Week 8, Term 3 2016



Co-ordinator of Quality Teaching and Learning K – 6
I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Andrea Harries to the role of Co-ordinator of Quality Teaching and Learning (K – 6). Mrs Harries would be well known to our school families as she has taught in the Junior School at Lakes Grammar for a number of years. The School has undertaken a wide recruitment process and we were pleased with the quality of the applicants for the position. Some of the applicants are currently working in executive positions in their respective schools and the level of interest extended across a range of schooling sectors, including from independent schools overseas. We congratulate Mrs Harries as she prepares to move into this role in 2017 and look forward to the work that she will do in this area. 

Book Week

Many thanks to all the families who purchased books from our Book Fair. This both encourages reading and helps us continue to build our library resources. The Book Parade was again a wonderful display of ingenuity on the part of parents. The children’s costumes were wild and wacky and it’s obvious that many parents went to a lot of trouble to give their children a fun day. The teachers dressed for the occasion also. I do think classes may have been a bit more “excitable” on Wednesday though!


A reminder that it is illegal to park on the grass between the Junior School fence and the road. This is all considered to be a nature strip so it is illegal to park there. As it is in a school zone the fine is $180 and two demerit points. I noticed many cars parked there on the Book Parade afternoon.

Senior School Kiss and Go

The following is very important for effective traffic flow and courtesy to other drivers: if you wish to use Kiss and Go you must turn right after entering the Senior School and drive around the ring road to come up to the Kiss and Go zone. Traffic for this zone queues back down the ring road. You must not drive around the top car park and push in to the Kiss and Go queue. This is very discourteous to the drivers who have done the right thing and it interferes with traffic flow. While everyone wants to get in and out as quickly as possible the rules are there for good reasons. Approximately 10 minutes after the bell, the area is practically clear, so if you can delay your arrival you will be able to enter and exit quickly.

Korean students’ visit

Our Korean visitors concluded their time at our school today with a farewell assembly. Years 4-8 joined them in the hall for a farewell ceremony. Our IPSHA performing arts festival students performed, the Korean students did a traditional cultural performance and I presented the students with certificates. Again I thank our host families for their generosity in sharing their homes with our visitors. I’m sure it has been an enriching experience for all.

Student Absences

All families should be aware now of the changes introduced by the NSW Government to recording absences due to family holidays in term time. Any such absence will be recorded on school reports as an absence from school. If you are taking your child out of school for a holiday during term time you need to apply on the form Application for Extended Leave – Vacation/Travel, which can be found on Parent Lounge. If applicable, you need to state the reason that travel could not be done during the school holidays and provide documentary evidence if possible. As Principal I have to decide if that is a valid reason. If so, I sign a Certificate of Extended Leave and send it to you. Such a student will have the roll marked “L” for Approved Leave. If not, you receive notification of my decision but no certificate. These students will have their roll marked “A” for absent without approved leave. This is the government’s way of emphasising the importance of time at school and thus to discourage families taking children out during term time.

Mr Michael Hannah




Spring Fair Open Day

Saturday, 29 October


Everything you would expect from our annual Spring Fair with rides, live entertainment, food stalls and kids activities, plus this year we will incorporate Open Day involving scheduled tours of both campuses, Kaleidoscope and interactive activities to showcase the schools facilities. This year our event will start with a 5km Community Fun Run hosted by our Athletics, Netball, Snowsports and Equestrian Clubs. More detail will follow shortly but this is a great fun way to kick off our Spring Fair.

Our Monster Cash Raffle tickets have now gone home. There is a fabulous $3,000 cash prize pool on offer thanks to our generous sponsors. If each child could sell one book of tickets it would be wonderful support for this major school fundraiser. Of course if you can sell more we have plenty of spare books at both receptions. 

A Spring Fair Newsletter will come home next week with lots of event information on ride passes, volunteer sign-ups and donation items by year groups.

We thank you in advance for your generous support of the Spring Fair.



