Week 4, Term 4 2016



Spring Fair/Open Day
What a great day this was last Saturday! In spite of dire predictions of rain, the weather turned out to be perfect for our fair. I think it was the best Spring Fair we’ve ever had. The number of visitors was the greatest we’ve seen and there was a very positive and happy feel all day. We reintroduced Open Day as part of the Fair and that drew a good number of enquirers who were able to take tours of the Junior and Senior Schools led by students. Kaleidoscope in the hall showcased much of the learning done by our Senior School students as well as our Junior School Robocup team. The Museum in the library displayed the learning of our History students, while the activities in the Science lab and the Design and Technology room gave students hands-on learning and fun things to take away with them.

Thank you to our Parents and Friends Association and our Marketing and Community Relations Officer, Bev Seers, who together co-ordinated the day. Thank you to the many parents who worked on stalls or did other work towards the success of the day. It was a great day and I was very proud of our whole school community. Whilst financial reporting is still taking place we look set to make an event record profit in the vicinity of $21,000 which is an outstanding result.

Another new building

Shortly work will begin on another modular classroom to join the other five at the Junior School. This will entail removing the concrete stairs from the oval down to the playing courts and rebuilding closer to the courts. This is needed because the fire access trail has to be realigned. Other work to be done and hopefully completed by the beginning of Term 1 next year is: a shelter over the Kiss and Go area at the Senior School; a shelter over the new(ish) playground equipment in the Junior School; bag boxes on the decks of the modular classrooms; a new covered deck off the front of the Junior School next to the ramp to expand the waiting area for parents; and improved lighting in the breezeway outside the OC classroom.

Year 6 to 7 transition visits

Our Year 6 classes have been having their transition days in the Senior School recently. Reports are that have enjoyed the visits and are looking forward to beginning Year 7 next year. If the students had a look around the Senior School exhibits on Spring Fair day they would have added reasons to be excited about starting high school at Lakes Grammar. Our Orientation Day for all incoming Year 7 students will be held on 11 November.

Congratulations to…

Rachel Azzopardi of Year 4, Charlotte Dobson and Charlotte Tarleton of Year 5, who have been selected in the Under 13’s Central Coast Indoor Hockey teams to compete at the state championships this weekend. Rachel has also been sub-drafted to the NSW team.

Mr Michael Hannah





Carols by Candlelight

Friday, 2 December 2016

From 6pm, School Hall

BBQ and canteen available

K – 2 Speech Day (last day for K - 2)

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

9:00 – 10:30am

School Hall

Years 3 -6 Speech Day

Thursday, 8 December 2016

9:00 – 10:30am

School Hall

Years 7 – 12 Speech Day

Thursday, 8 December 2016

11:15 – 12:45pm

School Hall




Matt’s Mutterings

Last time I wrote I spoke about finding surprises in the Christmas story.  Well at Spring Fair the other day I was surprised by an encounter I had with someone I have known for most of my life, but haven’t seen for close on 25 years.  Let me tell you the story.  It was high noon and I needed to walk to the junior school site from senior school.   I was saying hello to people as they walked along whether I recognised them or not.  I said hi to a couple who had their 5 year old son with them and kept walking down the hill.  A few seconds later I heard my name being called out, “Matt….Matt Shorten?  It’s me Andrew!”

I walked back up the hill to them not believing my eyes.  After a big hug hello, introductions were made to his wife and son and we chatted about the Open Day and Spring Fair and life at Lakes Grammar.  All too soon I had to be going, but being totally blown away by how God brings people into our lives at different times.  What struck me as even more amazing is that Andrew’s dad was at my house the very next day as we celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday.  And his dad had played a huge part in not just my faith formation, but also in my wife’s and my parents’ too.

I genuinely believe that the people in our lives are there for a reason and that we go through seasons with people.  I also believe that we are wired to be attentive to our relationships and to be thankful for those people who bless us and also for those who test us.  My prayer for us as we approach the end of term is that we will have thankful hearts for all those people who create a kaleidoscope of relationships that colour our world.  May you see God’s hand at work as the relationship circles entwine your life and the lives of others too! 

