Week 2, Term 1  2018



Welcome back to Lakes Grammar for 2018. The first two weeks of school have gone well and most students have settled well into their new classes and for some, their new school. It is a pleasure to welcome so many new families into our school. I hope you will find us to be the friendly and welcoming community that so many families have experienced over the last 14 years. If you have any questions or uncertainties please don’t hesitate to call the school.

If you were able to attend the Welcome BBQ and meet the teacher evening last night, I hope you found it to be helpful. There are always routines and expectations for students that differ each year as students progress through school so it is good to be aware of them at the start. It is also good to be able to “put a face to a name”. Relationships are everything in a school. Respectful and understanding relationships between parents/carers and school staff are particularly important.

I sent all families an email this week about the new Parent Webinar Program for parents of students in independent schools. The topics covered include: pornography and young people, adolescents and sleep, internet safety, preventing bullying, teenagers and alcohol, anxiety and several others. The webinars are presented by specialists in their fields so I encourage you to make the time to watch those most relevant to you and your children. See my email for instructions on accessing the webinars.

The Blessing of the Backpacks for our Kindergarten students is on this Sunday at the Lakes Anglican Church in Kanwal at 9.30am. This is a great way to begin a child’s education in an Anglican school. It connects us to our wider Anglican family. The Rector of Lakes Anglican, Reverend Tim Waghorn, is very welcoming and he attends many of our special events at school. If your child is in Kindergarten I hope you will be able to take her or him along. Besides this, the children look so cute in their uniforms and backpacks – it’s a real feel good occasion! Anyone can attend of course, it is not confined to Kindergarten families.

Korean students visit

Our Korean students arrive next Wednesday to stay with host families from our school and to spend time in classes with our students until they depart on Tuesday morning, 27 February. Thank you to the families who have agreed to host. It may not be too late to offer to host – call Liz Evans at school if your circumstances have changed and would allow you to host. Our first visits from Korean students in 2016, and from Chinese students last year, were great occasions for all involved.

Parents and Friends Association

The first meeting of the P&F will be held in the Junior School Library on Tuesday, 13 February. We will begin at 6.30pm for tea, coffee and a chat as we welcome new and “old” members. The actual meeting begins at 7pm which is the regular meeting time. The P&F meets the second Tuesday of each month during term time. Please come along and be part of the planning and doing of the many community-building and fundraising activities of our dedicated P&F. The P&F donated over $60,000 to our school last year for some significant projects. The Senior School fitness centre is one such project which was completed over the holidays. Another major project just completed is the new covered seating in the Senior School. Many thanks to our hard-working and highly skilled groundsman, Aaron Walker who, with the help of a labourer or two, completed these construction projects in time for the start of school.

Would you like to host a French Exchange Student?

We are asking for expressions of interest in one of our families hosting an exchange student from France. It would be for ten weeks from about 19 June. Or two families could host for 5 weeks each. This is a great opportunity to learn more about France and share our wonderful country and hospitality. The organisation is Nacel Australasia ( which co-ordinates programs for overseas students wishing to spend time in Australia.

Nacel are offering fantastic benefits to host in 2018:

  • a Coles food voucher for $750 (10 week programs)
  • the 2018/19 Entertainment book
  • a $750 discount to a student member of the hosting family for any of our international programs in 2018.

Lakes has hosted exchange students in the past through Nacel. Please contact Suzanne Tischler on 1300 735 732 at Nacel if you are interested and would like more information.

Mr Michael Hannah






Welcome Disco (K-6)

Thursday, 22 February 2018

School Hall

K-2 Disco 5.00 - 6.00pm

3-6 Disco 6.15 - 7.30pm

More details to follow shortly once flexischools bookings are live.



Over the Christmas holiday break I had the privilege of watching some really good movies.  I managed to get to the cinema twice with the family and some friends and watched Jumanji 2 as well as The Greatest Showman both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Jumanji 2 made me laugh so hard I almost needed a change of clothes and The Greatest Showman moved me to tears. I hadn’t realised beforehand that it was a musical and was caught off guard by the power of the music and lyrics.  Sheer brilliance.

One of my daughters who knows my love of soccer gave me the DVD, “Pele: Birth of a Legend” and we sat down as a family to watch it.  The ladies of my house are not really into soccer but all of us were inspired immeasurably by Pele’s story.  It was so profoundly moving that I shared a clip with our staff at our first gathering together and spoke to them about ‘embracing their ginga!”  Each of the staff I work with and indeed our students too, have a unique set of attributes that make them who they are.  All our teachers teach, but how they go about that will be different from each other.  All our students learn but how they do that will likely be different in some ways from others and honouring those differences is a part of great teaching.

“Ginga” is that essence of being Brazilian.  It is dance, it is beauty, it is expression, it is soul.  It is an unquantifiable yet ever present part of who they are.  So, like Pele, who embraced his ginga and went on to become the most successful and possibly greatest footballer of all time I encouraged our staff to embrace their ginga and teach from their very being.  Don’t try to be exactly the same as those around you, but be your very best self.  God has made you who you are and our students will benefit greatly through you being yourself.  My prayer for all of us is that we might “embrace our ginga” in 2018 so that we can be the best versions of ourselves as possible as we dance the dance of life.

Bless ya!






Welcome to the 2018 school year in the Junior School. I do hope that all families enjoyed a relaxing Christmas and New Year holiday period together, celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying family time, and that everyone is refreshed and ready for all that 2018 has in store! It was such a pleasure last week to welcome the smiling faces that make our school such a happy place to come each day. It is a new and exciting year as the Junior School continues to strive to achieve excellence in education, care and friendship.

We have a number of new families, including all of our new Kindergarten students, joining the Lakes Grammar Family and a very warm welcome is extended to each. Our school is such a wonderful place with which to be associated and I am certain that you have already been made to feel very welcome.

Building Learning Power

We are continuing to work on our Building Learning Power program in classrooms. The diagram below shows the four areas of our ‘Building Learning Power’ program (Reach Out, Look Within, Think Clearly and Believe in Ourselves) which link in with our school motto ‘With Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength’.

A number of learning actions which are associated with each area are listed around the outside of the circle.

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behaviour for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day to day life of the school.

Over the beginning of the term, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Week 1: Review/introduce Habits and key expectations

Week 2: Respect fellow learners and teachers

Week 3: Prepared and organised for learning

Week 4: Commitment 


Stars of the Week

Showing familiarity with our ‘Lakes Grammar Habits’

Tess Miller, Elliott Hill, Grayson Kowaliw, Flynn Cliff, Maggie Yager, Bonnie Cooper, Aiden Steer, Angelina Amorin, Amy Williamson, Brianna Roberts, Simon Connor, Abigail Whelan, Lara Bowly, Willow Edwards, Hamilton Dobson, Douglas Matri, Ty Daly, Jorja Marino, Scarlett Kurki, Jack Tough, Jaydee Lourens.

Demonstrating our ‘Lakes Grammar Habit of Respect: 

Hayden Elliott, Elise Cantor, Jinuli Senanayake, Sophia Lin, Eden Clarke, Marcus Wells, Grace McLeod, Keanu Lourens, Ryder O’Brien, Mason Van Tilborg, Isla Yager, Claire Hennessey, Arini Yellamaraju, Josef Aad, Briella Moore, Milla Feeney, Illysa Roper, Brendan Park, Jayden Rooke, Mischa Lancett, Noah Simon


Junior School Leaders 2018

It has been a pleasure to have begun working with an enthusiastic and keen group of Junior School Leaders in 2018 and for them to officially take office following our Induction Assembly and Chapel on Thursday. We are looking forward to attending a Student Leadership Day later in the month to continue to grow together as leaders and to plan for a range of initiatives whereby the students are able to carry out their roles within the school this year.

A huge thank you to the leadership group for the example they are setting to others in the classroom, the playground and in a range of co-curricular activities. Their involvement at the Junior School Swimming Carnival and around the school has been very much appreciated already! 