Matt’s Mutterings
On the weekend I had the pleasure of baptising not one person, but two very special people.  This is a story that is 10 years in the making and I am still pinching myself that I have been a part of it.  Let me tell you all about it.In 2006 we moved to the Central Coast as a family of 4 and I began work at Lakes Anglican Church and here at school.  My wife Annette became involved in running the youth group with another person and at the time a 13 year old girl was attending.  This girl also started coming to our evening church service and over the next 5 years we got to know her quite well.  Upon leaving school she became a chef and also fell in love.  We lost touch for a while, but then she came back into our lives through the wonders of Facebook.

Fast forward to this year, we are a family of five and our friend is all grown up with a brand new little girl. She asked Annette to be a godparent and myself to facilitate the baptism.  During our baptism preparation meetings it came up that she hadn’t been baptised and I simply asked, “Would you like to be?”  So last Sunday as we gathered around the font, there were a whole lot of surprised faces when I baptised our friend and her beautiful baby girl together.  Many of us were moved to tears knowing full well the journey that had brought us to that day together.

Out of this little story, I pray that you may be encouraged to remember that God’s hand is upon our lives and as life’s wheel turns we may well come full circle with people in our lives.  Cherish those precious moments, but more importantly, cherish the people who God has blessed your life with.  May you too enjoy long lasting relationships that bear beautiful fruit, life giving fruit!  Life’s little surprises, like last weekend’s, have a way of putting a gentle tear of joy in our eye and a warm glow in our heart.  This is God at work through his Spirit. 

Bless ya






Book Character Parade
It was wonderful to welcome and catch up with so many parents and grandparents on Wednesday at our Book Character Parade celebrations. The students looked splendid in their well-thought out and carefully prepared and designed costumes. The Parade was a most enjoyable part of the day and the joy on the students’ faces was obvious for all to see and enjoy. I would once again like to thank Mr Summers and Mrs Tennant for their organisation of their day and the ongoing contribution that they make to our students and to our library. Particular thanks also go to our parents for your efforts in putting together a splendid array of costumes and for your support on the day.

The Junior School has celebrated Literacy and the love of reading with Book Week being a roaring success. We have had a Magician who made colours appear in storybooks and even pulled a rabbit out of a Library box. Kindergarten and Year 1 went on a Fair Dinkum Australian adventure as well. Hats off to all the parents, grandparents and guardians for all the creativity displayed at the Book Parade this week. We don’t have to look too far to see where the children's creative flair comes from!

Korean Student Visit

It was a delight to welcome a number of students from South Korea to Lakes Grammar and have them join our Year 4 - 6 students in their classes over the past fortnight. Our students benefitted greatly from the opportunity to learn more about Korean culture and language, as did our Korean visitors with Australian culture and schooling. Years 4 - 8 enjoyed a special farewell assembly to celebrate the visit with many interesting and entertaining items from the Korean students including a cultural performance. Our thanks particularly go to the many school families who have hosted Korean children over the past fortnight and made this visit possible.

Fathers’ Day Stall and Fathers’ Day Breakfast

It was truly a pleasure to celebrate Fathers’ Day once again at Lakes Grammar and a joy to meet so many dads at the Fathers’ Day breakfast. It was enjoyable to watch a number of Junior School students enjoying breakfast with their fathers on the morning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our school families for their support and patronage of the Fathers’ Day Stall this year and to the P & F for their organisation and running of the stall. You did a wonderful job and the work you do so tirelessly for the children is greatly appreciated by all.

Meet the Teacher – Mrs Samantha Hancock

A bit about yourself - and when and why did you come to Lakes Grammar?

My husband and I have lived and worked in Sydney for the last 8 years and recently bought a property near Lake Macquarie.  The more time we spent up here the more we realised that a permanent move up this way was the perfect thing for our young family. We had intended to make the move at the end of the year but as luck would have it a position became available at Lakes Grammar for the start of Term 3. Lakes Grammar was a school that we had looked at to send our own children when it was time, so having the opportunity to be part of the staff and learning community at Lakes was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up on – and what a fantastic decision I made to apply, everyone has been so warm and welcoming.

What are you most looking forward to in your time here?

