Week 2, Term 4 2020


On the last day of Term 3 we farewelled our Year 12 2020 students, even though 2020 has been a challenging year for them we still managed to include our traditional breakfast hosted by Year 11 and Chapel Service presided over by Matt. Although the service was not what we would traditionally do, the final product was one which I am sure they will remember. Special moments during the service included hearing that Matt’s wife had risen early in the morning to specially bake the bread for our students for the Communion, seeing our students shed a tear as they left us; seeing our students’ parents culminating at the gate, gathered around their phones watching the service on Zoom and then seeing their child physically leave the school and hearing parents cheer from the hall, when their child received their portfolio from Mr Hannah. For Mr Hannah it was a rather special event, because he retires next year and this will be the last Year 12 group of students he will farewell. Finishing their school life here with Matt reminded our students that in having Faith as individuals we can conquer adversities that we may encounter in our lives.

It is always an emotional journey through the guard of honour and I think this year it was more emotional for staff and students because we have all had a challenging year, but our Year 12 students have stayed positive and resilient as they faced uncertainty and adversity in their lives due to COVID. This year as a staff we decided we wanted to give each student a special momentum for leaving. Each staff member was given the job of decorating a glass jar, this was then filled with jellybeans and the bible passage ; Psalm 27:14 Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord, was also added to the inside of the glass jar. This gesture was made extra special by the fact it was given to the students as they left the school by our incoming Year 12 2021 students.

We look forward to celebrating, in the coming weeks, their official Graduation Ceremony and Formal with them at the end of their HSC. A special thank you to all our staff and especially Mr Rick Hampson (Year 12 Year Adviser) for supporting the Year 12 students through the year.


Thank you for everyone’s co-operation during last Thursday’s lockdown. It was unusual to have an incident of that type so close to our school, however, we are well prepared and rehearsed for these types of issues, and I was pleased with the way our students and the wider school community responded.

It is worth noting a few aspects of the incident for your information.

  • Initially, we heard reports of a fire on Virginia Road, but later a parent phoned with the report of the police incident that was happening nearby. Our immediate response at that stage was to close our gates.
  • After contact with Wyong Police, we were advised to keep our gates locked and our students inside and away from open areas in the playground. This allowed the police the opportunity not to worry about us, because they knew that we were safe from what was occurring outside.
  • The police then assigned an officer to liaise with schools. In this way the police were able to advise us in real time about what we should and should not do. They also advised us when to end the lockdown and to allow parents to come into the school for afternoon pick up.
  • Knowing that the incident was still active, we ensured that students living near the affected area were picked up by their parents and also placed a teacher at Warnervale Station to ensure that students caught the train safely.

Some other points to note for the future are:

  1. Don’t necessarily trust social media

There was a fair bit of speculation on social media at the time - some was accurate, some not so accurate. Of particular note, one report said that “the incident was over, because Lakes Grammar is out of lockdown”. This was not correct. At that stage, the police had contained the problem to a certain area. Warnervale Public School was still in lockdown, but our school and others were being released from lockdown, as the police deemed it safe to do so.

  1. A lockdown means we are locked down!

A lockdown is obviously inconvenient, but parents do need to be aware that the safety of all of our students and staff is paramount, so we will not open the gate for anyone, until we are given clearance to do so.

I do hope that we will not have to go through a similar experience in the future, however, I was very pleased with our response and with the way all of our staff and students conducted themselves. They certainly are a credit to our school.

Is your child leaving at the end of the year?

Can I please remind all parents that it is important to let us know now if you intend withdrawing your child from our school at the end of the year. Obviously, we are currently planning classes for next year, and knowing exact numbers is important for our planning. I would also remind parents that they are expected to give a term’s notice if their child is leaving.

Year 12 HSC exams

Year 12 commenced their HSC exams on Tuesday and will be working through these over the next four weeks. We wish them well in their studies, and I would ask that our school community keep them in your prayers as they study and complete these important, final examinations.