Our 2018 Junior School Leaders are:

Junior School Leaders: Jaydee Lourens and Noah Simon

Junior School Deputy Leaders: Ava Burgess and Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage  

Cranmer College: Ellena McGarry and Lachlan Jeffrey 

Lightfoot College: Rylee Baxter and Harrison Cross 

Ridley College: Holly Longland and Tyler Hawkins   

Tyrrell College: Scarlett Kurki and Liam Wallace

Christian Ministry: Siobhan MacLarty and Kennan Wallace 

Welcome BBQ and Meet the Teacher Evening

Thank you for all the families that were able to come along to the Welcome BBQ, it is always a highlight of Term 1, and a special thanks to the P & F for all their efforts in supplying a BBQ dinner.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Meet the Teacher sessions for Years 1 - 6 this week and we hope that you found them informative. We understand that it is difficult for some families to attend these sessions so please feel free to touch base with your child’s classroom teacher for any handouts or information that you may have missed.

The Curriculum Booklets for each year level, Kindergarten – Year 6, are now available on Parent Lounge for those of you who would like to know more about the programs on offer at the School.

If you were unable to make the evening, your child’s class teacher has also sent home a copy of the handout from the evening.

Many of your children will be participating in our extensive co-curricular programs and you will have received communications from the teachers administering these activities about the arrangements for each of these. The staff are working hard to support the children to be organised about their attendance at these and we are encouraging them to note these in their diary. It would be helpful if parents could also give the children a reminder about any clubs or activities that they should be attending at the start of the day for the next week or so.


Trinity College of London – Drama Examinations

Congratulations to Katie Cook (Year 6) and Sam Cook (Year 7) who sat their Trinity examinations recently - they both received the highest grade - Distinction - for Grade 3! Sam achieved 86% and Katie 85%.


Kindergarten and Year 6 Buddies

A warm welcome to all of our new Kindergarten students and their families. It has been great to see the top job that Year 6 have been doing with their Kindergarten buddies to help them to settle in to Lakes Grammar. Thanks to Year 6, Mr Johns, our Kindergarten teachers, our Teacher’s Aide Tracey and our Junior School Psychologist, Stacey for all of the work that they have done to help the students settle in.

Mr Will Wallace

Head of Junior School


Welcome Back

A big welcome back to 2018! We have lots of exciting things and activities in the JS Library already scheduled for the year including Book Fair, author visits and Book Parade – stay tuned for more information.

Please also refer to our home page:

JS Library BLOG:


Overdue notices have been sent out this week. These overdues are from the end of last year. Please check and make sure you have looked for them.

Please refer to the notice on how to replace the missing item (3 options available).

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2018

Once again, students are invited to participate in the PRC 2018. Information and reading logs will go home in the next few weeks during library lessons.

Library Helpers – Term 1

Congratulations to the following Year 4 students who have volunteered their lunch times to be a library helper this term: Indianna Lourens, Lexi Mulholland, Clair White, Briella Moore, Abigail Brown and Tahlia Allen. I am sure they will do a fantastic job!

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


It has been a wonderful start to 2018. I would also like to take this opportunity to highlight a recent newspaper article and some excellent websites to enhance your understanding of Student Wellbeing.

In a recent article in the Sydney Morning Hearld entitledThe behaviours linked to higher NAPLAN scores’ 

“Reports that recent research provides empirical evidence for the importance of teaching children social and emotional skills alongside academic skills in the classroom.

“Children who display social and emotional strength when they enter kindergarten are up to 26 points ahead in each of three NAPLAN domains throughout primary school, compared to students who display anxious, aggressive or disruptive traits, a new study has found.

The study of more than 52,000 kindergarten students from nearly 2800 NSW schools has found that children who displayed co-operative, socially responsible and helpful behaviours at the start of school scored between 24 and 26 points more in each of the years 3 and 5 numeracy and writing tests and up to 18 points more in the reading tests than their peers who displayed "maladaptive" behaviours.”


Last year as part of the KidsMatter initiative Lakes Grammar introduced Friendly Schools Plus Program which is the first Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Anti-bullying Initiative for schools developed through research with Australian children and adolescents.