I am excited, as I always am, to be a part of the learning journey in every child’s life that I am lucky enough to teach. It is a delight to see children grow and develop under my care and then watch as they continue to progress through their primary school years.

What is your favourite Bible verse?

 Colossians 3:12-14 – “Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony”. 

This passage is for me, a gentle reminder that we all need and deserve forgiveness at times and that love is essential for us and the key to positive and productive relationships.

What is something you'd like to achieve in the future?

To further my own learning in the area of education and leadership as well as in the area of speech and language development in children.


Our Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 boys enjoyed travelling to Lindfield Oval at East Lindfield last Wednesday to play some games of Rugby 7s against Newington College. The boys have enjoyed training with Mr Creanor and I for quite some time and we were keen to get a game of Rugby under their belt! Both Year 3/4 teams played very well with a number of new players picking up the nuances of Rugby quickly and our returning players leading brilliantly from the front. The boys lost by a handful of tries and were excellent ambassadors for our school.

At this point, I will defer to the literary skills of Mr Creanor, who writes:

The Year 3 / 4 teams played in what seemed a blur of 30 minutes and then, our turn. And then a complication, seven-a-side became ten-a-side and that meant we had 1 reserve and they, a fresh team of 10. Requesting the opportunity to offer a prayer, Noah prayed for safety and a win. I struggled to stifle a grin and hoped in my heart the Lord would understand.

The opening whistle, followed by Newington’s kick-off, a couple of ugly passes from Lakes and Dylan skirted the mob’s edge to lay down our first try. First blood went to Lakes and the lads were jubilant! This was quickly followed up with a brilliant side-step and dummy from Zac to Dylan who gave us our second try. Could it be true? We might do OK! Joy was short lived as their winger employed the same tactic on us, skirting our lads he score for his school and their rent-a-crowd went berserk… the pressure was on. Bodies clashing against bodies, messy clean outs and driving over and just before half time Ozzie breaks through the melee to place our third try down and we were happy and somewhat stunned. With a simple pep-talk the five minute break, which was reduced to two, was abruptly over and our boys trotted back onto the hallowed grounds of Lindfield Rugby Club. The Coach, expecting that the new set of fresh legs would decimate the hearty Lakes Lads, was amazed as Ozzie received the ball, ran ¾ of the field to unleash a beautifully timed pass to Zac who laid down our fourth try. A ruck or two later and Noah put on a big run with a dummy to the left, big side-step to the right and a sublime inside pass to Dylan who scored his hat-trick. With these two tries, the Newington team started to unravel and Kai capitalised on their lack of focus to put in our number 6. Not to be outdone, almost from the kick-off, Ozzie plucked the ball from another shambolic passage of play to seal the fate of Newington and confirm our victory.

Sweat-encased, elated faces of the maroon clad warriors filed past the sea of black and white, to offer the conciliatory shaking of hands to their opponents, and then to walk (10 feet tall) to the side line to request their coach to offer a prayer of thanks… A joyous and humbling moment!

Thanks to Mr Creanor for coaching with me, to our many parents who made the trip to support the boys and to Newington College for being able to arrange a game against us, particularly to Mrs Monaghan and Mr Barrington-Ross.

IPSHA Travelling Art Show

Congratulations to the following students who have had their work selected for the IPSHA Travelling Art Show this year. A selection of the works have arrived at Lakes Grammar and are on display for the remainder of the term. Well done on all of your efforts, it is fantastic to have your artwork on display so widely. Please take the opportunity to visit the Junior School Library before the end of term to view the artworks.

Phoebe Talbut

Holly Longland

Miranda Feller

Matilda Fallon

Brayden Croucher

Montana McGarrity

Lauryn Hayhurst

Daniel Foreman

Ashlyn Hanson

Alyssa Durham

Lakes Grammar Habits

Well done to the boys and girls for embracing our Lakes Grammar Habits of the Week.

Coming up we are looking at ‘Make links (with prior learning – look for connections and patterns)’ in Week 9 and ‘No hat, no play’ in Week 10. 

