Week 2, Term 3 2017



Welcome to Term 3. There’s a lot to look forward to this term, especially in the areas of creative and performing arts. We have the Senior School musical, Junior School showcase, HRIS Cultural Festival, the IPSHA Music Festival at Sydney Town Hall and the annual Art and Photography exhibition. Children’s author Andrew Daddo is visiting the Junior School. As well, we have the Science and Engineering Challenge in the Senior School; HSC Trial examinations; the Chinese students’ visit; the Book Fair in the Junior School; HRIS Gala Days; Years 3 and 5 camps; NAIDOC Week activities; Fathers’ Day stall and breakfast; and a whole lot of other activities besides teaching and learning, all culminating in the Year 12 Graduation ceremony and Formal on the last day of term.

Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing (Senior School)

I am very pleased to announce that Mrs Alison MacLarty has been appointed our new Co-ordinator of Student Wellbeing for the Senior School. This position has been vacant since Mr Maslan left us at the end of 2016. Mrs MacLarty has experience as a Year Adviser and has a great vision for the role. Mrs MacLarty will continue the positive initiatives we already have and will plan for more. Her role also involves working with students who need assistance with improving their behaviour.


On Monday morning we launched our revamped playgroup, called PlayCrew. We had a large number of parents and their pre-school children enjoy play, socialising and Happy Feet dancing. Several parents were new to the school and the regulars welcomed them to the group. PlayCrew now has a co-ordinator, in Margaret Ballam, who is the Director of Sunbeams. Marg has planned a calendar of structured activities for the term. PlayCrew is open for anyone within or outside our school community who would like to bring their pre-school children for a fun morning.

Chinese students

Thank you to the families who have agreed to host Chinese students this month. I hope you will enjoy this inter-cultural experience. If it weren’t for your generosity in hosting, our students would not be able to have these experiences. The students arrive at school at 5pm on Sunday 6 August. They will participate in a range of different activities at school on Monday and Tuesday and they depart on Wednesday morning. Host parents are welcome to attend the welcome assembly on Monday morning at 8.45 and the farewell assembly on Wednesday morning, also at 8.45. The Chinese students will present a song at both assemblies and we will present a preview from High School Musical on the Wednesday. Our visitors are from the city of Hangzhou, which is not far from Shanghai.

Student Teachers

We have several student teachers here this term, two in the Senior School in Visual Arts and Science (the Science student is from Toronto, Canada but is studying in Australia) and two in the Junior School (6L and 4A). Amy on 4A is from the University of Minnesota in the USA. We welcome these student teachers to our school and are pleased to contribute to their practical experience and help shape them as the teachers of the future.

Congratulations to….

Jordan Ghattas, of Year 5, who has been selected for the state Under 13s squash team and will compete at the nationals in Geelong in the next school holidays.

Mr Michael Hannah




SHOWCASE 2017 ‘Music from the ages’

Wed 6 Sept – midday matinee and 6:30pm evening performance

Friday 8 Sept – 6:30pm evening performance

Ticket prices are as follows:

Family: $35 (2 adults/2 students)
Adults: $12
Student/concession: $10

We are excited to announce this year we have moved to online ticketing for this event with RESERVED SEATING.  Tickets will go on sale at 9am on Monday 14 August. Details on how to purchase tickets will be sent home via email and the mobile app.


PlayCrew is a free fun social opportunity for pre-schoolers and their mums/carers. PlayCrew is held onsite in our School Hall,  led by a dedicated staff member and supported by our Junior School Chaplain. PlayCrew provides a 2-hour social opportunity each Monday morning offering both free playtime as well as structured activities such as story time with guest readers, music & song time and gross/fine motor skills development. Every couple of weeks an external service provider will visit PlayCrew to conduct an interactive activity for approximately one hour of the session. For the full schedule of activities for Term 3 visit  This is an open community event. All are welcome – just turn up when you can.

VW Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Central Coast Volkswagen will be a Platinum Sponsor of our Spring Fair this year. Central Coast Volkswagen will also sponsor a number of our student activities throughout the year and we are very grateful for their support.

Central Coast Volkswagen, call 4320 0944.