Senior school leadership

On Monday we inducted our new Senior class into Year 12. Just like our Year 12 Farewell Chapel last term, we streamed this event live to the parents of this year group and to the rest of the Senior School in their classrooms. At the same time, we announced our new Prefect body, Captains, and Vice-Captains for the Senior School. I would like to congratulate the following students into the new leadership team:

Captains           Shannon Liddle

                         Joshua Hattam


Vice Captains    Madeline James

                          Callum Davies

Prefects            Amelia Barone

                         Liam Baxter

                         Jeremy Beale

                         Isaac Dunn

                         Jamie Durham

                         Han Green

                         Stephanie Luyt

                         Remy Naughton

                         Trinity Phoenix

                         Nyah Small

                         Fox Smith

COVID-19 update

Many activities for our school remain unchanged from the end of last term. There have been some loosening of restrictions, particularly around Year 12 graduation/formal and Year 6 end of year activities, however, other activities continue to be restricted.

Please note that we are expecting a Government update with the next two weeks, but our current planning is:

  • that our Year 12 Graduation service will be streamed to the Senior School, although Year 12 parents are allowed to attend this event with some restrictions.

  • At the moment we do not expect parents will be allowed to attend any of our Speech Day ceremonies or the final Chapel service or Social for Year 6.

  • We do expect to live stream the Year 6 Chapel service and our Kindergarten Graduation.

  • We are currently planning to record our Speech Day events, and to put their recordings up on YouTube as an unlisted video after the event has occurred. Please note that it will take a bit of time to put the video up on YouTube, but typically we have them uploaded a few hours after the event concludes.

A reminder that the Speech Day events are: K-2 and Years 3 to 6 Wednesday, 9 December and Years 7 to 12 held on Thursday, 10 December.

More information about all of these events will be provided at a time closer to each event.

Ian Samways

Acting Principal


P&F Lamington Drive 

Thank you for the wonderful support of the P&F Lamington Drive. Orders will be be sent home with students on Tuesday, 27 October unless you have organised to use the drive-through pick up option which will be set-up in the Junior School Kiss and Go from 12pm to 2pm on the day.


Matt's Mutterings

2020 continues to deliver the bad, the ugly and the really ugly. Last Thursday saw our school going into its first ever official lockdown. And it wasn’t just us, at least 4 other schools were in lockdown because of the selfish and evil behaviour of 2 individuals. More than 5000 students, including Wadalba Year 12s on their last day of school, had their lives sent into upheaval. It is a very clear example of how the decisions of a few can impact the lives of so many.

The positive to come out of this was seeing our school community in action. We have a culture at Lakes Grammar of looking out for each other. We had students working in pairs to use the bathrooms. We had staff covering for each other and delivering food and water supplies as necessary. Mr Samways was in regular contact with the police and our admin kept us up-to-date. It was a day where despite the circumstances, our school dug in together. I praise God that it didn’t happen this week with the HSC now underway.

That’s right, our 2020 graduates are sitting the HSC at the moment. The Farewell Chapel seems a distant memory from last term and the end is in sight. Our 2020 Year 11 students have been inducted into Year 12 and for me it was an extra poignant moment as a parent of one of them. It seems like yesterday that they were in Kindy. They grow up way too quickly. With Christmas only 2 months away I wonder if Mary and Joseph ever felt like this as Jesus grew up. Is this one of those common ground things that we all as parents experience.

I know that if I blink I might miss something. This year has taught me even more than any other to treasure the moments we have with our kids…those moments become memories too quickly. I pray that you experience many more wonderful moments with your kids as we prepare for Christmas, a celebration of one of the greatest moments in history.

Bless ya!





Welcome back to Term 4. At the end of last term we were able to hold a Farewell Chapel service for Year 12 students and staff to uphold them in prayer for the HSC examinations. As Year 12 currently sit their HSC examinations, I remind them and encourage parents that they will never be defined by a mark or number, to strive to achieve their best, and hope they will reflect in the years to come on the positive experiences they have had at Lakes Grammar and the Christian faith that we have shared. We also look forward to the events we are planning for later in the term to further celebrate and farewell Year 12 at the conclusion of the HSC examinations.