The aim of the program is to bring the whole-school community together to contribute to the development of a friendly and safe culture within the school through social and emotional learning.

PDH teacher Mrs Colthorpe, as well as class teachers, guide students through a range of activities and discussions aimed at developing social skills and fostering positive interactions across the Junior School. The five key areas covered include self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and social decision-making.

Student Wellbeing Hub - a site for Educators, Parents and Students.


KidsMatter – Primary – For Parents and Carers

KidsMatter Primary and Resilience. Children need to develop resilience and healthy coping skills to deal with life’s ups and downs. Life’s downs may include emotionally painful experiences such as feeling loss, rejection, disappointment or humiliation. It takes time and a lot of practice to develop any skill and learning coping skills is no exception. In this article, KidsMatter Primary provides some useful coping strategies to manage resilience.




The e-Safety Commissioner produces a newsletter to support student online wellbeing. It provides resources, information and current information related to online safety. Register to receive the emails.

Influence of Screen Time on Children’s Sleep Patterns.


Mr Ralph Johns

Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing



Coding Clubs

Welcome back to all those keen computer coders. This year I will again be offering the opportunity for students to participate in extra-curricular coding. I will be sending out letters regarding this in the next two weeks.
We hope to start Coding Clubs in Week 4 of Term 1. K-2 Coding will be held on Mondays at lunch time and 3-6 Coding Club will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 3-4pm. We will be introducing some robotics into the 3-6 Club this year, also.

Robocup Junior

We will also be taking two junior school teams, of students from Years 5 and 6 to the Robocup Junior competitions, competing in the Rescue and the Dance competitions. Students who are interested in being considered for a team should contact Ms Jobe-Parker.

3D Gaming

We also are looking forward to continuing to provide the opportunity for students to participate in the 3D Game training program with Game Training Pty Ltd. We are planning an information session on this great extra-curricular activity and will send out more information shortly.

Ms Jobe-Parker

Robotics and Coding Club Coordinator



Children’s University Launches at Lakes

On Thursday, 22 February a representative from Newcastle University will be launching the children’s University program here at the school. We are very excited to have this opportunity available for our Year 7 and 8 students. Please see the information attached, parents are welcome to attend the information session if they would like to. More information will follow in the next newsletter or you can read more about it at 

Minimum Standard HSC Literacy and Numeracy Tests

Students in our current Year 10, who did not gain a Band 8 in Numeracy, Reading and/or Writing in NAPLAN, will have the opportunity to sit further online tests to demonstrate they have now reached this standard. Our staff, in consultation with parents and students, will decide when the students will take the test. Each student can sit the test twice a year in set timeslots. If your child needs to sit one of these tests, we will be sending home more information via email in the coming week. Please feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions about this.

Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning




Lakes Grammar Swimming Carnival – Wednesday, 7 February

A full detailed report of our swimming carnival at Mingara will be available in the next fortnightly newsletter.

School Sport 3 - 6

3 – 6 School sport has now commenced and most students have been allocated a sport. There were a number of sports to choose from both paid and free. Any questions, please see Mr Cantor.

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn on Tuesdays for sport i.e. hat, white sport shirt, school sport shorts and socks. Lace-up joggers that support the ankle are advisable. Joggers of a solid colour other than white, canvas shoes, skate shoes and bright flouros (other than a small amount of striping) are not permitted. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well. 

The following policy again applies to sport choices in 2018: If fees are in arrears for your child/children, your child must choose a free sport that is offered at school, unless you have an agreed payment arrangement with the school. Paid sports will not be visible to students who are in this situation on the night of online sport selections. Please speak to your child about this to avoid any disappointment.

HRIS / CIS Representation (5/6 only)

Once again, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the JS Sports noticeboard with upcoming events and mentioned at Monday morning assemblies. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information: 

Please note, if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as X Country, swimming, etc.), then they can purchase a polo HRIS shirt from the school. They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details.