We wish to thank and acknowledge our wonderful school community sponsor



At the end of last term I took Long Service Leave and went to the UK with one of my best mates.  He had already been pootling about through Europe by himself and we would meet up at his in-laws home on the outskirts of Edinburgh. For a little over two weeks we would cover some 1300 miles together across Scotland and Ireland before a few days in England visiting friends in different places.  It has been an experience that has shifted my perspective on history and particularly how the Christian faith has shaped the culture of the UK and subsequently us in Australia.

I have been sharing with our staff some photos each day with hopefully a word of encouragement as well.  Pubs, churches, castles, music and people all added into the mix of experiences captured in digital image and shared with a reflection.  One of the best experiences I had was staying in a Tipi on a little farm outside the village of Ballyshannon, County Donegal, Ireland.  Our host was a fantastic Irishman who loved Montana and would travel there every year to ride horses and wrangle cattle.  He had put up two Tipis, a cookhouse and an A frame cabin for guests to use and for breakfast he ate with us and shared of himself openly.  He was incredibly down to earth, gracious and welcoming.  One could not help but be won over by his hospitality.

This kind of experience was repeated wherever we went in Scotland and Ireland as people opened their homes, pubs, castles or tipis to us and shared so freely of themselves.  It is that feeling you get when you know that you are not in your own home yet feel completely at home.  Surely this is what hospitality really means.  My prayer is that each one of us may be able to offer true hospitality to those we meet each day whether they be family, friends or even strangers…who knows, we may even be hosting angels unawares (see Hebrews 13:2 in the New Testament).

Bless ya!





Our term started with a flurry of activities which are adding to the rich life here at Lakes. On our students’ second day back it was National ‘Do Something Day’. Students were challenged to look for something they could do for others whether it be as a continued service or a simple random act of kindness. Here are a couple of clips that students watched:  

The MHAP (Mental Health Advocacy Program) team have met with the BATYR (a mental health organisation we have been working with) to start planning our school’s RUOK? Day which will be held in September. Our MHAP students are planning activities for the Senior and Junior School which will engage our student population in conversations about good mental health and ways of helping themselves and others towards good mental health. Stay tuned for more information about this.

Our Senior School Prefects have been busy organising an awareness and fundraising campaign for Beanies for Brain Cancer. This is a cause which is close to the hearts of our Prefects, who wanted the school community to stop and think about the impact of brain cancer on our society. They organised a mufti day, a short presentation, a domino effect activity and a sausage sizzle to raise funds and awareness around the issue of brain cancer. Well done to our seniors for bringing these important issues to the front of people’s minds!

Finally, here is an excerpt from an article from Harvard University discussing the link between diet and mental health – food for thought: Think about it. Your brain is always “on.” It takes care of your thoughts and movements, your breathing and heartbeat, your senses — it works hard 24/7, even while you’re asleep. This means your brain requires a constant supply of fuel. That “fuel” comes from the foods you eat — and what’s in that fuel makes all the difference. Put simply, what you eat directly affects the structure and function of your brain and, ultimately, your mood.      

For the full article go to:

Mrs Alison Maclarty

Coordinator of Student Wellbeing



Term 2 Cognito Student Awards

On the first Thursday of Term 1 the Senior School held its Term 2 Awards Ceremony. It was so wonderful to see so many students receive awards for a variety of activities they have been involved in. It is also so nice to see the smiles on the students’ faces as they come to the stage to receive their awards. We are very proud that all students are eligible for Cognito awards by just getting involved! 







Alex Voigt Year 7 – Special School Achievement Award Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition.