Bless Ya

Matt Shorten





Important Messages


AFTERNOON MESSAGES are given to students immediately after lunch. Please be aware that the school reception area is a very busy time at the end of school and it is unreasonable to expect that a message can be taken out to students who have already departed their classrooms for the day to stand in bus lines or parent pickup. If you need to get a message to your child regarding alternative travel arrangements, please contact the school reception prior to 1.30pm.




An action-packed term…
What a fortnight it has been! Our IPSHA Debating teams travelled down to Abbotsleigh last week to participate in the IPSHA Gala Debating Day. Our debaters came away with a win against St. Luke’s Grammar and also enjoyed a close debate against Abbotsleigh. It has been wonderful to see the students develop their debating capacity throughout the year in the HRIS and HICES competitions and to give such a good account of themselves at IPSHA level. Congratulations to Jack Blackshaw, Sebastian Araneta, Alex Voigt, Ellie Rudder, Kasey Young, Liam Lightfoot, Kiarna Elliott and Zoila Owais.

We celebrated World Teachers’ Day on Monday. We are fortunate to have many exceptional teachers at Lakes Grammar whom I’m sure will be remembered with gratitude by our students for the way that they brighten their classes with their enthusiasm and provide each of our children with the confidence to believe in themselves. A huge thank you to our talented teaching team!

Our soccer players enjoyed some friendly games against Avondale School, representing the school with pride, effort and sportsmanship. Our cricketers also ventured out for a gala day last week, winning a few games and again acquitting themselves beautifully.

Year 5 students are preparing for the upcoming leadership speeches in looking towards 2017. They have been very engaged in the leadership seminars that Mr Johns and I have been conducting with Peter, Ms Dow and Mr Creanor. We have received a number of high quality applications and appreciate the number of students who are keen to ‘give back’ to Lakes Grammar in a formal leadership role.

It was a pleasure to catch up with so many school families at our Spring Fair and Open Day last Saturday. The boys and girls were having an amazing time on the rides and visiting the stalls and displays on the day. A number of our Junior School students performed a range of musical items beautifully and the robotics demonstration was excellent. My gratitude to all of our parents who volunteered their time to assist on the day and to the Year 5 and 6 students who also donated some of their time to conduct School Tours with Mrs Jolly and I for prospective families around the Junior School. Our particular thanks to the P & F, Lana Brown, Mrs Seers and Mrs Evans for all of their efforts in putting such an excellent day together.

Our Kindy Crew for 2017 had their first visit to the school, enjoying a half day for Orientation this week. They enjoyed reading stories, making crowns for craft, trying out the play equipment in the Kindy Courtyard and testing out the iPads! We look forward to welcoming them and their families back for the second orientation session next week.

Year 1 travelled to the Reptile Park for their excursion. They learned about a range of Australian animals – and many children have recounted to me that seeing the crocodile and platypus were the highlights of the day! Miss Coleman also had a close encounter with a snake which has also been joyfully described by many of the boys and girls!

A number of our Kindergarten to Year 2 Music students performed at our lunchtime Peripatetic concert – treating us to pieces that were sung as well as those played on the violin, flute, piano, drums and guitar. Well done to the children involved – your practice has certainly paid off! You sounded amazing and your parents can be very proud of your efforts!

Year 6 have also been visiting the Senior School for their transition visits leading up to their Year 7 Orientation Day next Friday. They have enjoyed touring the Senior School, visiting the library and partaking in a range of Senior School lessons in their time there.