Coming Up in Term 1 2018:

CIS Tennis Trials – Monday, 26 February

CIS Basketball Trials – Friday, 23 February

HRIS Swimming – Thursday, 8 March

HRIS Football Trials – Monday, 5 March and Monday, 12 March

HRIS Netball Trials – Monday, 12 March

Mr Danny Summers
K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator



I wish to extend a welcome to all new students and their families to Lakes Grammar. I also welcome back all continuing students and their families to another busy year of sport.

The following dates have been determined for Lakes Grammar major sporting events for 2018.

Secondary Swimming on Tuesday, 13 February, Wyong Pool.

Cross Country (K-12) on Friday, 9 March at school.

Secondary Athletics Wednesday, 30 May, Warnervale Oval.


It was great to see such a smooth and enthusiastic start to the year with weekly sport. I remind all students that you must have the correct equipment to participate in your sport each week. I would like to remind parents and students that the correct uniform is to be worn each sport day. The correct uniform is the school sport shirt, school sport shorts, white school socks and joggers (lace-up joggers that support the ankle are advisable. Joggers of a solid colour other than white, canvas shoes, skate shoes and bright flouros (other than a small amount of striping) are not permitted). Street shoes or slip on shoes are not appropriate for sporting activities as they do not do up tightly enough to support the ankle and foot and do not support the heel.

If your child is having issues with uniform please contact the school.

The following policy again applies to sport choices in 2018: If fees are in arrears for your child/children, your child must choose a free sport that is offered at school, unless you have an agreed payment arrangement with the school. Paid sports will not be visible to students who are in this situation on the night of online sport selections. Please speak to your child about this to avoid any disappointment.


College Sporting Lunch Time competition


This term students have the opportunity to represent their college in a lunch time soccer competition. Draw construction is underway and I encourage all students to get involved either as a player, support person or in an organisational role.

Teams are mixed and divisions include: Years 7-9 and Years 10-12.


Representative Trials:


The following HRIS Trials are coming up.

Friday, 9 February – Open AICES Tennis Trials

Tuesday, 20 February – Open HRIS Tennis Gala Day

Wednesday, 28 February & Thursday, 1 March All Schools Triathlon

Wednesday, 7 March – Open HRIS Hockey Trials & Gala Day

Tuesday, 13 March – 15yrs HRIS Netball Trials

Wednesday, 14 March – HRIS Swimming Championships

Monday, 19 March – Open & 15yrs HRIS Football (soccer) Trials

Tuesday, 20 March – HRIS Touch Football Trials

Tuesday, 1 May – Open HRIS Netball Trials

Thursday, 3 May – HRIS Rugby Union Trials

Friday, 4 May – HRIS Cross Country

If you would like to attend please see Mr Beecroft for the nomination details well before trial date.

Student News


Keely Bogle was selected in the AICES Girls Softball team and will attend the upcoming NSWCIS Trials with a great chance of being selected. We wish her best of luck.

Han Green represented NSW Country in the under 15 girls cricket National Championships which were held in Adelaide. They were undefeated and won the Championship!  Han played very well, she got 6 for 22 in the final and was made player of the Final. Han was also selected for the Cricket Australia Talent Squad.

At the end of last year Jezebel Navusolo competed in the Australian All Schools Athletics Championships in Adelaide. She finished 6th in the 15 year girls Triple Jump, jumping a distance of 11.43m. Congratulation Jez on this fantastic achievement!

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-Ordinator



Equestrian Team News

Welcome to a new year at Lakes Grammar.

We are looking forward to another exciting year competing at School Equestrian events for Lakes. As events release their dates and programs, I will be letting you know via emails and the newsletter. If you are interested in competing at events, make sure I have your current email address.

We will also be holding our own Lakes Grammar Equestrian event this year, after the success we had last year. It will be held on Monday, 6 August. We will be looking for families who would like to help in the organising and running of the day very soon.

I look forward to seeing you competing for Lakes Grammar this year.

Ms Jobe-Parker

Equestrian Coordinator



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Online ordering is available for a wide range of school activities including canteen, events, fundraisers and more. To register or login to Flexischools visit


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