 Language Perfect World Online Championships

Bronze Award

  • Adiba Ahmed Year 8 (Arabic, Japanese and Chinese)
  • Anna Tokareva Year 8 (Russian – 4th in NSW)

Credit Award

  • Nooransh Dhaka Year 8 (Chinese and Japanese)
  • Jamie Durham (Chinese)
  • Zali Phillips (Chinese and Spanish)

ICAS Digital Technology Awards


Destinction Award

  • Alex Pullen
  • Jordan Stevens
  • James Sorbello

Credit Award

  • Paddy Harrison
  • Kaitlin Moore
  • Arno Van Der Wateren
  • Jensen Schramko
  • Evan Kinder

Robocup Regional 

3rd Place to the following team; all from Year 7:

Dylan Inwood, Jessica Gardiner, Benjamin McKay and Kimberley Mackay

Mrs Michelle Smith

Director of Teaching and Learning


Dear Parents,

This year we will be participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Through this program we will be able to get new educational resources for our School / Early Learning Centre. If you shop at Woolworths please ask for the stickers.

From Wednesday, 26 July to Tuesday, 19 September or while stock lasts. We are collecting Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers. You will get one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco and gift cards). Place the Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker onto a Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheet and when it’s complete please drop into the Collection Box at School or at your local Woolworths.

At the end of the promotion, we will be able to get some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers a range of items ideal for our students including resources for Maths, English, Science, Art, Sport and Library. If you would like to know more visit



The P&F Committee would like the thank the school community for their recent support with a few fundraising events. The trivia night raised a record $2006 thanks to the efforts of Adele as our new Trivia coordinator, and the Disco raised $2013 thanks to Di, Mel and their team of helpers. Without the support of parents, teachers and the Lakes community, these results would not be possible.

The P&F Committee work hard to fundraise for the school so that major projects can be undertaken. Recent efforts and those from the upcoming Spring Fair Open Day on Saturday, 21 October will contribute towards the new large ceiling fans that are being installed in the School Hall over the next school holidays. These will be very well appreciated by all over the warmer months, particularly Speech Days, and this is a wonderful contribution to our school facilities by the P&F Committee. If you would like to get involved in the planning of Spring Fair, a meeting will be held at Warnies Cafe on Tuesday, 1 August from 9:00am. Any contribution to assist no matter how big or small would be greatly appreciated as this is a massive event to co-ordinate and any extra help would be appreciated.

Thank you again for your valued support of the P&F Committee.



Welcome back to Term 3. The staff team and I trust and hope that both you, and your children, had an enjoyable winter break together.

The term is already looking extremely busy.  We have many events and activities planned and only ten weeks to do them in!

Year 3 Camp – Sydney

Year 3 have just returned from their exciting overnight experience in Sydney where they visited Hyde Park Barracks, Cockatoo Island, travelled up the Parramatta River and stayed overnight at Homebush. The students had an engaging time learning about the First Fleet and the early days of the British Settlement in Australia as well as Aboriginal perspectives around colonization

I extend our thanks to Mrs Harries, Mrs Jobe-Parker, Mrs Mayall, Mr Price, Mr Summers, Mr Mason and Mr Oates for their efforts in making this camp run so smoothly. Well done to all of our Year 3 students who were engaged and active learners throughout the camp experience and magnificent representatives of our school.

Parent – Teacher Interviews

All parents should have received their children’s report prior to the holidays. Whilst reports are an accurate record of performance they are not the most comprehensive way of communicating detailed information to families.  It is for this reason that I would encourage every family to attend Parent/Teacher Interviews. The second Parent/Teacher Interview session is being held on Monday 31 July.

Please ensure that you have booked appointment times to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher through Parent Lounge as soon as possible. 

Please remember that whilst these formal interviews give you the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress with their teacher, you are most welcome, and encouraged, to speak with your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year.

Pride in Excellence Morning Tea

Well done to the boys and girls who were able to attend the Pride in Excellence Morning Tea with Mr Hannah, Mr Johns and I towards the end of last term. It is great to recognize the achievement and involvement of these students in all areas of our school life. I commend them for the high standard that they have achieved and for ‘having a go’ at the different opportunities on offer in our Junior School. Our thanks go to Central Coast Volkswagen and David Lyle for facilitating the sponsorship of this event.