Thank you to all of our Year 12 students for your contributions to Lakes Grammar. Some have been with us since Kindergarten and Junior School years, and others from Year 7 and later years. We have been privileged to see all of them grow into young men and women, and it has been a blessing for us to be a part of your journey. Thank you to our School Captains, Vice-Captains, College Leaders and Prefects for your leadership and dedication.

Please pray that our Year 12 students give a good account of their learning and experience a sense of calmness over the next month. They have worked and studied very hard in what has been a different year for all of us, and their teachers have worked very hard too! I want to also thank Mrs Smith for co-ordinating the preparatory support that the students have enjoyed in the lead up to the HSC and to Mrs MacLarty, Mr Hampson, the Rev’d Matt Shorten and Mrs Wishart for their ongoing efforts in the area of wellbeing. Students make excellent gains in the final preparations for these examinations which could not be achieved without dedicated leaders, our Subject Co-ordinators, and all of our teachers who worked together to this end.

Of course, with one Year 12 cohort progressing, another group step into the leadership of the student body. This week began for the Senior School with the Induction of the 2021 Leaders, and what a fine group they are!

The Aboriginal message stick is travelling around all of our local schools in our local Ngara AECG group. The tradition of the message stick is an important part of Aboriginal culture and history.

We were privileged to have two Senior School students visit us from Mackillop last week to present Tex Lundy and Georgia Luyt, who in turn presented it to Isaac Lancett and Isabella Marti this week so that the message stick is shared between the Junior School and Senior Schools. Next week, we will present it to students at Wadalba to continue its journey.

Each year, the message stick starts at Kanwal Public School. It will travel to all of the schools in the Ngara AECG as it makes its way to Wyong High School for the Ngara Assembly of Excellence in Term 4. Here, it will be handed back to the Ngara AECG representatives for safe keeping until the next year, when they hand it back to Kanwal to start another journey.


The message we pass on is around celebration, always moving forward and working together. The two animals on the front, the kangaroo and the emu, are representative of Australia and also that both these animals never backward step and always move forward. The dance icons and musical notes represent celebration and the concentric circles represent the community working together as one.

Our planning is underway for Kindergarten and Year 7 2021 Orientation programs to take place later in Term 4, and parents of students involved in these events would have received detailed information from the school recently about these arrangements.

All of our students are to be commended on their maturity during the events of last Thursday where we enacted our lockdown procedures as a precaution to ensure the safety of students and staff, along with a number of other local schools as a response to the Police operation nearby. The students were very flexible and adaptable to the changing circumstances and were a positive support to each other. Similarly, the ongoing care and support by our extremely dedicated staff throughout the day and the days that have followed, along with the assistance of our wellbeing team and Chaplains, is something for which we are very thankful. We continue to pray for those involved in those events.

We are continuing to follow to the COVID guidelines for school, and with some restrictions slightly easing, we are continuing to plan for a range of exciting learning activities this term across the Junior and Senior Schools. We are thankful for the continued support and understanding of all in our school community in following the relevant procedures in this area.

A warm welcome to Miss Kyle who joins us this term to teach 3A following the promotion of Mr Asquith to Assistant Head of the Preparatory School at The Scots College. Miss Kyle was also the successful applicant for the permanent Junior School teaching position we had advertised, so we congratulate her on joining our team on a full-time basis from 2021. Mrs Buckland will also continue teaching Music in the Senior School in 2021.

Will Wallace

Acting Deputy Principal K - 12

From January onwards, there will be a number of School Opal cards expiring, as the physical card has reached its lifespan.

These are cards for students who will be in years 8 to 12 in 2021, and only those Opal cards which haven’t been replaced in the last five years.

Impacted students and/or their parent/guardian will be contacted directly by Transport for NSW via email or post. They will be asked to confirm their details online in order for a new School Opal card to be sent to the correct postal address in time for the new school year.