Australian Mathematics Competition results

  • Distinction (top 20% of students) – Blair Evans, Jackson Blackshaw, Zoila Owais, Noah Simon, Finlay Pigot-Irving.
  • Credit (top 55% of students) – Kasey Young, Kiarna Elliott, Sebastian Araneta, Tia Palu, Kani Lukuta, Liam Lightfoot, Noah Flower, Charlotte Dobson, Nathan Wilson, Diluk Adikarimudiyanselage, Ailey Van Meeteren, Douglas Ruzicka, Tahlia Moore, Jake Freeman, Mitchell Curry.

The School Library

We are really fortunate to have Mr Summers as our Teacher-Librarian in the Junior School and Mrs Tennant in her role as Assistant Librarian. Our students enjoy their weekly Library and Information Skills classes, as well as the opportunity to borrow and to use the space during lunchtime and after school.

Mr Summers has recently completed his Graduate Certificate in Librarianship. Holding qualifications in both education and librarianship enables him to have a broad overview of student and teacher learning across subjects and year levels. Mr Summers’ particular expertise in supporting literacy learning through assisting children and their families to choose the right book for the appropriate stage of each child’s progress has proven to be invaluable for us.

One of the tasks that Mr Summers also undertakes is that of teaching Information Skills, drawing on his unique expertise to guide students in learning research skills which involve locating information online and in hard copy form and judging the relevance and accuracy of various sources in relation to the topic being researched, referencing these appropriately.

Mr Summers also supports teachers across our Junior School through providing resources that support the curriculum, assisting teachers with locating both new and additional resources to support them with their planning.

Lakes Grammar Habits

Well done to the boys and girls for embracing our Lakes Grammar Habits of the Week. Coming up we are looking at ‘Kindness’ in Week 5 and ‘Resisting distractions’ in Week 6. 

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated:

The Lakes Grammar Habit of being absorbed in our learning in Week 3:

Sritha Yellamaraju, Ashton Healey, Judy Lin, Saanika Purohit, Olyver Hokin, Claire Hennessy, Harsameep Kaur, Laiba Malik, Tatiana Prica-Chamberlain, Sage Kenny, Ailey Van Meeteren, Noah Simon, William Edwards, Anu Babu, Amity Southwell, Connor Rooke, Emma MacDonald, Chloe Collins.

The Lakes Grammar Habit of joining a group or game effectively in Week 4:

Ashlyn Hanson, Lauren Peachey, Tristan Holland, Gibson Bayliss, Jett Dow, Donald May, Ava McLeod, Dallas Bel-Castro, Tom Lamphee, Nicholas Squires, Ty Daly, Ava Burgess, Zach Charlesworth, Isobel Waldon, Hayden Brander, Jemma Young, Oliver Walsh, Kani Lukuta.

Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School



Chess Report
On Friday, 21 October 12 students participated in the HRIS Chess Gala Day at Avondale School. The students were from Kindergarten to Year 6. They played 7 games of chess over the day with many successful wins. Kindergarten students played against students from Years 3 and 4.

Our Kindergarten students were the only ones from that grade in the competition. The students behaved in an excellent manner. The students began and ended with a handshake and a smile. There were 10 schools from the region participating on the day. Our students should be proud of their participation on the day.

Mr Price



Art Competition
Congratulations to these talented artists: Ava Burgess 4C, Miranda Feller 1B, Brianna Roberts 1B, Kourtney Gardner 1B, Tahlia Moore 4C.

Last term Lakes Grammar students were given the opportunity to enter into an art competition run by the Toukley and Districts Art Society. Several talented students received a letter this week to notify them that they were shortlisted competitors. The theme for their art was “The Local Environment” which the children interpreted in their own unique ways. They have been invited to the opening presentations on Saturday, 5 November where they will be receiving their awards. The children’s artwork will be on display at the Toukley Art Gallery for the month of November where you are warmly invited to view the shortlisted artworks submitted from all across the Central Coast. Congratulations on a great achievement.

Miss Veronica Butcher


On Monday, 24 October two teams of Year 5 and 6 students competed in the IPSHA Debating Gala Day at Abbotsleigh. The students all debated very well on some challenging and controversial topics.

