Week 2, Term 1 2020


Here we are at the end of Week 2 of school for 2020. Welcome to all our families and a special welcome to those families who have joined our Lakes Grammar community this year. There are even some students still just about to start with us. We have 900 students at present and we look forward to helping each one of them become better learners and the best people they can be. In the Senior School this year our motto for teachers is, “Go for Growth”. Growth of each teacher in their professional skill and growth in learning for every student. We know every student can't be in the top academic band but we believe every student can grow in their learning. So teachers will collect evidence of student learning throughout the year in order to be able to assess how the learning of their students is progressing and to plan for continued growth in their learning. We have done this for some time now but by having a conscious focus on growth in learning we are able to tailor our teaching more to the needs of individual students.

The Junior School motto for this year is “Let your light shine”. As Mr Wallace wrote in our Welcome letter in January, “this motto will assist all members of the Junior School to focus on the idea that we can act and react in ways that are consistent with God and His teachings in the Bible in contrast to the world and its ways, so that our light shines”. Both Junior and Senior School mottos for the year relate to our school motto, “With heart, soul, mind and strength”. This phrase, taken from Jesus’ words in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, referred to loving God with our whole selves. Here at Lakes we take it that way and also refer it to engaging in our life at school with our whole selves. I often say to students in enrolment interviews that the more you put into your life at school, the more you will get out of school and the more you will enjoy school.

HSC 2019

Congratulations to our 2019 graduates and in particular to Elyse Hayhurst, our outgoing School Captain, who attained the highest ATAR and therefore is our Dux for 2019. Many of our students were offered places in courses at the following universities: Newcastle, Macquarie, UNSW, UTS, Wollongong, Sydney, Western Sydney. Five of our students last year were offered early entry to university, ie, they didn’t have to worry too much about their ATAR. Lucky them and well done to them. UNSW recently published on their Facebook page interviews with new students, including our own Elyse Hayhurst and Oliver Shedden.

Now our 2020 HSC cohort has to get really serious and realise that it takes a lot of work to attain a high ATAR. They need to “strive to learn well” as our Vision Statement says, and acknowledge the full force of that word “strive”. Each student needs to take the initiative, stay focused, persevere and learn from their teachers’ feedback. Each one needs to take advantage of having an expert in the subject in front of them – use the teacher’s knowledge and experience of leading students to the HSC. Best wishes to them as they enter their final three terms of school.


Thank you to the families who donated backpacks in response to Miss Bryson’s campaign to help out the many students whose possessions were lost in fires. They will have been a big help to those families.

Parents and Friends Association

Our first meeting will be held next Tuesday, 11 February in the Junior School Library, starting at 6.30pm for some supper and a catch-up before the formal meeting begins. We hope to see many new faces! Our regular meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month in term time at 7.00pm. We hold our AGM at the March meeting so a reminder that nominations for Executive roles need to be emailed to me or my secretary at I have received several already.

CCTV notice

Various areas of the school grounds are covered by CCTV cameras for security reasons. The cameras run 24 hours a day. Parts of the car parks, entry gates and courtyards in both Junior and Senior Schools are covered by the cameras.

Mr Michael Hannah



P&F Welcome BBQ

Monday, 10 February 2020

Junior School COLA

5:00 - BBQ

5:30pm and 6:00pm - Years 1 to 6 Meet the Teacher (both sessions cover same content)

The Second Hand Uniform Shop will be operating during this time.

P&F February Meeting

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Junior School Library

6:30pm - Meet and greet (light refreshments being provided)

7:00pm - Monthly P&F meeting 

P&F informal morning meeting

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Warnies Cafe

9:00 - 10:30am

An informal meeting for those that cannot attend the evening P&F meetings to review upcoming P&F initiatives. Spring Fair planning will commence at this meeting. 

P&F Welcome Disco

Thursday, 20 February 2020

School Hall

K - 2:  5:00 - 6:00pm

Years 3 - 6:  6:15 - 7:30pm

Combo meal deal/disco $10 

Disco only $5

Online orders via flexischools close 18 February at midday.

Kindergarten 2021 Parent Information Evening and Twilight Tour

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Junior School Library

6:00 - 7:30pm

Please confirm your attendance via email to



Well what a wild time the Christmas break has been for so many Australians. 2020 has seen much of our country gripped by drought and ravaged by bushfires. I don’t know anyone who has not been affected in some way. Families, friends, neighbours alike, we all seem to have stories to tell from one of the worst summers in recorded history. Across the break our family drove through a number of areas that had been destroyed by fires, the worst of which was in the Nymboida area to the south-west of Grafton. It was almost numbing in the sheer scale of what we witnessed.

Our own small acreage near Tamworth had been spared the fires that had carved a path along the Great Dividing Range but the drought has been devastating. It hadn’t rained in any decent way for about 2 years or more. So of course it meant perfect sense to put in a new water tank for our little shed when the ground was so dry and the skies so clear. It would have to rain eventually…. wouldn’t it?

So on 15 January a mate and his son came with me to the farm to install this water tank that they had so generously given us. We drove into the drought with hope in our hearts, installed the tank and then prayed (again) for rain. The next day we had to come home and just as were leaving it started to sprinkle, not much, but a sign of what was to come. And so it did. On the 25th of January another friend sent me a picture of the Peel River in flood which runs past our place and it had been bone dry for more than 12 months. And then on the 5th of February our neighbours sent the very green picture below. From the dust life had emerged with all the rain. Our own small resurrection story to remind us of God’s power to bring life from death.

I pray that for you too as you face difficulties in the year ahead, that you may experience God’s resurrection power through Jesus. As you see the burnt trees bud new leaves, as the dust from weeks past begins to green with new life, may you be encouraged to believe that when all seems lost God can still act and bring new life.

Bless ya!





The Office of eSafety is running webinars in February on and close to Safer Internet Day covering the following topics:

  • how to chat about harmful content, relationships and online harrassment
  • strategies for addressing common digital parenting challenges 
  • online wellbeing strategies for teens  
  • how to get help if things go wrong

These live webinars will explore the latest research and expert advice for using technology safely. All sessions will be delivered by eSafety expert, Greg Gebhart. Parents need to register by logging onto the eSafety page -

Tech, teens and time online

11 February 2020 - 8:00PM - 9:00pm (AEDT)

12 February 2020 – 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM (AEDT)

14 February 2020 – 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM (AEDT

While you’re on the eSafety website it would be worth exploring their other resources.


The 2020 School Student Transport Scheme Moratorium Period will run for four weeks, commencing 28 January 2020 and ending on 28 February 2020.

The moratorium period is provided to allow eligible students who have not yet received a Student Opal Card to receive the card. The moratorium period does not negate the need for students who have already been issued Student Opal Cards to tap on and off.

School Student Safety Campaign

Parents/Guardians can help keep students safe by

Meeting your child at the Bus Stop in the afternoon.

Wait on the correct side of the road the bus stops on.

Be on time when meeting your child.

Move away from the bus when you have met your child at the bus door.

Bus Flashing Lights Public Awareness Safety Campaign

Motorists can help keep children safe by:

Slowing down to 40km/h when bus lights are flashing.

Lights flash on buses to warn motorists that buses are picking up and dropping off children.

Looking out for children crossing the road near bus stops, in school zones or along bus routes.

You must not overtake or pass a bus with flashing lights at more than 40km/h.

Giving way to buses when they merge back into traffic.

For more information visit:


Welcome a Nacel Australasia, European high school student into your school this winter and enhance your students’ language skills, cultural exposure and global network.

Every year our organisation assists students from France, Italy, Germany and Spain to experience life in an Australian school while living with an Australian family.

These students, boys and girls between 14 – 17 years of age, are hosted by private and independent schools around the country and current students’ families.

We are seeking host schools for 4, 5 or 10 weeks of June, July and August 2020.