If contacted by Transport for NSW, details should be submitted online by December 1, 2020 at the latest. Affected students who do not confirm their details in time will have a new School Opal card posted to the address we currently have on file.



Welcome back to Term 4. I hope you and your family had an enjoyable holiday time together, and we also look forward to welcoming our new Kindergarten children for 2021 to their Getting to Know You Sessions and Orientation Days from Week 4 onwards

Book Fair and Book Parade

Thank you to many school families who have been a wonderful support of our annual Book Fair this week. It is a great privilege to be able to share and develop the love of reading with students and to provide them with good quality literature to enjoy and grow their reading. It was also a pleasure to see students dressed up as their favourite book character today! We enjoyed being able to share our costumes within our stages during the mini-parades!

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behaviour for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day-to-day life of the school.

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Coming up we are looking at ‘Being absorbed in our learning’ in Week 3 and ‘Joining a game or a group’ in Week 4.

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated:

The Lakes Grammar Habit of ‘Persevering when learning gets hard in Week 1:

Jared Allen, Josh Hirst, Zeah Chadha, Khloe Tubridy, Alana Stewart, Isabella Campbell-Mclean, Jorja Beasley, Tully Jones, Max Spiteri, Oliver Austin, Thomas McKenzie, Willow Stuart, Kaella Doyle-Michaels, Lucas Mace, Tahlia Gatherer, Ellie Petrie, Clair White, Milla Harding, Dana Gonzalez, Brianna Reynolds.

The Lakes Grammar Habit of ‘Empathy’ in Week 2:

Claire Freeman, Sophia Miles, Poppy Coughran, Charlton Fewings, Alexis Van Der Straaten, Olivia Hayward-Shepherd, Blake Nielsen, Viktoria Clarke, Ella Turner, Addyson Harmer, Kennedie Gardner, Jett Woods, Oliver Carmody, Chelsea Rogers, Alyse Quealey, Addison Kowaliw, Steel Wilkinson, Prabh Kaur, Zeb Coombe, Lexi Mullholland.

Ulimiliko Awards

Completed Ulimiliko cards from Year 5 and 6 students should be handed in to Mr Wallace by Friday, 30 October (Friday Term 4, Week 3) in order for these to be processed in time for Speech Day.

Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser

Congratulations to Abigail Brown of 6OC for her efforts in a total of $245.20 from selling 3D printed keyrings in support of the Jump Rope for Heart Foundation and to all of our Junior School students who are supporting this worthy cause again this year.

Ralph Johns

Acting Head of Junior School


What a wonderful week we have had celebrating all things Book Week, with the theme: Curious Creatures, Wild Minds.

Our Scholastic Book Fair ran very smoothly and successfully even though it was a little different this year. Thank you to all the students, parents and staff who were involved in supporting our Book Fair this year. A percentage of all sales come back to the library to further add to the resources. We will let you know total monies raised in the next newsletter.

We normally have a visiting author around Book Week but this has been postponed to August 2021 (Gus Gordon, who is a wonderful picture book author and illustrator).

Finally, our Book Parade was very successful and students from K-6 participated in mini-parades held throughout the day. It was wonderful to see so many book characters and students discussing their favourite books.

Prizes will be announced for best creative dressed for K-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6 costumes shortly.

Library lessons

For the remainder of the term, students will be studying, voting and completing various activities on the CBCA 2020 Shortlisted books.

Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


We have had an exciting three months of debating where our two Year 5 and 6 teams participated in 5 debates each against independent schools all over Australia. Both our teams have done extremely well in the initial rounds and were ‘on the go’ preparing debates each week. They have gained some amazing feedback and have greatly improved their debating skills.

Our Year 6 Team has made it through to the Quarter Finals against Carinya Christian College, Gunnedah. We congratulate them on getting through to the Finals Round and wish them well in the debate.

Congratulations to both teams!