Team 1 debated ‘That schools are the new Parent’ and won their debate. These students included: Zoila Owais, Liam Lightfoot, Ellie Rudder and Sebastian Araneta.

Team 2 debated ‘That Australia should give more foreign aid’ and lost by only a few points. These students included: Jackson Blackshaw, Kasey Young, Alexander Voigt and Kiarna Elliott.

Ms Amanda Holland


Spring Fair Book Stall

A massive thank you to all of the Lakes Grammar community who supported us by either donating books or buying books at our recent Spring Fair. In total we raised approximately $500 in sales which will go towards restocking resources in both JS and SS libraries.

Borrowing and Stocktake

A reminder that borrowing will finish at the end of Week 5 this term. We ask that all returns be sent in from Week 6 so that weeding, sorting and stocktake can take place the following weeks.

Library lessons will formally cease at the end of Week 7.

Term 4 Library Helpers

Congratulations to Alyssa Milla, Georgia Wysman, Will Anderson, Bianca Jolly, Ashley Pernecker and Emma McDonald from Year 6, who will be our library helpers this term.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian

Year 1 Excursion

This week Year 1 were excited to be heading off to the Reptile Park to see all the creatures we’ve been learning about in Science and HSIE. There were many opportunities to get up-close with the animals and see how they move, their diet and how they feel. A huge thanks goes to Mr Asquith for organising the excursion and to our parent helpers who came along on the day. Year 1 represented our school beautifully!

Miss Coleman, Miss Butcher and Mr Asquith

Year 6 Transition Day

For Year 6 students the transition to Year 7 and the Senior School can engender a mix of feelings. These feelings range from happiness and delight at leaving the younger grades behind, to shock and uncertainty as they realise the security of the Primary school is gone. From older students with positions of responsibility back to small fry again.  To assist this transition at Lakes each of our Year 6 classes spends a day in Senior School meeting staff, touring the school and participating in English and Maths Classes.  The students enjoy their time and feel rather important as they head to their new favourite place, the canteen.  Another transition day, “Orientation Day” will be held on Friday, 11 November for all Year 6 students, combining with those attending from other schools.  The day is always enjoyed as the students meet new class members and experience design and technology, music, library and the art of pizza making (or in the boys case pizza eating!).

A sausage sizzle and bottle of water will be supplied for lunch for all students attending this Orientation Day.

Mr Andrew Lawson



Equestrian News
Recently we congratulated Paige Lindley on her success at the Interschool Equestrian Extravaganza in Tamworth. Claudia Fuerschke also competed at the event and finished 6th overall in the EvA105 at ISHE.  She was sitting well after dressage but an unlucky rail in the Show jumping dropped her position. However, she was clear in the cross country section, which contained some very tricky lines and challenging combinations over a very big course containing big jumps. This is the last competition Claudia will compete in for Lakes, as she is moving on to a new school this term. We wish her all the best and congratulate her for all her wonderful results competing for Lakes in Equestrian events over the years.

We have a few students competing at Maitland Horse Sports on Tuesday, 15 November and we wish them all the best.

Also for those students looking to attend an excellent Open show horse and breed competition, Emma Rudder is holding her annual ‘Emma’s Show Horse Championships’ on Saturday, 19 November at Hawkesbury Show Ground.

Ms Cynthia Jobe-Parker

Equestrian Team Coordinator


Junior School Girls Soccer Friendly

Last week Lakes Grammar Junior School Year 5/6 girls played a friendly soccer game against Avondale School. The girls didn’t have much practice but it didn’t slow them down. The girls were extremely determined, and although they had limited experience and practice, never gave up. The Avondale girls were the victors, 6-2, however in the second half Lakes and Avondale were 1-1, with improvement and perseverance to the very end. We congratulate all the girls on their excellent sportsmanship, team-work and determination.  The girls and I had the pleasure of Mr Asquith’s expert coaching experience and they all benefited greatly from his help.

