


Mrs Michelle Smith

Acting Head of Senior School


Dear parents, caregivers and students, as we reach the end of another school year we would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It has been a pleasure to work with the students and families of Lakes Grammar this year.

We have been thrilled to see our Year 12’s take on their HSC, they have been brave and strong in the face of adversity and have worked hard. All year 12’s should be exceptionally proud of themselves and their achievements. Additionally, we have enjoyed working closely with our Wellbeing Team including our wonderful Year Advisers, and the other wonderful staff that make up the team.

We have put on a number of great wellbeing days this year with our Mental Health Advocacy Program Team, including most recently a Senior School wide activity learning to use our senses to stress less!

We also welcomed back Senior School Counsellor, Amanda Wishart, this term on a Friday.

As we enter the extended holidays, we encourage families to cherish this time together and enjoy your rest and relaxation. Once again ‘Way Ahead’ has a number of tips to stress less over the holidays, including planning fun things to do and setting aside time for yourself. Students and their families may also find it beneficial to speak to someone over the holidays and there are lots of great services that young people and families can access, which are listed below.

Headspace also have some good tips for staying healthy over the Christmas break. Check out this link:

Some great food ideas for staying healthy over the Christmas period can be found here:

Kids Helpline:                                                        eHeadspace:                           

Phone: 1800 55 1800                                              Phone: 1800 650 890

Headspace (In person counselling):                     Parent Line                      

Lake Haven: 02 4394 9100                                      Phone: 1300 1300 52

Gosford: 02 4304 7870                                                 


We look forward to seeing you all next year and wish you all a safe holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Caitlin French                                        Alison MacLarty

Senior School Counsellor                       Senior School Coordinator Student Wellbeing


Congratulations and thanks go to all the recipients of awards at our recent Term Four Awards assembly for students who participated in the WABIAD - Write A Book In A Day activity, PRC - the Premier’s Reading Challenge, and the inaugural Lakes Grammar Cognito Reading Challenge.

Thank you for your participation and involvement and for sharing your love of all things reading and writing with these extra-curricular activities.

A special thanks also goes out to a wonderful team of Year 9 students who very regularly visit the library during the lunch times and help with the shelving of books and any number of other tasks as asked, your help is always very much appreciated: Jasmine Minness, Jade Banck, Joshua Hattam, Troy Charlesworth, Zali Phillips, Paige Hutcherson, Broedi McDonald and Aysha Santwyk.

Speed-dating with a book was a success this term with several English classes from Year 7 through to Year 9 taking part. This in-class activity saw the students engaging with a variety of books from various genres for a few minutes, one at a time, and answering a few short questions and rating the book before moving to a new selection after a timer sounded. Many students then borrowed a book they had never considered reading before this. Look out for BookSnaps coming in 2019!

Anne-Marie Nicholls

Secondary Teacher Librarian


The interest and participation in Chess in the Senior School has seen a rapid rise in the number of keen players to this sport. Following on from the success of the Chess Gala Day which Lakes Grammar hosted last term, our Senior Chess Team of Year 10 and Year 11 students competed in the Sydney Academy of Chess Interschool Challenge Semi-Finals at Wirreanda Public School in Medowie. This was a successful day in terms of results, and the team qualified for and competed in the Finals at Burwood RSL Club, where they played very capably, however, did not win any of the top places.

In the NSW Junior Chess League Secondary Schools Competition, our Intermediate players from Year 10 travelled down to Knox Grammar to compete, where they met some stiff competition, conceding to Knox. A week later we hosted Knox Grammar versus Lakes Grammar, with our Seniors Team of Year 11s, once again conceding to Knox Grammar.

The Intermediate and Senior Chess Teams are to be commended for their sportsmanship, loyalty and team spirit in the way that they have presented themselves impeccably and played good-naturedly against all opposition Chess players. They have been a credit to Lakes Grammar this year.

Special thanks goes to Mrs Sandra Baxter for accompanying all the Chess teams on their competitions throughout the year. Your support of and interest in the students helped promote a great deal of satisfaction and enjoyment in this extra-curricular activity.

Anne-Marie Nicholls

Secondary Teacher Librarian


It is so exciting to see the wealth of musical talent that is currently emerging through the Senior School.

Congratulations to Sam Livingstone (Year 10) on her stellar vocal performance of Start Again at the Senior School Term 4 Awards Assembly. Although this was Sam’s debut performance as a soloist in front of the entire Senior School student body, she sang with the strength and expression of a seasoned performe.

Congratulations also to Skye Collier (Year 10), Harrison Clynes (Year 12), and Blair Chadwick(Year 12) who performed All I Want for Christmas is You, Last Christmas, and Mary Did You Know respectively at the Lakes Carols by Candlelight on Friday night.