Lakes Grammar A

Tahlia Allen

Cohan Voisey

Briella Moore

Clair White

Makayla Beasley

Hannah Ruzicka

Lakes Grammar B

Donald May

Abhishek Babu

Cohen Baldwin

Corey Englebrecht

Isla Yager

Brianna Roberts

vs. Yarranlea Primary – Win

Topic: That we should ban sports involving animals  


vs. Pittwater House A  – Win

Topic: That community service should be a compulsory part of the high school curriculum 


vs. St Hurmizd Assyrian Primary - Loss

Topic: That public transport should be free 


vs. The Scots School Albury B - Win

Topic: Junk food should not be sold to children under 18 


vs. Macarthur Anglican School A – Loss

Topic: That electronic devices should be banned from primary school classrooms 

vs. The Hills Grammar School  – Loss

Topic: That we should ban beauty pagents 


vs. Tara Anglican School  – Win

Topic: That we should abandon space exploration 


vs. Bundaberg Christian College - Loss

Topic: That cyclists should have to pay a registration fee to use the roads


vs. Carinya Christian College   - Loss

 Topic: That we should ban violent video games. 


vs. Pittwater House B  - Win

Topic: That smoking cigarettes should be banned 

Amanda Holland

High Potential and Gifted Education Co-ordinator K-6




Welcome to Term 4! After such a splendid send off to our Year 12 2020 students at the end of last term it is it again great to see our students return looking refreshed and eager to learn. This is a big term for our students academically. We have already hosted a Year 12 2021 Introductory Focus Week, a Year 12 2020 Study week, a ‘Check-In Assessment’ week for our 7-9 students and of course our Year 12 students have begun the HSC.

On Tuesday, the HSC began with their first English Examination, the students were ready for the examination and it therefore provided them with reassurance for the weeks ahead. As well as being prepared for the examinations, our students have the added stress of worrying about COVID-19! This means before an exam they have to sign a declaration that they are not displaying flu-like symptoms, and are aware if they start displaying these symptoms during an exam they may be asked to leave! As you can appreciate, this is a lot to take on for them again! 2020 has certainly been an interesting year for our Year 12 students and I am sure no one wants to repeat! We are so very proud of how our students have demonstrated determination and resilience this year and we pray they will continue to stay resilient, determined and focused in the following weeks as they complete all their HSC exams.

In the past week I have had two external parties who gave lovely, pristine comments about our students and how they conduct themselves. The first was from the nurses who conduct the Year 7 immunisations and they told me about how polite and wonderful our students are every year and how we are their ‘favourite school to attend’. The second was through a staff member who attended a local chain restaurant for dinner, when the manager heard one of our staff was in attendance he specifically spoke to the staff member saying how he loves our students, that he currently has nine of our students employed there and how he now looks for Lakes Grammar when resumes are submitted. This is a wonderful testament to our students but also to our staff.

This year we were lucky enough to be accepted into a partnership with Sydney University STEM Support Mentor Program. This program has meant that as a school we have had access to STEM specialists at the University who have assisted our STEM team in building our STEM program. Although, due to COVID this program has been modified, our staff have persisted, and our students have delved deep into their learning and have demonstrated they are inquisitive, resourceful, determined and creative! Please take some time to view the video link following; this has been submitted to the University to demonstrate our student’s achievements and creativity in the STEM arena. A big congratulations to our STEM team and especially to Mr Sewell, Mrs Charker and Mrs Pallot for making it happen! We all can’t wait now for the Farm Field Day in the coming weeks!

We started the term with a focus week for Year 12 2021 where students attended seminars run by staff to help them prepare for the road ahead. These seminars were run by myself, Mrs MacLarty, Miss Mackillop and Mrs Nicholls. The focus was on educating our students about the requirements for the HSC, using technology to support them, how to reference correctly and how to look after own wellbeing in the year ahead. Students were also provided with a ‘Survival Pack’ which included a bookmark which reminds our students what they can achieve if they put their faith in the Lord.

In the coming weeks our Year 7-10 students will embark on their Yearly Examinations; Year 9 and 10 during Week 4 and Year 7 and 8 during Week 5. We wish our students well in their studies and their upcoming exams.

In the weeks following the Yearly Examinations, staff have designed several focus days for our Year 7-10 students. These events have been designed so students can delve deep into aspects they have learnt during class and explore through hands-on activities. More information to follow about these events in the next newsletter.

We have started our plans for our Year 7 2021 Transition days. All parents should have received an email from our Registrar, Mrs Jolly outlining the arrangements for the days. If you have not received an email and your child is in Year 7 2021, please contact the school. 

Michelle Smith

Acting Head of Senior School


What a start to Term 4, HSC is off and running, Check-In Literacy and Numeracy Assessments for 7-9 have taken place and students are well into preparing for their Yearly Examinations in class. Staff have already engaged in a Professional Learning Session where we again focused on powering up our students’ Learning Power! This Monday the Senior School staff met to together (still via zoom) to consider how we can empower our students through the language of learning, building students’ capacity to be self-monitoring and self-evaluating. After meeting together, staff met in zoom break-out cross faculty groups where they reflected on their current practices in class and shared ideas regarding how they already use student self-monitoring tools in their classes. Our ultimate goal is to:

As with last term, we continue to focus on our faculties and provide you with information about how students are delving deep into concepts in the classroom. This week we focus on PDHPE. PDHPE is a wonderful and important subject, it explores many concepts which relate to students’ lives now and into the future. Our dedicated PDHPE staff, Mr Campbell, Mr Beecroft and Mrs King work tirelessly to challenge our students thinking about themselves, relationships and the world around them. I hope you enjoy Mr Campbell’s recount of the deep learning our students have experienced last term in this area!


Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning


‘A life without health is like a river without water’ - Maxime Lagacé

In the PHDPE faculty we endeavour to try and assist students to make healthy decisions to help them lead healthy and active lives. A snapshot of some of the areas with which we facilitate positive decision making, recognise injustice, empower positive change and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. Here is a snapshot of some of the areas that we have been focusing on.

Year 7

Students commenced Term 3 by examining adolescent changes. These include physical, social and emotional changes. These individual changes and external factors (such as media, family and peers) impact our personal identity in both negative and positive ways. Students explored the following questions: How do we recognise what is helpful for our personal identity and resist the factors which are unhelpful? What various external factors impact and reflect on their own lives?

Year 8

During Term 3, Year 8 investigated the importance of making good choices surrounding drug use and celebrating the healthy decisions of deciding not to use drugs. The drug awareness unit progressed to examining how drug use can impact not only the individual but also the community.  Students researched which type of drug use is more harmful to the community? Legal drugs (alcohol and tobacco etc) or illicit drug use (cocaine, ecstasy, ICE etc) or is it impossible to accurately compare the two? While we are decreasing the use of tobacco in Australia, however, other drug use is increasing. Students discussed and presented on: How can we help teenagers make healthy choices?

Year 9

Year 9 have been engaging with how they can move more efficiently in sports in order to perform better. They also examined what respectful relationships look like and how we can identify healthy relationships. Students explored and questioned and debated what we as individuals should do when we see an unhealthy relationship. Can we practise applying this to our lives?

Year 9 Pass

During our recent unit on coaching, students explored the many facets of becoming an effective coach. Students identified examples of great coaches and analysed their coaching methods to determine what makes them a great coach.  Students evaluated the questions: Are coaches that win, effective coaches and conversely are coaches that lose, are they actually bad coaches?;  Should coaches exploit rules to create effective strategies? How much emphasis should there be on winning and how much emphasis on participation/sportsmanship? Year 9 PASS enjoyed analysing various coaching styles and have started to identify these qualities in coaches.

Year 10

During Term 3, Year 10 PDHPE explored health issues affecting men and women and their impact on wellbeing. Students analysed how norms, stereotypes and expectations influence their health. They investigated the influences of risk-taking behaviour and assessed the impact on their lives. They examined marketing strategies and media messages that influence the health behaviours and actions of young men and women. While during practical lessons exploring the elements of composition such as space, dynamics, rhythm and timing through dance. They showed their creativity through choreographing and performing their own group dance!