Our Lakes Grammar team consisted of Abbi Davies, Holly Wilsher, Kasey Young, Ellie Rudder, Georgia Macdonald, Charlotte Tarleton, Charlotte Dobson, Abby Hobbs, Jasmin Haydon, Isabella Kulak, Finlay Stewart, Caitlin Mahoney, Rihanna Fitzmaurice, Ella Lovell and Alyssa Miller.

Our player of the match, for her perseverance and grit in goal was Rihanna Fitzmaurice. Well done to all the girls for their efforts and achievement on the day.

Ms Cynthia Jobe-Parker


Milo Cricket   

On Wednesday, 26 October, 9 boys from Year 3/4 headed out to represent Lakes in a Milo Cricket Competition.  The event consisted of playing 3 ‘T8’ matches on the specially prepared wickets of the WACA and SCG.  Every student got to bat, bowl and field each match, although from the conversations during and after, it was the batting that was deemed the most exciting.  At the end of each match the umpire was besieged by two teams of eager cricketers, as due to the nature of the scoring it is only at the end that the score can be finalised. The team acquitted themselves well with both their cricket skills and their sportsmanship.  For the record Lakes won 2 games and lost the other by a narrow margin.  Thanks heaps to the family members who attended the game and supported, fed, watered and congratulated the players. Thanks to Mr Cantor for organising this event.

Mr Andrew Lawson

PSSA Athletics

Congratulations to Ashley Pernecker and Dylan Coyte who both competed at the recent PSSA Athletics event held at Homebush on the 19th and 20th October. Special mention to Ashley who came 3rd in the 800m which now means she will compete at Nationals in Sydney shortly.  Congratulations Ashley on this wonderful achievement!


Swimming Program Term 4

Swimming school for Years 3-6 has now commenced and is running smoothly.  A reminder that Years K-2 will have their intensive days in weeks 6 and 7 of this term.

Mr Danny Summers

K-6 Assistant Sports Co-ordinator



Our School cricket team travelled to Tamworth last Friday to take on Calrossy Anglican School in a one day match. It was a very early start and a late finish. The team played fantastically together during the match and were unlucky to go down by 3 wickets. All players were great ambassadors for our school and the match was played in great spirit. Thank you Mr Maslen for coaching this side.

Touch Football

The Junior HRIS Touch football gala day was last Thursday and our teams played well all day. Many games were played and there were lots of tired players by the end of the day. Our girls’ side finished 7th overall and the boys side finished 8th overall.  The open teams will compete on Tuesday, 8 November.


A friendly Football match was be held on Tuesday, 25 October against Avondale High school. This game involved selected Year 7/8 girls. It was very warm and the game was competitive. Our girls played extremely well and dominated the first half. We won the game 3 – 1. Another great result for our girls’ Football teams who have done really well in all competitions this year.

Water Polo

We had an under16s girls Water Polo team compete at the AICES water Polo championships on Thursday, 27 October. The girls competed well all day and finished the competition in 4th place.

Whitney Akhurst was a standout player and was selected In the AICES team which will compete later this month at the NSW CIS Championships. Congratulations Whitney.


Keely Bogle competed at the HRIS Softball Championships last week and she was outstanding during all games gaining selection in the HRIS side. Congratulations Keely!


All Schools Athletics

We had a number of students compete at the NSW All Schools Athletics Championships recently. Nicolas Bignall, Jackson Barnes, Jezebel Navusolo and Bethany Kranendonk all did wonderfully in their events. Nicolas finished 2nd in the Discus, Jackson finished 2nd in the high jump and top 10 in the long jump, Jezebel finished 5th in the triple jump and Bethany finished equal first in the long jump, being relegated to 2nd on a count back and also finished 3rd in the triple jump. Bethany will now compete in the Australian All Schools Championships in early December. We wish her luck. These are fantastic results from our athletes as these championships attract the best athletes from all over NSW.

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-ordinator



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