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated:

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Capitalising (making good use of all resources for learning) in Week 7:

Joshua Black, Madison Koen, Chase Rashford, Hannah Preston, Christopher Webb, Thomas Pearson, Makayla Beasley, Oliver Bartley, Abigail Brown, Thomas Holland, Abbey Yeomans, Maddison Haydon, Macy Willis, Rachel Azzopardi, Jessie Leon, Zac Gillett, Cameron Taragel, Benjamin McKay, Georgia Wysman, Ellie Rudder.

The Lakes Grammar Habit of Humility in Week 8:

Sritha Yellamaraju, Ryder O-Brien, Sydney Mugridge, Jack Wallace, Ayva Belgre, Isla Yager, Hannah Ruzicka, Lexi Mulholland, Joshua Barrie, Ellie Brander, Ella Burgess, Benjamin O’Brien, Thomas Ellen, Ashley Gee, Mischa Lancett, Rhianna Fitzmaurice, Emerson Goodenough, Tegan Lynch, Angus Loxton, Kasey Young.

Mr William Wallace

Head of Junior School


MS Sydney to the Gong Ride
We are looking for sponsors and riders in the Lakes Grammar – An Anglican School Team MS Gong ride. Why are we taking part in this event? Aside from looking forward to joining others in the fun and atmosphere on the day, we are taking part to raise funds to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

It’s quite staggering to think that every working day 4 people are newly diagnosed with this chronic disease. It can strike anyone at any time and the symptoms vary so widely. For instance, can you imagine waking up one day unable to do the everyday things you would usually take for granted? Like not being able to see properly (or at all), you physically can’t get out of bed, can’t walk to the phone to call someone – anyone, or live a life without pain? All of a sudden your world has changed.

By being part of this event, and because of your generous sponsorship, the funds we raise will support people living with multiple sclerosis so they can access vital MS Support Services. Services such as MS Peer Support, connecting people who are newly diagnosed with those who have lived with multiple sclerosis for a number of years, or the MS Employment Support program keeping Aussies living with multiple sclerosis in the work force.

Thank you again for your support! We will be thinking of the well wishes and comments on this page as we make our way to the Finish line at the MS Sydney to the Gong Ride.

To donate or leave a message simply click here

Mr Nathan Crumbley


Fair Dinkum Show 
Kindergarten and Year 1 had a wonderful experience last Monday week when the ‘Fair Dinkum’ musical was performed. There was much singing and dancing and it really did tie in many books that have been studied in library lessons this term for Book Week.

Book Parade  

What a brilliant day Wednesday was for our bi-annual book parade. There were some outstanding and creative costumes and all students had a fun and exciting time parading around the Main Courtyard. A big support thank you to all parents, staff and students and Miss Lutze as our MC.

A wonderful effort also to Mrs Kyle and the canteen staff for providing students with wonderful book parade lunches. It is hoped events like this help encourage reading for pleasure both in school and at home.

We look forward again to this event in 2018.

Mr Danny Summers

Junior School Teacher Librarian



YEAR 12 Fundraising

Year 12 are currently running a raffle to raise money for their formal. Prizes include

Tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and can be purchased from the Senior School office.

Raffle will be drawn on Friday, 16 September, 2016.

Mrs Julie Worrad

Year 12 Year Adviser




HRIS Soccer Gala Day
Team A
On a great sunny day last Tuesday, our team played in the annual Football Gala Day. The team played superbly, with confidence and skill. They were excellently behaved and showed great sportsmanship. A big thank you to Mitch Walsh and Greg Asquith for coaching the team. The team came 5th overall with 3 wins, 2 draws and a loss. Special mention to Liam Hambrook, Kasey Young, Sebastian Araneta, Liam Lightfoot and Alex Voigt who all had outstanding games. All players should be very proud of their efforts in representing Lakes Grammar at this level.

Mr Summers

Team B

At the recent Gala Day the Lakes B Soccer Team performed admirably.  The students played their best and kept running throughout the day.  They rotated to give everyone a fair go and displayed good sportsmanship towards the opposition.  Although not winning they gave every opponent a good challenge and in their spare time managed to give a cheer for the A’s.  A big thanks to our traveling parent cheer squad.  Our team loved having you with us.

Mr Lawson and Miss Bryson

Team 3 and 4

After many weeks of practice the Year 3 and 4 Soccer Team competed at the HRIS Soccer Day. The team took a bit of warming up and adjusting to a bigger field, however, after their first game the boys clicked and each and every player contributed to winning their next 2 games. This put us up against a very strong team in the second round, the team fought and played hard, but unfortunately went down 1-0 (their opponents went on to win the day). It was a very long and tiresome day, but each student showed outstanding skills and sportsmanship and I commend them for this. Thanks also to all the parents who came and supported the team on the day.

Mr James Cantor

HRIS Netball Gala Day

Lakes Netball teams participated in the HRIS Netball Carnival at Newcastle on Tuesday, 30 August. Teams came to represent their schools from all over the Hunter Region .Outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship were demonstrated throughout the day, which made the coaches extremely proud.

We ended the day with great results:

Senior A team 3rd

Senior B team 2nd

Juniors 7th

All players represented our school with great enthusiasm and determination. We would like to give a huge thanks to Ms LeRay, Miss Lutze and Jah, our coaches.

Emma and Tegan.

Senior Sports News

AICES Athletics Championships
Were held last week and our students who attended competed fantastically achieving some great results against some talented athletes. The following students have been selected in the AICES Team which will compete in the NSW CIS Athletics Championships.

Jackson Barnes - Boys 12yrs 200m, 100m, High Jump, Long Jump

Nicholas Bignall - Boys 14yrs Shotput, Discus

Hannah Cliff - Girls 17yrs Discus

Hayden Kendall - Boys 17yrs Long Jump

Bethany Kranendonk - Girls 16yrs 100m, Triple Jump, Long Jump

Anna McKechnie - Girls 12yrs High Jump

Jezebel Navusolo - Girls 14yrs Triple Jump

Elizabeth Thomas - Girls 12yrs 400m

Central Coast Oztag Championships  

Our Year 9/10 boys and girls and Open boys Oztag teams competed in the Central Coast Oztag Championships on Tuesday, 6 September. All teams were very competitive on the day against all Central Coast schools. The Year 9/10 girls were impressive in their first game against St Bridgid’s and eventually won 2 from 4 only going down by 2 tries in each of their losses.   Standout players on the day included Olivia Glanville and Ellie Dark. The 9/10 boys played hard and fair all day unfortunately losing all four games, but by only very small margins. Standout players included Jack Riches and Ayden Clark. The Open Boys won 1 of 5 but were extremely competitive in all five games with their biggest losing margin being only 2 tries. Standout players included Sam Kentwell and Oliver Dark.

This was our school’s first time competing in this tournament and it will serve as a good learning experience for all students who played in these teams.

NSW CIS Rugby League 9's Championships

Congratulations to our under 15 boys who have won the NSW CIS Rugby League 9’s Championships. This backs up their 7’s title just 2 weeks ago. Well done boys

Lakes Grammar Netball Club

It has been a successful year once again for our Lakes Netball Club and we have two teams playing in grand finals this weekend at Wyong netball courts.

Our Division 5 Jets and Cadet 3 Topaz.

Good Luck to both of these teams.

Year 12 vs the Teachers

It is coming to the end of Year 12’s time here at Lakes Grammar - An Anglican School and to celebrate we hold our year 12 vs the teachers sporting matches towards the end of this term. It is always a fun and enjoyable experience for all involved and we encourage students to support this spectacle.

NSW Gymnastics   

Courtney Cooper of Year 7 will be participating at the NSW Gymnastics State Championships this weekend. Courtney is part of a trio in the ACRO stream at Central Coast Gymnastics and has been competing since she was 5 years old.  Best of luck Courtney

Other Sports News

Good luck to all of our students who are competing in their community sporting teams in upcoming grand finals this weekend across a broad range of sports.

Please feel free to share your child’s success with me at school. We always like to hear about the success of our students in and out of school.

Mr Darren Beecroft

Senior School Sports Co-ordinator



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