Key points about Nacel International Student Cultural & Language Programs:

  • Nacel’s programs help young people around the world expand their horizons, engage with other cultures and improve their language skills
  • Our aim is to place one student per school to promote full cultural and lingual immersion
  • Our students enter Australia on a visitor (tourist) visa and are classified as a guest of the school they attend
  • As these are non-academic placements there is no cost to the school or administration involved
  • Students are required to pay for all school related expenses including; uniform, textbooks and subject resource charges, public transport to and from school, outings, excursions and all personal and incidental spending
  • Students live with a volunteer host family sourced from your school community  
  • Nacel provides your school with promotional material to help identify a host family within the school community
  • We liaise and work directly with the host family preparing to receive an overseas student and provide them with 24/7 support throughout the stay
  • Students on placements also have access to 24/7 support and have comprehensive insurance

Feedback from schools that have previously hosted international students is that they appreciate the cultural and lingual contribution their guests bring to the school community.

School language programs are also greatly enhanced by having a native, European language speaker interact and converse with students. Students are also motivated by being able to explore the difference in language and culture with someone of their own age.

We are currently reaching out to ask if your school would be interested in hosting an international student.

Our program dates for 2020 are:


  • 10 Weeks:   13 June 2020 – 22 August 2020
  •   5 Weeks:   18 July 2020 – 22 August 2020
  •   4 Weeks:   18 July 2020 – 15 August 2020
  •   4 Weeks:   25 July 2020 – 22 August 2020

International student placements are sought after by many families and schools and international student numbers are limited. Register your interest today and bring the world into your school.

For more information or to register your interest call 1300 735 732 or email




Welcome to the 2020 school year in the Junior School. I do hope that all families enjoyed a relaxing Christmas and New Year holiday period together, celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying family time, and that everyone is refreshed and ready for all that 2020 has in store! It was such a pleasure last week to welcome the smiling faces that make our school such a happy place to come each day. It is a new and exciting year as the Junior School continues to strive to achieve excellence in education, care and friendship.

We have a number of new families, including all of our new Kindergarten students, joining the Lakes Grammar Family and a very warm welcome is extended to each. Our school is such a wonderful place with which to be associated and I am certain that you have already been made to feel very welcome.

Being an Anglican School gives us a more complete sense of who we are and whose we are. We are part of a much bigger family and we know that God goes with us into the year and into the joys and challenges that await us. One of the many positive features of our school is this great sense of community we share.

It is our prayer that all families, and especially new students and parents, feel a strong sense of belonging at Lakes Grammar as we work, play, worship and grow together in the spirit of ‘letting our light shine’ – our motto for the year.

“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father” – Matthew 5: 16

Building and Learning Power

We are continuing to work on our Building Learning Power program in classrooms. The diagram below shows the four areas of our ‘Building Learning Power’ program (Reach Out, Look Within, Think Clearly and Believe in Ourselves) which link in with our school motto ‘With Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’.

A number of learning actions which are associated with each area are listed around the outside of the circle.

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behavior for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day to day life of the school.

Over the beginning of the term, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Week 1: Review/introduce Habits and key expectations

Week 2: Set learning goals

Week 3: Being prepared and organised for learning

Week 4: Commitment 

Co-curricular Clubs

At Lakes Grammar, we are always looking for ways to offer students a range of extra-curricular activities. This year, our co-curricular clubs will continue to be conducted by a mix of staff members and external providers. These include the following:

Club and Venue

Co-ordinating staff


Day and Time

Students involved

Coding Club

Mrs Jobe-Parker

Term 1, Week 2

Monday, lunchtime

K – 6

Games Club

Mrs Tulloch and
Miss Taggart

Term 1, Week 2

Tuesday, lunchtime

K – 6

Chess Club

(additional fee applies)

Mrs Rush

Term 1, Week 2

Tuesday, 8.00am – 8.45am

K – 6

Drama Club
Music Room

(additional fee applies)

Brinley Meyer

Term 1, Week 3

Monday and Tuesday
3.05pm – 4.05pm  

3 – 6 (Mon)

K – 2 (Tues)

Individual Drama Tuition

(additional fee applies)

Brinley Meyer

Term 1, Week 3

By arrangement with Brinley

K – 6

Boys’ Cru Group

Pete Oates

Term 1, Week 3

Wednesday, lunchtime

5 – 6 boys

Girls Cru Group

Harriet Connor

Term 1, Week 3

Wednesday, lunchtime

5 – 6 girls

STEM room

(additional fee applies)