Students have identified and justified the choice of priority issues and examined the roles that the health system and health promotion play in achieving better health for all Australians.


Stuart Campbell

PDHPE co-ordinator


Our HSC students are on their way with their exams having started this week. As a staff and school, we have been praying for these students each day and will continue to so for the next few weeks. What a great celebration Graduation and the Formal will be at the conclusion of all their exams!

Our new Year 12 students have been inducted and our new Captains and Prefects have made their pledge to lead the school for the next 12 months. They are already planning for events and activities they would like to lead to help build a sense of belonging for all.

Last week saw our Year 12 students participate in a range of workshops to help them as they begin their HSC year. I delivered a session on “How to Stress Less in Your HSC” and another session on “Self-Care”. These were received well and are available for them to review on their Year 12 Teams page. This week students are returning applications for our Learning Mentor program which sees a number of our staff volunteer time to spend with a student assisting with issues like organisation, study tips, career advice, or just someone to check in with. These sessions have proved very valuable for our past Year 12 students and I encourage all Year 12 students to take up the offer to have someone else ‘in their team’ for the year ahead.

Nominations are now open for our Year 8 students for a position in the Mental Health Advocacy Group (MHAP) Team for next year. This is a team of Year 9 and 10 students who work together to provide opportunities to learn about mental health issues and work towards good mental health initiatives. This is a fantastic leadership opportunity and I encourage students to fill out a nomination form which is available from the office.

Here is a quote I shared with our HSC students before one of their exams this week. I think it works well for all of us….

Alison MacLarty

Senior School Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing


Lakes Grammar is a BYOD school, this means it is an expectation that all Senior School students will have a device with them to support their learning at school each day. From 2021, the preferred device for a student in the Senior School is a Microsoft Surface, MacBook or another type of laptop, we prefer not an iPad, Android device or Chromebook. Current Lakes students may continue to use their iPads in 2021.

Most textbooks are available as eBooks, which lightens the load in backpacks. Teachers will have students using their devices for a range of activities or may choose not to use them at all at times.

You will be able to purchase a device at a reduced price through using any of the following options, but we advise you to compare prices. On a broader scale as well:

Our IT Manager has suggested by way of some guidance that If you decide to order through the School Order Portal that the HP Probook 435 x360 G7 - 13.3", 8GB, 256GB with Accidental Damage Protection could be an option to consider as it can be purchased over 12 months interest free and accidental damage protection can also be purchased over 3 years as well. However, please note that students do not have to have this exact machine, this is just to provide you with some guidance.

If you would like further clarification about the needs of your child regarding BYOD, please feel free to contact me at school.

Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning


Sydney Drug Education & Counselling Centre (SDECC) will be delivering another “Parents Prepared”, an online drug education workshop for parents of high school-aged children on Thursday 5th November 2020 from 4.30 to 6.00pm.

This workshop will provide parents with information about drugs, their effects and tips for talking to young people about drug use.

We would appreciate you sharing the attached flyer with your parent network.

Parents can register at



Surf Safety Talk- Year 5

On Wednesday, 21 October. Year 5 heard a talk about Surf Safety which was facilitated by Surf Lifesaving Australia. The students found this highly informative and interesting and will hopefully use their knowledge at the beach this summer.

K-1 Mini Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday, 28 October K-1 will participate in their Mini Athletics Carnival. This will be held during their usual PE lesson time and facilitated by Sports in Schools Staff. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to have spectators attend. Please ensure your child has their hat and an extra water bottle. Students are to wear their sports uniform.

Surf Education Day- Year 6

On Friday, 30 October, Year 6 will attend a Surf Education Day at Toowoon Bay. Permission notes should be returned to class teachers by now. All details on what to bring are outlined in the permission note (a copy of the note can be found on the School Calendar through your Parent Portal). We are sure all participating students will have a fantastic time.

James Cantor

K-6 Sports Co-ordinator