Addyson Harmer, Jensen Baldwin, Hannah Ponchard, Ryder Thomas, Nate Waldon, Piper Davidson, Lexi Russell, Joseph Talbut, Ava Dickinson, Ethan Curry, Ryder O’Brien, Isabelle Garner, Kane Mcleod, Isabella MacDonald, Miranda Feller, Carter Davidson, Zahlia Graham, Stone Pitzner, Maddison Kustreba, Zander Graham, Elizaveta Maplesden, Benjamin Speechley, Isabella Koen, William Wieland, Tahlia Shorten, Benjamin O’Brien, Hunter Lindley, Isabelle McClelland, Isaac Hobbs, Liam Hogue, Lara Grellman, Gianni Williams, Rihana Gosselin, Mischa Lancett, William Edwards, Emerson Goodenough, Baden Walmsley, Finlay Stewart, Sam Cook, Kani Lukuta, Jaydee Lourens

Lakes Grammar Habits

The Junior School utilises the learning framework of Lakes Grammar Habits to effectively integrate our Building Learning Power, Positive Behaviour for Learning and Virtues programs.

  • Building Learning Power develops the capacity of students for learning, their curiosity, craftsmanship, creativity and collaboration.
  • The Virtues program develops children’s Christian values, moral harmony and moral integrity, including kindness, honesty, trustworthiness, service, empathy and moral courage.
  • Positive Behaviour for Learning develops our student self-regulation and self-awareness to demonstrate respect, responsibility and care for themselves and others.

The Junior School collectively focuses on a Habit each week drawn from one of the three programs whilst concurrently working with students to develop a range of habits and capacities in the day to day life of the school.

Over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the following concepts. These are also recorded in the Student Diary for each week:

Coming up we are looking at ‘Imagine and explore possibilities’ in Week 3 and ‘Tolerance’ in Week 4.

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated:

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Ask the right questions in Week 1:

Riley Astbury, Georgie Fallon, Max Sawicki, Alek Eckersley, Mikaela Lewis, Hunter Thomas, Juna Sudarsana, Milla Harding, Oscar Stewart, Ben O’Brien, Mitchell Curry, Josselyn McGarry, Jaxon Morales-Gonclaves, Mikayla Palmer, Aidan McIntyre, Maddison Sammons, Lachlan Baxendale, Nathan Wilson.

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Consideration in Week 2:

Vivian Alcock, Mitchell Hayes, Bronson Cortilla, Zaccheus Cantor, Tristan Holland, Mia Kehoe, Ruby Emery, Carter Thomas, Stone Pitzner, Jessica Olivieri, Mitchell Pernecker, Ty Daly, Caitlin Gardner, Tahlia Royle, Isabelle Christoffersen, Cameron Taragel, Hannah-Lee Harris, Zoe Sawers

Mr Will Wallace

Head of Junior School





Welcome Back to Term 3

Welcome back to what is always a very exciting and busy term in the JS Library. This term, we always celebrate Book Week, which will coincide with our Book Fair and author visit. In Library lessons this term, we will be focusing on reading and responding to the 2017 CBCA Shortlisted books and students will vote on who they think will win Book of the Year – known later in August. Year 5 and 6 will also be creating Book Reviews and Book Trailers for these books.

Year 5 in Information Skills will be looking at Australia’s History of the Goldrush period.

Premier Reading Challenge

Registration for the 2017 PRC is now closed and we currently have around 70 students who have completed the challenge so far. Keep them coming in!  All completed 2017 PRC lists must be handed in by 25 August.

We have a few students already completed. Congratulations!

We hope to receive the actual certificates by the end of the year from the NSW Premier’s Office.

Students who complete the 2017 PRC in Term 3 will also receive a photo for our JS Library Achievement wall.

Andrew Daddo Author visit

Andrew Daddo , TV personality and children’s author will be visiting our school on Thursday, 3 August for 3 x 1 hour sessions with our K-6 students. Andrew will be talking about what inspires him to be an author and is happy to answer any questions students may have. We have read a number of his books during recent library lessons.

If you have any of his books at home, I am sure he will be happy to autograph them. We look forward to having Andrew visiting. An article and photos will be available next newsletter.   


Library Helpers Term 3

Congratulations to Jackson Roffey, Chloe Collins, Charlotte Dobson, Brooke Shorten, Hannah-Lee Harris, Evren Kulak, Sam Cook (reserve) and Chris Eadie (reserve) all from Year 6 who will be our library helpers for this term.

Book Fair

Our annual Scholastic Book Fair will be happening again soon. Stay tuned for advertising and other promotional materials.

Please note, there will be NO BOOK PARADE due to Showcase this year (every 2nd year only) 

Vegie Garden

As can be seen from the before and after photos, our garden is growing everyday since mulch has been added. We look forward to harvesting some of the produce later this term.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian


Lakes Grammar competed in the St Edward’s Interschool Chess Challenge on Tuesday, 6 June at St Edward’s College, Gosford.

It was a great day and everything was well organised. Jake had four wins, Corey had two wins and two draws, Fletcher had one win and one bye. These young kids had some tough games (there were two games that Fletcher and Corey played until the last minutes with one piece against their opponent) playing against Year 4-6 students.

With Year 6 away on their excursion it was a great opportunity for the younger players to represent the school.

Mr Nathan Crumbley

Chess Coordinator




The CAPA Faculty is very pleased to announce that Disney High School Musical tickets are now on sale. There is a buzz around the Secondary School as costumes are being fitted, sets are painted, dances rehearsed, lines remembered and voices tuned. The cast is working very hard to bring this hugely popular show to life on our very own stage here at Lakes Grammar.

Don’t miss out!  Book now and look forward to a brilliant show. The Musical opens on Thursday, 24 with a second show on Friday, 25 August. Bookings are online for the very first time - simply follow the links on our school website . Be sure to book early to secure good seats


During the school holidays some of our senior Duke of Edinburgh students completed amazing expeditions. I thought I would share Fred Rodak's latest journey as it might inspire other students to follow in Fred's inspirational and independent footsteps. Both Fred Rodak and Callum Scott are aiming to complete their Gold Duke of Edinburgh by the end of 2017. Fred has selected to participate in two four-day adventurous journeys offered by Urban Challenge.

His July expedition took Fred hiking in National Parks and navigating through the streets of inner Sydney. Fred thoroughly enjoyed his experience, it required him to independently source and cook his food, build physical endurance, camp and find hostels to sleep in plus make new friends. Fred selected his own Gold journeys and is now looking forward to completing his five day Gold residential project in Vietnam with Lakes Grammar during the September holidays.

Congratulations Fred!

A reminder to all Bronze and Silver students to keep logging their award activities into the online record book and to ask me for assistance if they require help.

Mrs Megan King

Dukes Coordinator


Max potential – what is it?

The Max Potential project offers 22 weeks of personal leadership development including coaching with young leaders from schools and the community, to help them maximise their potential during the final years at school and beyond. It also encourages students to focus on the local community and ways that they can work to improve it.

Community Service Project by Georgia Crook:

Have you ever resisted getting out of bed simply because you didn't want to walk across the cold tiles in your house? Imagine what it's like for a homeless person each and every day having to endure the cold winter morning, living with so little that they don't even have anything to keep their feet warm against the cold elements. Georgia Crook in Year 11 at Lakes Grammar is asking for your help as a part of her Max Potential community service project. She is collecting pairs of socks for Coast Shelter to donate pairs of socks for those in need. We ask you to help support her in her quest to help keep the homeless shelters around the coast warm for the rest of this harsh winter.

written by Camryn Kendall.

If you are able to assist with donating socks and unused board games, could you please put these items into the boxes located at the Junior and Senior School Reception before the 9 August.

Thank you for your assistance

Mr Campbell




HRIS Cross Country Carnival Team
Well done to all those students who competed at the CIS Cross Country at Eastern Creek at the end of last term. Our students represented the HRIS team superbly and gave their all.

CIS Netball

Congratulations to Tia Palu who played in the HRIS team at the recent CIS netball gala day in Homebush on Monday, 24 July. Tia played well throughout the whole day and displayed great teamwork. She joined four other HRIS girls who were named in the top 22 to play in the extra selection games. Thank you for representing HRIS.

We thank Mrs Cliff as Manager of the team and Jah Taiapo as Coach for their wonderful leadership and guidance.


Oz Tag Gala Day

We have recently entered year 3 / 4 and 5 / 6 teams to play Oz Tag at Adcock Park in Gosford on Tuesday, 15 August and Wednesday, 23 August. Trials are being held this week to fill the teams by Mr Cantor and Mr Lawson.

HRIS Football / Netball Gala Day Tuesday, 29 August

Notes for this annual event have gone out this week to all those students in the respective teams. Please return them by the due date for organisational purposes.

PSSA Touch Football

We wish Zac Gillett from Year 6 the best of luck as he competes for CIS in the NSW Touch Football Championships in Wagga Wagga next week.

3-6 Tuesday Sport for Term 3

Tuesday sport for 3-6 is now up and running. A variety of different sports have been introduced this term. Please see Mr Cantor if you have any questions.

Tuesday Sports Uniform – Reminder…

Just a reminder that full sports uniform must be worn i.e. hat, white sport shirt, white coloured joggers (no fluro colours), school sport shorts and socks. It is strongly advisable to have a water bottle as well. 

HRIS / CIS Representation (5/6 only)

Once again, there are many opportunities for our Year 5/6 boys and girls to represent HRIS or CIS. Students who already compete at a representative level are encouraged to trial for that particular sport. A term timetable is placed in the JS Sports noticeboard with upcoming events. Please also check regularly the following websites for further information:

Please note: if your child is selected for a HRIS team (such as Cross Country, swimming, etc.), then they can purchase a polo HRIS shirt from the school. They are $33 each. Please see Mr Summers for more details. If your child is nominated or successful in representing HRIS at a CIS event, then a $23.36 nomination fee will be applied to your account in due course.


Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator


All Schools Cross Country

Ashley Pernecker and Charlotte Akhurst competed in the NSW All Schools Cross Country Championships at Eastern Creek against the best Cross Country runners from NSW Schools. Both girls ran extremely well and represented our school and themselves with pride.

HRIS Athletics Carnival

The school team competed at the HRIS Athletics Championships on Monday, 24 July at Glendale Athletics Centre. All students were competitive on the day and represented our school extremely well, trying their best in all of their events and supporting each other. There were some standout performers on the day from individual students and many students competed in a large number of events during the day.  Standout performers included Ashley Pernecker, Nicolas Bignall, Jeremy Beale, Jezebel Navusolo, Jackson Barnes, Olivia Glanville, Eric Weber, Ellie Rudder, Anna McKechnie, Madeline James, Elizabeth Thomas and Blair Evans. Those students who have been successful in gaining selection to compete at the next level will be notified soon. Full results will be published in the next newsletter and on the sports notice board.


During the last week of term, we had our school netball team compete at the AICES Netball Cup at Sydney Olympic Park. Both teams played well and our Opens side just missed out on making the final against Hunter Valley Grammar by 1 point in the semi-final.

Upcoming sporting competitions include:

  • 2 August - HRIS 15’s Football Gala Day
  • 7 August – 14’s/16’s CIS Rugby League 7’s Championships
  • 7 August – Lakes Grammar Equestrian Championships
  • 9 August – Central Coast Schools OzTag Gala Day, years 7 & 8
  • 16 August – 15’s boys/girls HRIS Basketball Gala Day
  • 22 August – HRIS Rugby 7’s Gala Day
  • 25 August – Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College Sports Day Invitational
  • 28 August – Central Coast Schools OzTag Gala Day, years 9,10,11 &12.
  • 30 August – NSW CIS Rugby League 9’s Championships
  • 30 August – AICES Athletics Championships
  • 11 September – HRIS 15’s Basketball Trials
  • 20 September – CIS Athletics Championships

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-Ordinator




Order and pay for a wide range of school activities from home or on your mobile. Online ordering is a convenient way to place orders, providing a 24/7 payment and ordering system that can be accessed from home, work or a mobile device. 

Online ordering is available for a wide range of school activities including canteen, events, fundraisers and more. To register or login to Flexischools visit


Alinta Apparel is the supplier of our school uniform shop. Alinta operates directly from our school four days per week. For full details on opening times and prices visit


Our P&F Committee operates a second hand uniform shop each fortnight from the Junior School. For dates please visit