Nathalie Roy

Term 1, Week 2

Monday or Thursday
3.05pm – 4.05pm

K – 6


Mrs Jobe-Parker

Term 1, Week 2

Thursday 3.00pm – 4.00pm

5 – 6

Lego Club

Mrs Smith and Miss Taggart

Term 1, Week 2

Thursday, lunchtime

K – 2

Lego Club

Mrs Lusted

Term 1, Week 2

Thursday, lunchtime

3 - 6

String Ensemble

(additional fee applies)

Mr Fepuleai / Mrs Amanda Elkington

Term 1, Week 2

Thursday 8.00am – 8.45am

K – 6

Training Band

(additional fee applies)

Mr Fepuleai

Term 1, Week 2

Monday, 1.45pm – 2.45pm

2 – 6

Concert Band

(additional fee applies)

Mr Fepuleai

Term 1, Week 2

Monday 12.00pm – 1.00pm

2 – 6

Individual Music Tuition

(additional fee applies)

Central Coast Conservatorium via Mr Fepuleai

Term 1, Week 2

Monday 1.45pm – 2.45pm

2 - 6

Stars of the Week

Showing familiarity with our ‘Lakes Grammar Habits’

Chloe G, Heidi M, Douglas B, Alira W, Nate B, Mitchell E, Ava B, Bodhi E, Piper D, Addyson H, Ashley W, Ava D, Sara O, Zac C, Jayden D, Maddison K, Mekenzie J, Isabella M, Payton F, Cohan V.


Demonstrating our ‘Lakes Grammar Habit of setting learning goals’: 

Hunter S, Jayden O, Maddy C, Isla H, Madisyn M, Summer N, Eve H, Asher M, Declan J, Mackenzie A, Tom M, Lauren P, Taj F, Keanu L, Marianne D, Mason V, Laiba M, Isaac R, Cleo M, Briella M.

Junior School Leaders 2020

It has been a pleasure to have begun working with an enthusiastic and keen group of Junior School Leaders in 2020 and for them to officially take office following our Induction Assembly and Chapel on Thursday. We are looking forward to attending a Student Leadership Day later in the month to continue to grow together as leaders and to plan for a range of initiatives whereby the students are able to carry out their roles within the school this year.

A huge thank you to the leadership group for the example they are setting to others in the classroom, the playground and in a range of co-curricular activities. Their involvement at the Junior School Swimming Carnival and around the school has been very much appreciated already! 

Our 2020 Junior School Leaders are:

Junior School Leaders: Hannah Ruzicka and Josef Aad

Junior School Deputy Leaders: Abigail Brown and Gabriel Dunn  

Cranmer College: Cleo McNeill and Max Adams  

Lightfoot College: Payton Forrest and Hamilton Dobson 

Ridley College: Indianna Lourens and Isaac Lancett    

Tyrrell College: Willow Edwards and Edward Sawers

Christian Ministry: Grace Crumbley and Samuel Colquhoun


Welcome BBQ and Meet the Teacher Evening

Our school families are warmly invited to the Welcome BBQ and Meet the Teacher Evening for Years 1- 6 on Monday, 10 February. We are thankful to the P & F for their efforts in holding this wonderful evening for us.

Kindergarten and Year 6 Buddies

A warm welcome to all of our new Kindergarten students and their families. It has been great to see the top job that Year 6 have been doing with their Kindergarten buddies to help them to settle in to Lakes Grammar. Thanks to Year 6, Mr Johns, our Kindergarten teachers, our Teacher’s Aide Tracey and our counselor Stacey for all of the work that they have done to help the students settle in.

Lost Property

We have purchased a small blue wizbin which has been clearly marked and has been placed in the breezeway near the Junior School Office.

Lost property (mainly lunch boxes and bottles, but not clothing/uniform items) will be placed in the bin each day. All lost school uniform items will continue to be returned to the office as usual.

Please check lost property regularly for your child’s items if they have misplaced something - this should help to keep playground tidy and to have lost property in one place.

Mr Will Wallace

Head of Junior School



Welcome back to another fun and exciting year in the Junior School Library!

As usual, we will have lots of wonderful learning and events taking place including our annual Book Fair, Author visit (more details to come) and Book Parade (bi-annual) in Term 3. Shane from WW1 – Living History will also visit us again just after Anzac Day for Years 5/6.

Please stay tuned regarding these events in the future.

This term, during Library lessons, we will focus on the following:

K - Nursery Rhymes/Classic Picture Books

Y1 – Library Skills

Y2 – Library Skills

Y3 – Library Skills

Y4 – Library Skills

Y5/6L – Gallipoli

Y6 – Aboriginal Rights (Stolen Generation)

Y6 – Information Skills – Aboriginal Rights (History)

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020

Notes regarding the 2020 PRC were handed out this week to all classes during library lessons. The PRC is a wonderful initiative that helps promote the love of reading. Once again, those students who complete the challenge in Terms 1 or 2, will each receive an Early Completion Certificate from us.

Please read the note carefully as there are some rule changes. All completed registration forms should be returned to the library desk by Friday, 1 May.   

Library Helpers – Term 1

We thank the following Year 6 students who will be our library helpers this term: Kenzie Millsteed, Adelia Goddard, Cohan Voisey, Lexi Mulholland, Briella Moore and Beau Jones.


Overdues from 2019 were sent out again recently. If you still have a book overdue from last year, can you please return in order for your student to borrow again. If a book goes missing, please see myself or Mrs Tennant so we can organise a similar donation from home.

Coding Robots

We are pleased to advise that we have purchased 10 ARTIE Coding robots for our STEM room from some of the Scholastic Book Fair Rewards from last year. These are a welcome addition to our already existing STEM resources and will be utilised shortly by all classes.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


Every year the School Banking program launches a new savings adventure and eight new exclusive School Banking reward items.

In 2020, School Banking is taking children on a Treetop Savers adventure to the enchanted Treehouse of Savings.

There are 8 new reward items for 2020 from the Treetop Savers range:

  • Terry Denton’s Activity Book
  • Mini Soccer Ball (size 2)
  • Treetop Stationery Set
  • Treetop Handball
  • Tomato Seed Kit
  • Magic Mist Drink Bottle
  • Emoji Wallet
  • Snakes & Ladders Game


If you would like to know more about School Banking visit or packs will be distributed to each class for each student over the coming weeks.


School Banking day is each Thursday during school terms commencing Thursday, 6 February.

For every deposit made at school, students will receive a silver Dollarmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can redeem them for an exclusive School Banking reward item in recognition of their regular savings habits.

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year.

If your child has lost their book, please contact your School Banking Co-ordinator for a replacement or visit any Commbank Branch.


The School recognises that mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and the like are part of today’s technology and are a very useful form of communication. Whilst it is appreciated that many parents wish their children to have mobile phones for safety reasons, there is no need for their use during school hours. This enables us to collaboratively avoid interrupting the teaching and learning of students, to ensure the School is informed of communications between students and parents as well as maintaining the safety and welfare of all students. If emergencies arise students and parents should contact each other through the school reception rather than via devices. Mobile phones MUST NOT be switched on during school time. They remain the student’s responsibility at all times. Parents are reminded that the normal channel of communication with students is through the school reception.

If a student chooses to use a mobile phone or other electronic device during school hours without permission it will be confiscated for the rest of the day. Incorrect use of mobile phones during the School day including making or receiving phone calls, connecting to the internet, text messages or taking photographs or video will result in their temporary confiscation. The School cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of students’ mobile phones and devices.

Parental Acknowledgement of Digital Mobile Device Guidelines for Years 3 – 6

If your child is bringing a mobile device to school, please fill out and return a “Parental Acknowledgement of Digital Mobile Device Guidelines for Years 3 – 6” to the office. The Parent Acknowledgement form can be found on Parent Lounge.



Welcome back to school! I hope that you have had a restful holiday and are refreshed, ready for the new term.


Please note the following organisational matters that help to ensure the smooth running of our school.



All schools are required to keep records of student attendance and parents must notify the school (even for part of the day) to cover any absence. At Lakes, you can do this via the absentee line, email, phone call, the app or a note! The required details are simply your child’s name, year group and reason for their absence.



Rolls are marked each morning by teachers and are recorded directly onto our computer network.  If a child is late, they need to “sign in” at the front office, where they will be given a late slip to give to their teacher. 


Please encourage your child to follow this procedure as the office also adjusts the rolls at this point and sometimes we needlessly send an SMS to parents (causing worry) when in fact they were late and hadn’t signed in.



When a student in the Secondary School receives a detention, an email is automatically sent to the child’s parents.  Hopefully you won’t receive one of these, but if you do, the emails will contain a brief reason and the referring teacher’s name. If you need further details about the detention, please contact the teacher concerned or your child’s Year Adviser.



Please note that the evacuation points in the case of an emergency (such as a fire) are the oval on the Senior site and grassed area outside the tennis courts on the Junior site.


We do have regular evacuation drills over the year, and everyone, including visitors at the time of an evacuation are required to vacate the buildings.



All students will have received copies of their assessment schedules for the year, and copies have also been emailed to parents. The booklet also contains a calendar of the assessments on the last page that can be removed and placed in a location at home which is easily accessed to help keep children on track. Please take time to look at these and encourage your children as they work and study throughout the year.



Students in Years 9 and 11 are able to change subjects in the first 4 weeks of school. If your child wishes to make an adjustment to their study pattern, they need to complete a ‘Change of Subject’ form, have it signed by a parent, and then return it to the office.

Ian Samways

Deputy Principal / Head of Senor School



It has been fantastic to walk around welcoming our students back to Lakes Grammar. We look forward to the year ahead in working together to achieve stronger mental health, a greater sense of belonging and inclusiveness for students and staff.

This term our students will be involved in particular activities in their Tutor Sessions as part of their pastoral care. Here is an outline of activities for Term 1:

Year 7 – Getting Along

Our youngest students will be working through some elements of their school diaries including skills in understanding communication and neuroplasticity. They will also be preparing for and attending their camp at Point Wolstoncroft in Week 10.

Year 7 students are also participating in Peer Support which happens every two weeks. This is a program designed to have our younger students interact with our Year 11 students. The Peer Support program focuses on resilience building and seeking support through their older peers.

Years 8, 9 and 10 – Mental Fitness

These year groups are working through a program put together by Black Dog Institute. BITE BACK is an online positive psychology program designed to improve the overall wellbeing of young Australians between the ages of 13 and 16 years old. Students will work through the Mental Fitness Challenge which works through activities and strategies used by psychologists and sports psychologists that can help build resilience, wellbeing and ultimately – mental fitness. The challenge runs for six weeks, and if they complete all the activities, students can go into the draw to win a $250 voucher to spend at a shop of their choice.

The activities can be done at home, and students will also be given time to complete some of it during tutor group time.

If you would like to have a look at the program you can check it all out on

Year 11

Most Year 11 students are Peer Support leaders and have already begun to support our Year 7 students. This program will continue across the term and is a great leadership building opportunity for our senior students. They will grow in skills across mentoring, teaching and supporting their younger peers.

Tutor session time for Year 11 students will be looking at skills in coping with school as their senior year starts. Students will cover areas such as apps and programs which can help with daily life, dealing with stress, setting goals and problem solving.

Year 12

Our eldest students have launched straight into building their learning power with setting SMART goals and coping with pressure. They will be preparing and attending their Retreat where we help them build skills in understanding themselves and each other in relation to their final year of school and beyond. We will also be setting up the opportunity for Year 12 to access staff mentors to assist them with setting and reaching goals over this next week.


Resources for Parents – National Online Safety Guides

There are some very helpful guides for parents to assist with understanding the various apps your children may be using. You will receive an email with a selection of these guides soon. If you wish to see more of the guides you can access them at You will need to log in to gain access to view them, but it is free and very useful – well worth checking out!



Alison MacLarty

Senior School Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing



Welcome to 2020. This year we are taking a serious look, and step, into the future of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics with the introduction of some great new cross-curricular programs.

At the end of last year six staff from across the Science, TAS and Mathematics faculties spent three days at Sydney University undertaking their STEM Academy Program. This program now sees us working throughout 2020 with Sydney University and our Year 8 students to provide them with the thinking skills they will need to meet the demands of our ever-changing technology-based society.

Each semester all Year 8 students will spend time completing an integrated STEM project related to the knowledge and understanding that will be taking place in their normal Mathematics, Science and TAS lessons. If you look at your Year 8 child’s timetable you will find they have STEM lessons timetabled in.

We are really excited to be commencing our Semester 1 project next Monday with an incursion. As a part of this event Booth’s Motor Group are very generously bringing in a Kona electric and Kona petrol vehicle to enable our students to collect valuable information surrounding the development of electric cars and the effect their use has on atmospheric CO2 levels. A huge concern as we continually attempt to move toward a carbon neutral society.

If you have a child in Year 8 please ask them on Monday afternoon what did they learn as a result of having compared various aspects of these vehicles.

We have also introduced a new elective course for Years 9 & 10 – iSTEM. This course involves inquiry-based and project-based learning that will develop skills of problem-solving, critical analysis and creative thinking.

Jenny Charker

Science Coordinator


Welcome Back! It is wonderful to meet all of our new Science classes for this year. The enthusiasm for learning Science seen in classrooms over the last week has been wonderful. Most students have already organised themselves ensuring they have an appropriate workbook with a plastic cover, all necessary stationery and a BYOD each lesson. A reminder all students do require a charged BYOD that is not their phone in every Science lesson as our main textbook is on-line. Also could you please ensure the Expectations sheet in the front of your child’s workbook is signed. It would be helpful for our student if you could discuss with them how they are going to meet these expectations throughout the year.

To start off our scientific learning Year 7 will be looking at water quality, equipping themselves with the knowledge and skills to work efficiently in a Laboratory as well as appreciate the need for water testing if we want to ensure we have quality water for consumption. To commence their water quality analysis they will all need to work in the field collecting water samples and data to bring back to the laboratory for further analysis. This field trip will take place in Week 5 so keep watch for a note detailing this event.

Year 8 are discovering the effect forces have on motion through their module ‘Pole Position’. The knowledge and skills they gain through this study will be applied to the completion of their integrated STEM project (more information in the STEM article).

Year 9 students will work collaboratively to apply understanding and skills gained through a study of energy transfer processes as they construct a sustainable school classroom, while Year 10 are exploring both the wonders of space and the mechanics of motion with the intention of successfully completing their own space mission.

Year 11 students settled into work quite quickly and just a quick reminder to all Stage 6 Science students as routines are being developed for the year, a regular study routine is the best tool for success. Remember to include time to revise the day’s lessons each evening and to attempt questions to consolidate understanding.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress in Science please contact either their class teacher or myself

Jenny Charker

Science Coordinator


Where: C4

When: Wednesday morning 8.00am

Why: Help with homework, concepts from class, a place to quietly revise and study, a place to complete homework…..even if you don’t need extra help

Who: all students who want to improve their skills (irrespective of their starting point)



Sport Choices 2020 – Term 1

Sport choices for this term are now up and running. Please see Mr Cantor for any questions.

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, joggers, school sport shorts and socks. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well during the hotter months.

Lakes Grammar Swimming Carnival

A more detailed article with photos will be available in the next newsletter.

2020 HRIS / CIS Trials and Representation (5/6 only)

Once again, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the JS Sports noticeboard with upcoming events and mentioned at Monday morning assemblies. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information:

There is also a CIS app available for APPLE / ANDROID devices, regarding upcoming events.

Please note, if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as X Country, swimming, etc.), then they can purchase a polo HRIS shirt either from the school or online (details below). They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details.

Please note: new procedures when purchasing HRIS Merchandise:


Competitors must arrive at the venue wearing either a HRIS polo shirt OR long sleeve tee, along with school sport shorts/tracksuit. ALL HRIS representatives are to present to the relevant HRIS Manager in one of these items. HRIS Polo shirts & long sleeve tee, along with other HRIS apparel, are available for purchase through the HRIS online store. HRIS is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Classic Sportswear which is now offering a growing range of merchandise that only HRIS sport representatives can access. Optional items include a HRIS Hoodie and cap. The cap is the only cap that can be worn whilst representing HRIS in sports such as Softball and Touch Football, but can also be purchased by representatives in other HRIS sports. Once your order has been finalized, the items will be sent directly to you within a few days. Purchases can be made via the following link:


NB – some Schools may still have stock of the HRIS student Polo. Please check with your School prior to ordering the Polo online as you might get it cheaper from your School.

Competitors will be issued with a running singlet on the day that will attract a hire fee. (This will be billed to your school following the event).




24/2/20 – CIS Primary Tennis (Team selected from 2019)

21/2/20 – CIS Primary Basketball

2/3/20 – HRIS Primary Football Trial 1

9/3/20 – HRIS Primary Football Trial 2

9/3/20 – HRIS Primary Netball Trial

5/3/20 – CIS Primary AFL

16/3/20 – CIS Primary Girls Football

26/3/20 – CIS Swimming



Mr James Cantor

K-6 Sports Co-ordinator



I wish to extend a welcome to all new students and continuing students and their families to another busy year of sport.

The following dates have been determined for Lakes Grammar Senior School major sporting events for 2020.

Secondary Swimming - Friday, 14 February, Wyong Pool.

Cross Country (K-12) - Friday, 20 March at school.

Secondary Athletics - Monday, 30 March, Mingara Athletics Track.

Weekly Sport

Some changes have been made to weekly sport in 2020, to help manage costs and to help students get the most out of various sporting opportunities provided to them. Year 7 and 8 students complete sport in Periods 5 and 6 and Years 9 and 10 students complete sport during Periods 3 and 4.

As part of meeting the PDHPE mandatory syllabus outcomes Year 7 are undertaking a compulsory aquatics program ran by qualified swimming instructors at YMCA Tuggerah in sport time this term. Please ensure your child is packing the right equipment for the program including: swimmers, googles and towel.

It was great to see such a smooth and enthusiastic start to the year with weekly sport. I remind all students that you must have the correct equipment to participate in your sport each week. I would like to remind parents and students that the correct uniform is to be worn each sport day. The correct uniform is the school sport shirt, school sport shorts, white school socks and joggers (preferably white). Street shoes or slip on shoes are not appropriate for sporting activities as they do not do up tightly enough to support the ankle and foot and do not support the heel. If your child is having issues with their uniform please contact the school.

The following policy again applies to sport choices in 2020: If fees are in arrears for your child/children, your child must choose a free sport that is offered at school, unless you have an agreed payment arrangement with the school. Paid sports will not be visible to students who are in this situation on the night of online sport selections. Please speak to your child about this to avoid any disappointment.


Term 1 – Key Sporting Dates


7th February – Open boys AICES Tennis Trials

14th February – School Swimming Carnival

25th February – Open HRIS Tennis Gala Day

26th & 27th February – All Schools Triathlon

4th March – Open HRIS Hockey Trials & Gala Day

10th March – Open & 15yrs HRIS Netball Trials

11th March – HRIS Div 2 Secondary Swimming Championships

16th March – Open & 16yrs HRIS Football (soccer) Trials

17th March – Open & 15s HRIS Touch Football Trials

20th March – School Cross Country Championships

30th March – Secondary Athletics Carnival

Term 2


28th April – HRIS Rugby Union Trials

1st May – HRIS Cross Country

If you would like to attend any of these sporting events please see Mr Beecroft for the nomination details well before trial date as nominations close, at least 1 week before competition or trial.

Please note, students wishing to trial for HRIS Representative teams should be playing at a representative level outside of school. This is the performance standard of other trialling athletes from other HRIS schools.

Surf Survival Certificate Course


Students in Years 7-10 have the opportunity to complete their Surf Survival Certificate through NSW Surf lifesaving. There are limited places available so be quick if your child would like to take up this great opportunity and gain this valuable certificate. Please hand in note and payment to the office.

Parent helpers at our school carnivals are always welcomed and if you could help out in any way that would be greatly appreciated. We are always looking for any parents who might have any expertise in sports coaching and would like to become involved in coaching or training our school teams. If this sounds like you please contact me at school.

Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-ordinator