 We look forward to hearing more from these talented musicians in the future!

Lisa Whitwell

Senior School Music Teacher



There is much to give thanks for as the year draws to a close.  2018 has seen some significant growth and development in the chaplain arena and not just in our waistlines.  This year we have seen changes to our lunchtime Cru groups.  In the Senior School we give thanks for Callum and Edan who have run 7Cru all year with very little assistance.  They also visited the combined Girls/Boys Cru in week 8 to say hi and pray for the Year 6ers who will be in senior school next year.  We also give thanks for the years of volunteer leadership in Girls Cru by Alex who has had to move on due to life’s changing circumstances.  It is such a privilege to have our staff of Mrs Wickert, Mrs Smith, Mrs House and now Mrs Jobe-Parker working alongside the amazing Annette Shorten to lead Girls Cru all year.  Amazing craft, story-telling, life sharing and looking at the Bible have all made for fantastic Wednesday lunch gatherings as the girls explore their faith lives.

Pete has had a great time too with our Boys Cru looking at the names of Jesus as a follow up to the term’s chapel theme.  Immanuel, Lamb of God, Christ, Prince of Peace, Light of the World and many more names provided a way of thinking about who Jesus says he is and who we might be in relationship to him.  Boys Cru is also a time where crazy games can help the boys bond and learn some interpersonal relating skills.  Big thanks to Pete and the teachers who dropped in to lend a hand.

One of the privileges of our role is attending camps and this term saw Pete heading off to Year 3 camp and then 3 weeks later Year 4 camp.  Youthworks and Cru provided great experiences for the kids in facing challenges and reflecting on how God can be a part of that process if we let him.  Pete was also out and about with the Year 6 students at their surf fun day so an action packed term for him.

Behind the scenes Pete has also been involved in the Junior School speeches and voting for student leaders, the kindergarten information night and working away with our senior primary students in class on the Christmas story for Christian studies.  We have also seen the fruit of Pete’s labour with the very moving Year 6 Valedictory chapel, the K-6 Christmas chapel and involvement in Kindergarten information night and orientation days.  It has been a real joy for Pete to hang out each Tuesday morning with our Play Cru families as well.

This term has also seen some strong connections being made between our school and Lakes Anglican Church.  In October a number of our staff and senior students attended “A Curry With a Twist” night for Compassion Australia where we were treated to an authentic Indian curry cooking demonstration and learnt about the uplifting work of Compassion.  Jané now works for Compassion and was himself a sponsor child from India who shared his story and culinary skills.  It was also fantastic to see Reverend Tim at our carols night where he accepted our Samaritan’s Christmas appeal donation whilst making his own donation of 5 guitars to the school.  Apart from his generosity he made a great French hen alongside our staff in a fabulous 12 Days rendition.  The co-ordinating skills of our CAPA department were amazing and the student performances sensational.  Thirdly, we had 7 of our students out of 11 candidates receive Confirmation by Bishop Charlie at Lakes Anglican on Sunday 9th December.  It was great to see so many young people making a bold faith statement.

Finally, our chapels in the senior school this term have focused on the Christmas story and thanks again to Kate Stace from Cru for visiting us each term.  It is a real joy to be a chaplain at our school.  Whether it is in chapels, in the classroom, playing handball, futsal or another ball sport, serving in the canteen or having a quiet conversation in the car park….know that Pete and I are deeply honoured to serve the Lakes Grammar community.  There is not a day where we don’t pinch ourselves and say, “We have the best job in the world.”  May you experience the love of Christ this Christmas and may you gain great joy from our loving God in 2019.  Thanks for trusting us with your children, we love them to bits.

Reverend Tim giving thanks for the generosity of the Lakes Grammar community. Making a difference for our neighbours.

Bless ya,





Main Office (Junior School) hours during the Christmas Holidays


Open as normal on Friday, 14 December from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

From Monday, 17 December to Wednesday, 19 December the office will be open 9.00am to 12.00pm only.

The office will be closed from 12.00pm Wednesday, 19 December until it reopens at 9.00am on Monday, 14 January. 

Re opens From Monday, 14 January until Wednesday, 23 January the office will be open 9.00am to 12.00pm.

From Wednesday, 23 January the office will resume normal hours from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

The office will be closed for the public holiday on Monday, 28 January.




Term 4 Sport – Swimming Program

K-2 swimming intensive program was again a success.  Certificates will be handed out once received by YMCA for those students who participated in it.

Thank you for your support for our swimming program this year and to YMCA Tuggerah for running it.

Term 1 2019 – Sport Choices

Sport Choices for Term 1 2019 will go live online on 31/1 at 6pm. Please refer to the recent note that went home for more information.


Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator