with heart, soul, mind & strength


We believe that students learn best:

  1. When they believe they can learn
  2. In different ways and at different rates
  3. When the classroom and school environment supports their emotional, social, cultural and educational needs
  4. When the learning is authentic (ie. involves real world problems)
  5. When they feel respected
  6. When there is a positive relationship between teacher and student
  7. When teachers provide explicit feedback designed to reduce the gap between a student's current and a higher level of understanding

We believe that as teachers we must:

  1. Believe all children can learn
  2. Display enthusiasm and passion for what we teach
  3. Work together as a professional learning community intent on improving students' achievements
  4. Set achievable but challenging class tasks
  5. Provide differentiated learning activities
  6. Provide a quality classroom environment in which all students feel valued and respected by the teacher and by fellow students
  7. Work hard to develop positive relationships with all students
  8. Maintain high expectations of our students
  9. Plan explicit teaching activities that stimulate students' interest
  10. Provide explicit feedback that helps students move from their current to a higher level of understanding
  11. Keep learning

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A school of the Newcastle Anglican Schools Corporation in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle