Week 7, Term 2 2020


COVID-19 update

Thank you to all parents for your co-operation as we implement changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With regard to schools, there was an announcement yesterday signalling an easing of some restrictions, especially with regard to sport next term. We will examine these announcements over the coming days and provide updates as they become available. The recent announcements do not affect any of our current practices which will remain in place until the end of term.

Birthday cakes and other food

Can I please ask for the time being that birthday cakes are not brought to school to share with other students. If you are a Junior School parent and wish to celebrate your child’s birthday, our suggestion is something from the canteen such as Zooper Doopers, to avoid any concern regarding contact with the virus from an outside source.

Senior School carpark

We are having some issues regarding safety and student collection in the Senior School carparks. It is important that all families adhere to the following guidelines:

  • If you are picking up a Senior School student at 3:15pm, please use the Kiss and Go zone.
  • Some students have wanted to be picked up behind the Hall. This area is a “no stopping” area as it blocks the traffic flow to the Junior School. Please do not pick up your child in this area.
  • If you desire, you may pick your Senior School child up on the drive through past the Oval after 3:20 pm. Again, we do not want people parking and waiting in this area as it blocks the Junior School traffic flow. If you arrive early, and need to park, we ask that you use the parent Kiss and Go system.
  • A number of families have recently been asking their child to meet them in the carpark. This is quite dangerous as children end up waiting in the middle of a traffic area. From Monday, we will be stopping this practice and students will be asked to remain at the Kiss and Go pick up.

Please note that we are unable to grant permission for Junior School students to walk to the Senior School to be collected or vice versa. We appreciate the inconvenience and time involved in doing two separate drop-offs or picks-ups, however we have construction work happening near the internal link road at the moment as well as the need to be able to ensure we are aware of the location of children whilst they are on site. Part of our risk management around coronavirus as a school also involves limiting the potential for contact between Junior School and Senior School students as much as possible for the time being.

Year 10 subject selection (Year 11 2021)

Our normal practice would be to hold the Year 10 subject selection night this term, however, the COVID-19 restrictions have impacted this. It is quite likely that large assemblies will still be restricted next term, despite the recent announcements. I am currently in the process of producing some YouTube video information instead and hope that we will be able to provide this, and other information about Year 11, in the near future.

Year 7 to 10 reports

We have delayed the processing of Year 7 to 10 reports until the final week of term. Assuming there are no technical hitches, these reports will be made available online just before the holidays.

Water pipeline

As you would have noticed travelling into school, the construction of the Mardi to Warnervale Water Pipeline for Central Coast is taking place with the current preparation of the construction corridor and placement of the water pipe in preparation to be welded, installed and covered. Over the coming weeks, we anticipate that there will be a greater presence of work crews and equipment along the Albert Warner Drive verge as the water pipe is being installed and activities associated with the construction of the Warnervale Valve House near the entrance to the Junior School commence.

Mr Ian Samways

Acting Principal


During the School Holidays, the School will be closed to all parents and visitors, reflecting current COVID-19 restrictions.  

During Weeks 1 and 2 of the school holidays (Monday, 29 June – Friday, 10 July), the Office will be unattended, however phone messages will be checked periodically so please leave a message and a staff member will return your call.

During Week 3 of holidays (Monday, 13 July – Friday, 17 July), the Office will be attended and calls will be answered between 9.00am and 12.00pm.  Outside of these hours, phone messages will be checked periodically and a staff member will return your call.

Second Hand Uniform shop appointments may be made for Monday, 20 July between 8.30am and 12.00pm. Please book a time by calling Junior School reception on 4393 4111.



We are very fortunate to have the school community that we do here at Lakes. I remember that during my time in Primary school, we had to recite the School Prayer without fail every Monday morning. The last line concluded ‘Many hands make a house, but many hearts make a school’. This is certainly true of Lakes Grammar as we have supported each other so harmoniously and with great understanding as we’ve continued to transition back into ‘normal’ routines.

We have Junior School Reports, which are primarily focussed on the learning for Term 1, coming out slightly earlier than usual during the next week. These will provide a helpful indication of your child’s progress, which will be even more valuable than usual given the time we had spent undertaking remote, at home learning online late last term and early this term.

Some of the events of the school calendar are reappearing, albeit slightly differently in character, with our annual Spelling Bee taking place online next week. We are also working to recognise our Student Representative Councillors and to congratulate them on receiving their badges and the role that they will undertake this year at a formal, online Assembly as well.

Congratulations to April Bryson, one of our Year 1 teachers, who is a finalist in the Rising Star category of the Australian Education Awards this year. April is a wonderful teacher who has also given a lot of her time to charity work, so it is a well-deserved accolade. We wish her all the best.

I was humbled to be named as one of the finalists this year in the Primary Principal of the Year (non-government) category. This is a strong reflection of how outstanding our staff at Lakes are rather than a personal one, and should be seen as a collective recognition for each and every member of our great team here at Lakes who work together so well in striving to do the best we can for our children.

We were delighted to receive our certificate from the Governor General in the mail recently, as patron of the School Aid organisation, recognising Lakes Grammar as a Nationally Accredited School for Empowering Young Philanthropists. We hope to formally receive this award from the Governor-General during an online meeting early next term.

On that note, well done to two of our students who are involved in projects to support the homeless at this difficult time. Callum Lightfoot in 4J has been collecting soap to pass on to the homeless via the Ms Australia Goodwill Ambassador to support hygiene and to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. If you have some soap that you would like to donate, you could send it in with your child to pass on to Callum. Ella Turner in 3A has been sewing blankets for the homeless for winter with squares of old jeans. Likewise, if you have an old pair that you would like to donate, you could send it in with your child to pass on to Ella.




Mr Will Wallace

Head of Junior School



A reminder that all books that were borrowed prior to the shutdown / holidays (at the end of Term 1), are now overdue. It would be appreciated if you could please return the books now.

Premier's Reading Challenge 2020

We now have 30 2020 PRC’s completed. A fantastic effort considering the major disruption to borrowing over the last couple of months.  

Note: 2020 PRC Registrations are now closed, and students need to borrow appropriate PRC Book listings now that the Junior School Library is back open for borrowing. 

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian